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A/N: For the Suicide and Dying Breath challenges. In case it's not clear, Luna's the narrator/victim.


They say that all the world's a stage, and that makes sense if you look at it, if you look at the type of play happening on each person's stage. Some people I've met live a comedy, in which things go wrong but it works in the end and it's entertaining to watch. Many others (my friend Ginny comes to mind) live a romance, full of happiness and peace. And then there are people like me, people who live tragedies. It's enough that I see no point in trying to live it anymore. So I decide, having given up on all other options, that taking my own life is the only answer left.

What do I have to live for? What is left for me now? I was happy once, a young, innocent girl who had life and hope and love, but that isn't me anymore. No, the boy I loved chose someone else, and I became merely a memory, a person in his past, a lost soul. On my good days, I am only half the person I should be. That is how far I have fallen.

He left me with nothing. I am nothing now. I was tied up in him, I loved him, and he carelessly left me behind. Honestly, I don't think he knows what he did, but that isn't comforting when he has driven me to this point of no return, at which only death lies ahead.

How am I supposed to do this? I pace around my flat for a good twenty minutes, until an idea comes to me. I will drown, and he will be the last person I see. It is perfect. With trembling hands, I pen a short note.

Neville -

Meet me on the West River bridge at Hampton Park at half past five in two days.


It's not brilliant, by any means, but I know he'll turn up. He is my friend if not my lover, so odds are he'll have no idea what's going on. It'll be easier that way, if he doesn't know what I'm going to do. He won't feel responsible for it, even though he is in a roundabout way. Sweet tragedy, come over me and give me peace.

Five minutes before he will come and realize what I have done, I arrive at the bridge. Hands shaking with fear and panic, I pin another note to the rail.

I love you, but sometimes love isn't enough. You did not return my feelings, and that is the real reason behind what I have done. Please forgive me for this - I don't want you to take the blame for this. I'll be waiting for you. I love you.

Note placed, I throw myself in. The West River was the perfect location, I realize - I'll still be mostly alive when he turns up. It is the middle of March, which means that I'll make it ten minutes more if I'm lucky. Despite all the regret and the fear I have, I know I've done all that I can in life.

The five minutes pass, and I am fading away. One more minute, and this fragile world will be nothing more than a memory. And then I see him. It's clear he knows what I've done - he reaches out to me, tries to pull me out. Somehow he does it, but I know I'm not safe. Water or land, I have a minute if I'm lucky.

"Never forget me," I gasp, and then my eyes close. I can do no more than hear, which is more than enough. In the last seconds of my life, I hear him say what I have always wanted him to say.

"Please don't go!" he screams. "I love you!"

And then I am gone.