Naruto squirmed and stared at Kakashi, his mouth opening and closing like a fish. Kakashi glanced at the hyperactive ninja from the top of his copy of Icha Icha Paradise. Naruto obviously had something he wanted to ask. "Well, if he is curious enough, he'll work up the courage and say what's on his mind," Kakashi thought, a girly giggle struggling to escape his lips as he read a particularly… interesting… passage of the novel.

"Kakashi, you used to be in ANBU, right?" Naruto blurted out suddenly. Kakashi looked up from the little orange book. That certainly wasn't what he thought Naruto was wondering about.

"Yes, I was. Why do you ask?" he questioned, his single onyx eye focused on Naruto with a razor sharp intensity.

"I was just wondering… How do you keep the ANBU mask on you face?"


Seriously! They don't have ribbon attached so you can tie it, and while theoretically you could use chakra to hold it in place, you might not have enough left after a particularly tough battle. My favorite pet theory is superglue ^_^

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