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Chapter one


There is nothing more beautiful than New Hampshire in the fall in my opinion. I stood outside on my apartment balcony, looking over the park across the street from me. The lake was small but profound in its beauty with a small playground and picnic benches on the side. Several people were already out, making the most of the sunny day despite it being eight in the morning. The trees were red with the leaves falling off onto the ground, making the sight even more beautiful.

I noticed children playing on the swings, building sand castles in the sand box and two little boys play wrestling on the grass while their mother's shook their heads and smiled at their sons. I smirked at the two boys and couldn't help but think back to my own childhood.

My big brother Emmett and I would always play wrestle in our backyard when we were kids, Emmett offcourse always winning. When I say he is my big brother, I don't mean just in age. He is seriously big. 6, 5 at least with a muscular build.

The exact opposite to me.

Although I am tall, about 6,2. I am what you call lean. People say that I am good looking with a pale complexion and unruly bronze hair, a crooked smile with built arms. But I am told that my most striking quality is my eyes. Sparking green with tinges of yellow that are unlike anybody that I have ever met.

Including my parents.

I smiled when I saw the older of the two boys pin his friend to the ground and jump up in victory, leaving the smaller boy scowling at him on the ground. I chuckled, thinking that it was probably similar to my expression every time Emmett won a fight with me.

Walking back inside my apartment I sat on my living room and perched my laptop in my hands to finish my paper on advanced theory compositions that was due later today. I was in my senior year at Dartmouth, with a Bachelor of Arts specialising in music. I was working my way to be a composer. I know, not something that most twenty-two year old guys want to be but I have always had that passion for writing my own music and it's when I am most happy in my life.

Living in the small town of Forks County, I grew up around music and I learned to truly appreciate it over the years. My mother Esme is a singer/pianist at the jazz club that she owns and my father Carlisle, although he is a doctor, he has always found time to crank out the guitar and jam along to my mom. My older brother Emmett plays the drums. He claims that it relives stress but I think it's because he is so big that if he didn't hit something, he would explode like the hulk. I have teased him about it for years.

As for me, I have been playing and composing on my piano ever since I was fifteen years old. I would have started at an earlier age but my brother always gave me shit for it, saying that I should play something a little more manly. Such as the drums like himself.

He still teased me about it on occasion but I knew he was only joking. Under the teasing, he was actually very proud that his little brother was one of the most successful pianists in the history of Dartmouth University. I could tell because every time somebody hears me play he brags that I was accepted into both Julliard and Trinity College of music, two of the most prestigious music schools in the world. He never fails to explain to them that the only reason I didn't go was because I wanted to follow in my dad and big brother's footsteps and attend Dartmouth.

Growing up, I wasn't interested in music despite my upbringing. Like most boys, I enjoyed playing in the mud and wrestling with my brother and my best friend Jasper Whitlock. My mother had always played the piano and even from a young age, she has always encouraged me to play.

I offcourse denied my mother's request, always thinking that the piano was for sissies. Well at least that was what Emmett had told me, and since I looked up to Emmett like most boys did with their older brothers I simply refused to learn and continued to go through my every day life without any true passion or ambition.

It wasn't until my freshmen year at Forks high that I started to take music seriously. I laughed at the reason why I started to play in the first place was to get a girl's attention. Yeah, a girl that you are still trying to get to notice you. My inner voice told me. I scowled at my laptop and continued to write about the differences between classical and modern composition…

All the while thinking back to the first time I met her.

I was fifteen years old when she moved into town to live with her dad. There was buzzing all throughout Forks about Chief Swan's daughter coming to stay. At first I didn't take notice of the gossip. I ignored all the guys saying how hot she was and what they would do to her if she ever glanced their way…

At the time I shook my head and felt nothing but sorry for the poor girl that would have to fight those horny boys off with a stick. Either that, or her fathers shotgun. I barely took any notice until I saw her with my own eyes.

Bella Swan.

She was gorgeous. Tall, thin frame, with deep brown eyes. So deep that you could see your soul in them.

I remember her wearing a pair of jeans and a plain green blouse that hugged her curves nicely, without making her look at all slutty unlike other girls. She had long brown wavy hair that was pulled to one side of her shoulders and full lips that she was unconsciously biting making her even more enticing. She was walking down the hall with her head down, a blush formed on her cheeks, obviously trying to get away from the stares that people openly gave her.

Some looks of question. Others, (mainly the girls) looks of jealousy. But most open curiosity as to why this beautiful, shy girl was here in our tiny little town.

