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Rosette was lying on her back on the bed by now, simply listening to Chrno's story. She had her hands placed on her stomach and her eyes were staring at a little crack in the ceiling.

Chrno sat next to her, looking out the window. He held a little pause, but soon continued to tell.

When Chrno woke up, a scent of something delicious filled his nose. He placed a palm over his stomach where the wound was. Luckily it was slowly healing and he would soon be back on his feet.

He felt as if he had been sleeping for a very long time.

His eyes remained shut for a little longer, letting the scent engulf him. The soup the girl had served him the day before had been nice. It had helped him calm down and actually manage to sleep without being on guard.

Memories from the day before were surrounding him just like the scent of food. He wondered if they were still searching for him. He hoped not. He had been a failure, so the risk that they would still want to find him when they found out he was still alive and where he was hiding was big.

"Don't worry. You're safe here, Little Crystal." A warm voice told him and brought him out of his thoughts. He opened his eyes and he thought he saw an angel. The light from the other room illuminated her form and made it look like there was a soft glow around her.

"What?" was the only reply he managed to get through his lips.

Mary chuckled "I said, they won't find you here." She explained and balanced a tray over to him.

Chrno was a little confused "How do you know?" he asked, sitting p further so she could place the tray in his lap.

"I just do." She said with a grin "I know what has happened to you... but I do not believe you to be a failure... and you would not be better off dead either."

Chrno still looked puzzled. He couldn't understand how she could know all that.

Mary seemed to notice the confused look he gave her. She tilted her head, then started to giggle "I can see into the future and see the past." She explained "That is why I know what has happened to you."

Chrno blinked "I see... why do you have that ability?" he asked curiously.

"I don't know the reason little Crystal." She admitted "I have often asked myself that, but never found the answer."

Chrno smiled faintly "You're special, some would say lucky."

Mary chuckled "Am I?" she asked, sitting down on a worn chair to watch him eat "I more think of it as a curse. I don't like to see the future nor the past of other people. It should not be revealed to anyone." She sighed "But still people come to me, asking me for it and sometimes the news I give them are not good and I feel them anger." She got up and walked over to the window "Sometimes I have foreseen death to befall upon the asker, or the ones close to them... children..."

Chrno was silent. He didn't know what he could say. He had never really been in a situation like this.

Before he could think further about it though, Mary turned a smile towards him "Don't worry, I'm fine." She told him and took a look at the tray. She noticed he hadn't even started eating yet "Go on, eat," she told him "You need to eat something so you can get back your strength."

Chrno blinked and looked down. He had forgotten about that, even though the nice smell was as strong as it could be now.
It was soup again. Not the same as the previous day though and next to the plate was a piece of bread. To drink there was plain water.

He took the wooden spoon and started eating. He didn't mind her watching him do so.

Mary smiled when he started to eat, then looked thoughtful "What does the name Blackmoon mean to you?" she asked "It's not your true name."

The young demon stopped eating and looked at her "It's an insult." He replied "I was called that because I couldn't use my powers like the others. My horns are smaller than the others' and therefore I didn't have as many powers as them." He sighed.

The girl gave him a sad smile and was about to say something, when there suddenly was a knock on the front door.

Chrno immediately was on guard and tensed up.

The young woman told him to calm down so his wound wouldn't open "It's probably just one who wants me to look into their future." She told him "I'll be right back, just continue eating."

He nodded and followed her with his eyes until she closed the door and he was unable to see her. His ears picked up voices and it seemed she had been right. A woman sounded upset and he could hear her talk about a sick husband and son.

He stayed silent and simply listened to the two women.

A little child suddenly started crying. It couldn't be more than a year, maybe even younger.

The women talked in silence. Once in a while a sob was heard. Mary didn't say very much. At one point everything was quiet.

Would the answer be good or bad? Only the reaction of the woman would tell.

It was complete silence for another couple minutes, then a sound caught the young demon's ears. A little later it woman's voice was heard...

