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Days had passed by. The demon's horns had indeed grown a bit and that way made him able to use his powers far better than he had ever believed he would.
He was able to repay Mary for her generosity and her care and wanted to show her that he cared as well and was thankful. He assisted her with chores outside and inside the house.

Mary watched her demon amused as he did the dishes, while she was sweeping the floors "You're so strenuos." she commented, which only made him smile weakly "I don't mind." he assured her "I'll gladly help you out. After all, you have done a lot for me as well."

Mary smiled warmly "You don't have to do that. It was common courtesy."

Chrno shook his head "No, it was much more." he told "You saved my life."

She blinked. His voice was so warm as he spoke... It almost seemed to embrace her "..." she was a little speechless.. she had never heard his voice like that before.

Chrno, noticing her silence, tilted his head questionally and wondered what was wrong and if he had said something wrong.

Mary shook her head and smiled "I couldn't just leave you like you were. Demon or not, you were hurt and needed help." she told softly "And I don't regret it." she watched him with an warm look "No, I don't regret anything."

The young demon couldn't explain the feeling he felt, but only knew, that it was completely new to him and that it made him feel fuzzy. His cheeks all of the sudden felt warm and his eyes turned back to the soapy water. He didn't know what to reply to that and stayed silent.

Mary noticing his blush and embarrassment couldn't help but chuckle out loud. The big demon looked so adorable right there.

As time passed by and it became time to make dinner. Chrno found himself watching the blonde woman by the stove. Her hair pulled up in a ponytail and her hands moving quickly to put the different ingredients into the black pot.

Mary suddenly looked thoughtful "It's strange." she murmured "I haven't had any customers for days. Usually I get four or five visitors there want to know their future."

Chrno tilted his head. Now she mentioned it, it had been rather silent the last couple days.

"Oh well, maybe people are simply too busy, preparing for Winter." she continued "It has gotten colder after all." she smiled at him "I'll go to town tomorrow too, to get some important things bought. We need to be prepared too after all, right?"

The demon nodded at that. No matter what, it was important they were able to keep warm and had enough food "Want me to join you?" he asked.

Though Mary shook her head "No, it's okay. I'll manage."

And so, she left for town the next day.

Chrno watched her leave and continued to do so, until she was out of sight. To make time pass by, he began to cut firewood. They would need a lot of that if it should last all winter.

When the pile was bigger than he had planned to make it, he looked back the direction Mary had went and wondered what took her so long. The road to town was straight and it wasn't that far away.

He brushed off some wood splinters from his clothes and decided to walk along the road a bit, in hopes to meet her on the way.

He didmeet her, but unfortunately the sight he was met by, didn't make him smile. No, it made his eyes widen.

Mary was running as fast as she could until she met the demon's eyes with her own and wore an indescribable expression.

Chrno's ears were soon able to pick up voices and footsteps in the distance.

The young blonde glanced back shortly, before she quickly moved over to her demon, grabbed his hand and began running again.

When he suggested to fly and changed into his demonic form, she shook her head in a no.

Changing into that form, was a big mistake though. The people who had followed Mary saw him and became even more upset, scared and mad than they had already been.


Mary tugged Chrno's hand "Run!" she called and dragged him with her.

Chrno grit his teeth "Why are they after you?" he asked "And why they call you a witch?"

The young woman gave a faint smile in return "I knew they would one day turn against me. My power, to see into the future, has always scared many of them." she told and tugged him in between some bushes "I have foreseen this Little Crystal."

"Then why did you not try to prevent it?"

"Because, no matter what I would have done, it would still end the same way."

All of the sudden a loud noise was heard, followed by a groan. Chrno twitched and immediately looked down at Mary, who became slower and slower "Mary?"

The blonde couldn't continue on and fell to her knees, letting go of Chrno's hand.

The demon came to a halt too and got down by her side "Mary! What's wrong?" It was then that he noticed the red on her dress and how her breath came out in heavy pants. The sound from the running followers was heard coming closer and closer, but Mary was unable to run further.

The injury was painful to her, but she still gave Chrno the usual smiles "..I.. knew this would happen.." she whispered.

"THERE THEY ARE!" a voice shouted, making Chrno look up and growl darkly at them. They came to a halt and stared at the now angry demon.

Mary, seeing that Chrno's fangs were bared and claws dug into the ground, knew she would have to stop him. Before the demon could do anything, he found himself in a hug and Mary's lips covering his.

He froze in the position he was in and didn't feel Mary tug something out of her pocket. She broke the kiss and smiled warmly at her demon "You have become strong my little Crystal.." she murmured "But you should not use your strength on killing these people."

Chrno stared at her, unable to speak "But.."

She shook her head "I hope you can forgive me, for what I am about to do. It is for your best." she whispered "One day you will be yourself again, but for now, sleep through the sorrow. You will wake again once a pure soul comes to you." her smile turned soft "And may that person show and feel the same feelings for you as I did."

It made him confused. What did she mean?

Suddenly he felt himself become weaker and weaker. He felt something against his chest and looked down to find a pocketwatch being held against it by Mary "This watch will imprison you.. it will hold onto your soul and keep it at peace. My grandmother knew a little about magic and gave me this watch as protection against evil beings.." she stroked his cheek with her free hand "It shall now protect you."

His body got smaller and smaller and it seemed to become seethrough as well "M-Mary?"

Mary's smile remained, until he could no more see her and everything turned completely dark.

"..." Rosette had been listening the whole time. She had felt many kinds of emotions throughout Chrno's story and now they were one big messy pile in her mind "That's..." she couldn't even express how she felt about it.

The demon lay on his back on the bed and had his eyes aimed at the texture of the ceiling. He had stopped speaking now, so the silence in the room seemed deafening to the blonde next to him, who looked like her brain would catch fire soon.

"I'm.. sorry to hear that.." she finally managed to say, but the reply she got, was just a faint sigh, which made her feel rather bad. How could she actually cheer him up after knowing what he all had been through in the past? "If.. there is anything I can do? Well.. just in case.. then feel free to tell me."

Chrno let out another sigh and turned his head to watch the worried blonde. He gave a weak smile "I appreciate that. Thank you." he sat up "I should let you sleep now. I am sure you're tired."

"Will you be okay?" she asked.

He nodded "Yeah, I'll be fine." he assured her and got to his feet "Will try and get some rest too."

"Alright.. but as said, if you need anything, then just come to me, okay?"

He nodded "I promise."

Rosette nodded "Good." she said and got to her feet too "Sleep well then.."

"Sleep well, Rosette. See you tomorrow." he headed for the door, opened it and closed it gently behind him after having left the room.

The blonde being unable to sleep, lay awake for a long time after having climbed to bed "..." She knew it was a hurtful memory for Chrno and decided she would try to find out how to make him feel better about it.

For now though, she had to get through the story herself and let it settle down in her mind.

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