Her locker was next to mine, as she walked towards me, she didn't see my bag that was placed over my feet and immediately tripped over. On instinct, I caught her before she could hit the ground. And for a moment I couldn't breath.

Her brown eyes stared into my green ones and for a minute I forgot about everything around me. Everything but this beautiful, blushing girl in my arms.

After a minute or so of my staring, she laughed nervously, the blush creeping its way back to her features. I realized then that I was staring at her. With a nervous chuckle I helped her stand up and combed my hand through my hair, a habit I have had for my entire life.

"Sorry", we both said at the same time. This time we both looked down at our feet. There was a moment's silence. "Don't worry about it; I have the unnatural talent of falling over any flat surface that I am near by" she said half joking. I had no doubt that she was probably put in these situations a lot of the time.

I laughed. Beautiful and had a sense of humour. God this girl was perfect.

"Im Edward Cullen" I said holding out my hand to shake. She placed her delicate hand in mine and shook in, seemingly not noticing the sparks that I felt when our hands touched.

"Isabella Swan. But please call me Bella" she smiled at me perfectly. She looked beside me when she heard the background noise of a piano playing from the music room down the hall. She closed her eyes smiled lazily when she heard the song playing.

Debussy. By Clair De Lune.

"I love this song" she sighed. Her eyes still closed. She opened them a second later to find me staring at her in wonder. She knew who Clair De Lune was? This girl was so different from any other I had ever known.

We both listened to the song in silence and I faintly realized that people were looking at us with odd expressions. Probably because we were both just standing there in the middle of the hall staring at the music room door across from us, not saying anything.

"Yeah the keys match the meaning of the song so perfectly" I said absentminded. She looked at me with wide eyes.

"Do you play?" Bella asked me, an expression of awe on her face. Before I knew what I was doing, I nodded briefly with a small smile.

She sighed again and I wanted nothing more than to hear her sigh again. Preferably saying my name. Under different circumstances.

"That's amazing. I have always wanted to piano but I am such a klutz that I press down on the wrong keys every time I try to play. It sounds like a cat dying" she said with a laugh. I too soon joined her. Barely knowing her but still able to imagine her doing just that.

"I could teach you if you wanted?" what the hell are you saying? You don't know how to play the piano. I yelled at myself in my head to shut up but before I could do anything about it, she smiled at me.

"That would be great. Thanks Edward" she said before glancing up at the sound of the ball. She walked off to her first class but not before turning around and smiling at me with a small wave. I grinned like an idiot. The smile not leaving my face when I was sitting in biology, all the while, Jasper giving me strange looks as I stared off into space.

That was the day I fell in love with music. I remember arriving home and going straight over to my mother who was making dinner and asking her to teach me how to play the piano. My father, who was beside her cutting up vegetables, stopped what he was doing and smiled at me proudly whilst my mom squealed in excitement and practically dragged me to the grand piano that was situated in the dining room.

I have been playing ever since.

That was how my relationship with Bella started. In our freshmen and sophomore year we bonded over me teaching her the piano which to her credit, kind of did sound like a cat dying in the beginning.In return, she tutored me in English, which I had been flunking ever since elementary school.

We went from being good buddies, playful tackles and high fives,

To something that was crossed between friendship and something more.

The occasional hook up at a party in our junior year and flirting in between classes. All the while I threatened any guy that even spoke about her in that way. Most guys were too afraid to even glance at her. When you put Jacob Black, her best friend and biggest guy in school and me, the guy that everyone but her knew that I was infatuated with… well lets just say that it was rare than any guy would try something with her.

Our group consisted of Bella and myself, Jasper Whitlock, my best buddy since childhood, his girlfriend Alice Brandon and Bella's best friend Jacob Black. They all quickly grew tired of our dancing around each other and formed a plan to get us together before prom.

Alice and Jake went to Bella and told her straight out that I had feelings for her ever since we were fifteen and that she should let me into her heart. Ever since her mom died, she had been afraid of love and didn't let people get close to her. That's why she had denied every guy that had asked her out ever since she had moved to Forks. And believe me, there had been

Alot of guys.

Jasper teamed up with Emmett who was also tired of watching me pining over Bella and said that I had to man up, grow some balls and ask her out before she said yes to one of the other 20 guys that had a thing for her.

After a major pep talk to myself in the bathroom mirror, something that Emmett caught and still proceeds to tease me about today, I went over to her house and asked her to prom.

I was so happy when she said yes that I think I actually skipped as I made my way back home to my still laughing big bear of a brother.