"No... No..." a short silence followed, soon she raised her voice and it became shrill and full of mistrust "NO! YOU LIE! THAT CAN'T BE TRUE! YOU LIE!" she screamed.

"I'm sorry..." he heard Mary reply her voice bared sorrow and remorse.

"LIAR! YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A LIAR!" the woman's voice broke and he could hear sobs filling the air. He was now sure what the answer had been. The woman's husband would not survive.

A loud crash was heard all of a sudden and he knew the woman had stormed out of the house, closing the door behind her harshly.

The house then filled with silence.

The door to the room creaked open and Mary carefully peeked inside. When she saw him looking at her, she gave a sheepish grin "Heh, that's normal." She simply told him.

Chrno knew how she felt. He could see it on her. He decided to say nothing though and let her do the talking.

"You know now why I don't like that ability. I hurt people and make them grieve." She said with a sigh and sat down on the edge of the bed.

"There is nothing you can do." He told her "Nothing can stop death. You have just gotten the ability to tell when death will strike, but you can not stop it."

Mary nodded but sighed deeply again "But I wish I could... at least when it's children, fathers or mothers that are threatened by it."

Chrno could only imagine of what she might think of at that moment. Her thoughts were all by the poor family. He didn't truly understand these feelings; he was a demon after all. Demons weren't known to be emotional creatures.

Rosette felt sorry for not only the family, but for Mary too "What happened then?" she asked.

Chrno looked at the starry night sky outside the window "I stayed with her for some months and during that time, I learned many of the emotions a human has." He leaned back on his hands "I think it was about six months I was with her and I even managed to learn some emotions by myself."

Rosette lift her head and looked at him "What emotions?" she asked.

"I learned what the closeness to another being means, what friendship means." He told her "I even learned a little about love..."

The look in the demon's eyes told her he was far away and she waited till he was ready to continue.

It didn't take more than a few seconds, before he shook himself out of his past "Like I said, I learned a lot." He repeated and turned to watch her.

She nodded "And how did you end inside the pocket watch?" she asked.

"Well... that was the day, where I learned what pain was... not physical pain."

Rosette sat up and watched how his eyes grew sad "Don't tell me if it hurts too much..."

Chrno shook his head and smiled faintly "No, it's okay. It's good to get off the soul." He told her and began to tell again.

Chrno had now been living with Mary in the hut for six months. In none of that time he had seen any of his own. He had to hide every time Mary got a visitor that wanted to know his or her future though. No one was allowed to know he was there. That was his own wish and Mary respected that.

One day when Mary and the young demon had been out in the meadow, she noticed some big red apples far up in a tree. She smiled "How about an apple?" she asked him.

Chrno shrugged "Sure, why not?" he replied and looked up "Do you want me to get some?"

Mary shook her head "No let me try." She said with a grin and headed for the tree. She looked up the trunk and then grabbed one of the lowest branches to heave herself up with. It went well for her to climb and reach two of the red apples that hung there.

The demon watched her meanwhile. His eyes widened though, when there was suddenly heard a loud snap from the branch she was sitting on.

She dropped the apples she had just picked and let her hands curl around the branch as good as she could in a tight grip. She gasped when another snap was heard "Oh no..." next thing she knew, she was falling.

Chrno narrowed his eyes, in the form he was now, he wouldn't be able to catch her, so without more fuss, he changed into his demonic form. Like that he was taller and caught the young woman in his arms easily, just before she hit the ground.

She stared up at him wide eyed. A few seconds passed away like that, he looking back at her. A smile formed on her lips and she chuckled "So this is how you truly look." She said.

The demon nodded "This is my true form." he replied "It's easier to hide with the other one. I've never been able to change this quickly though... I think my horns have been growing while I've been here."

Mary's smile widened and she placed a hand on his cheek "That's great! You're looking good." She complimented.

What the pair didn't know though was that they had been watched from a distance. It was the same woman from back then. She hated the young blonde after she had lost her husband and son and right now, the only thing she saw was a demon worshipper and her monster. She ran off immediately. The witch would surely let the monster lose on the town and she would by every means prevent that.

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