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So in this little one-shot, Juliet has dyed her hair brown and Shawn has a few opinions about it.

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"It's brown."

"What?" Juliet O'Hara was walking down the empty halls of the precinct, carrying a single manila file with a psychic hot on her heels.

"Your—Your hair… it's brown." Shawn stuttered, chasing after the used-to-be-blonde detective.

"Yea, it's brunette. I dyed it." Juliet shrugged, barely giving it another thought.

Shawn quickly jogged in front of her to make her stop so that he could take in her entire image.

"Shawn…" Juliet moaned as she collided into Shawn on accident, he hushed her before she could say anything else, then he took a step back, his eyes traveling over her. She sighed and rolled her eyes at him.

Juliet was wearing her normal work attire, a dark gray skirt and a thin v-necked orange shirt, her shoes where the same, her make up was the same but her hair… it fell in dark chocolate coils down her back with dark bangs tucked behind her ear.

Juliet watched as Shawn frowned at her, scrutinizing her appearance, she grew uncomfortable as his eyes penetrated her.

"You…you don't like it?" Juliet asked quietly looking a slightly hurt, Shawn was dragged back to reality at her words.

"Jules are you kidding me? I love it! It makes you look so much more mature, and intelligent, plus it's playful and fun, it's awesome." Shawn cried staring at her like she was crazy for think he didn't like it.

Juliet let out a deep breath.

"God, Shawn, you really scared me there. I thought I was going to have to dye it back blonde because you didn't like it." She laughed shakily.

"You would dye it back blonde because I didn't like it?" Shawn questioned.

"Do you want me to?" Juliet's eyes widened.

"No! No way! I just said I loved it! Now… just stand still and let me look at you." Shawn said. He reached around her and scooped the rest of her tendrils of dark hair in his hands, moving them on to her shoulders.

"Do you really like it?" Juliet asked self-consciously, as Shawn began to stroke a lock of her hair.

"I do, I think it' amazing, besides, now we are both brunettes! How cool is that?" He laughed.

"Seriously? Do you seriously, honest to god, love it?"

"Juliet, I don't think you know how insanely hot you're looking, 'cause like right now, I'm doing everything I can to keep myself from just jumping you right here in this hallway." Juliet would've thought he was joking if it weren't for the serious look on his face.

She flung the manila file in front of her to cover her entire face, which had gone beet red.

"You just said that to make blush." Juliet sighed defeated, trying to calm herself down.

"Yea, but I also said it 'cause it's true."

Then suddenly something pressed itself against the folder from the opposite side making it push up against Juliet's lips gently, when Juliet realized what it was her eyes widened in response.

Because even through the thin file could she still feel Shawn's warm lips pressed to hers.

And then the lips on the other side of the folder where gone, Juliet lowered the folder immediately to watch Shawn casually walk down the hall. He was almost to the stairs when she called out.

"Maybe… maybe next time we could try it without the folder…" Juliet suggested with a shrug of her shoulders.

Shawn turned to Juliet, a smile illuminating his face.

"Maybe next time we can."

Juliet smiled back at him, chewing slightly on her bottom lip as she said,

"It's a date then."


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