I smiled at the memory. We had our first proper kiss on the dance floor in the gym that night at school. I remember her wearing an ivory knee length dress that flowed out from the waist. She had her hair tied back in a curly twirl thing that Alice no doubt did for her. Bella wasn't exactly known for her love of clothing and make-up. She obviously was forced into it by Alice who was conveniently the exact opposite of Bella.

She looked absolutely stunning and if I recalled correctly, I told her that she was perfect as I watched her making an entrance down the stairs, only tripping over once or twice in the process. Quite the accomplishment for my Bella.

If looks could kill, I would have certainly been in trouble by the way her dad Charlie looked at me at that moment. After a year of dating, he still gave me the third degree every time I came over. But that still didn't stop me from sneaking into her bedroom window every night where we… NO!

"You are so not going back there" I muttered to myself in the empty room of my apartment.

I hadn't spoken to Bella in four years now. Shouldn't these feelings fade in time? Urhh. I am not going to lie and say that I haven't dated anyone since Bella, because well, Im a guy. A guy that has certain needs…

But I have never felt for any girl like I did for Bella. I was just too stupid to let her go when I had the chance to make something real of our relationship.

I decided to walk through campus even though I lived a good ten minutes drive away. But my surroundings were just so serene, with the red and orange leaves falling off the trees, fell to the ground, giving the quite neighbourhood a magic feel.

The wind had picked up as I walked over to Kemeny Hall for my first class. I was glad that I had decided to wear my favourite grey wool coat over my plain navy t-shirt and jeans. I watched with a smirk as some of the other students walked at a fast pace as they walked to their classes. Most of them wearing dresses or just t-shirt and shorts.

I could faintly hear my name being called as I walked inside the historic building. I turned to face the intruder and noticed Jasper jogging up to me with Alice right by his side. Couldn't they go anywhere without each other?

Jasper grinned when he realized I was waiting for them and called out to me, still jogging.

"Ed we've got some news for you" He said, smiling like a little kid on Christmas. Alice smiled haughtily at me and I immediately glared at them in suspicion. This couldn't be good.

"What did you do?" I asked Alice knowingly. Her little pixie face scrunched up in annoyance that I instantly presumed that it was her fault.

"Shut up Edward. Why do you always expect the worse from me?" Alice asked her small frame stiff with annoyance but the hint of a smile on her face.

"Because most of the time I am right. So tell me. What did you do?"

Jasper suddenly looked worried. He was staring at me as if their news wasn't so good after all. Alice on the other hand didn't look the least bit fazed. In fact, she was practically bouncing up and down in excitement. Her spiky dark hair bouncing slightly each time she moved.

"Bella is in town and she wants to see you". Alice said smiling hugely. I could feel the piercing gazes of my two friends but I was suddenly too frozen to say anything.

Bella, is here? Bella Swan is in New Hampshire and wants to see me? The image of her screaming that she never wanted to see me again flashed through my mind before I could stop it. I flinched as that familiar stab of pain washed over me as I thought back at the expression on her face on that fateful day.

"Edward" Jasper's concerned voice pulled me out of my thoughts. "Are you okay man?" he asked softly. "How do you know that she is here?" and wants to see me?

"She came by our place this morning. She said that she got an internship at the national Archives for the fall and is getting a place in town."

The expression on Alice's face changed quickly from excitement, to reluctance.

"She asked me to give you this" Alice said, grabbing a piece of folded paper out of her bag. She handed is over to me and I opened it with shaky hands. I knew instantly that Bella wrote it. The messy scrawls on the page were the same as they had been four years ago.



I know that we haven't spoken in a long time but I am going to be in town for a few months and wanted to know if you wanted to catch up. I miss talking to you if you don't want to see me I understand, but just in case you do, here are my details.



She had written her home and cell number as well as her address underneath her message. An involuntary sigh escaped my lips as I thought of seeing her again. To hold her in my arms, to kiss her, to feel her legs wrapped around me like they used to.

I combed my hand through my hair as I reread the short letter, the numbers already committed to memory.

"How is she?" I asked Jasper and Alice. They looked slightly surprised that I had even opened my mouth but answered anyway.

"She's doing really good Edward. She tried to be nonchalant but I could tell she really wants to see you" Alice said with a warm smile.

I smiled back reluctantly at my little pixie friend that was more like a little sister to me than anything else.

I glanced at my watch and realized that my class was just about to start. With a quick wave to my friends I told them that I would think about it before I ran off to hand up the paper I had finished this morning.

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