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Chapter five


The moon shone directly above us as we embraced in each others arms on the balcony of my apartment. The overcast that had been shadowing New Hampshire for the past week had moved on and the stars were clearly visible in the blue-black sky.

We had sat on that park bench for hours this afternoon, perfectly content on just sitting there silently, basking in the glow of knowing that our relationship was going to last. We would have stayed there all night if it weren't for the drunken school kids making a nuisance of them selves and calling out vulgar names to Bella that made me want to run over there and beat those kids to a pulp. I actually stood up and was going to make my way over there when Bella distracted me by pulling me into a passionate kiss that made those fourteen year olds seethe with envy. When she pulled away, she smiled in triumph when she saw my awe struck facial expression. Deciding to put on a little show, Bella grabbed my hand and pulled me across the street, swaying her hips in a way that would be in those boys' wet dreams for weeks…

We made our way inside my apartment in hysterics. The looks on those kids faces when they saw Bella was priceless. I am almost glad that she distracted me from killing them in the first place. Almost.

Some time during the night, we stepped outside onto the balcony where we had laid out a big fluffy blanket and pillows on the ground and proceeded to star gaze from the ground. But as always, I was too lost in her to even notice the sky above me. Its beauty had nothing on my Bella. Her face glowed in the moonlight and with the help of the candles I had lit around us; I could make out all of her features instead of just her silhouette.

Watching Bella was something I would never tire from doing. Even back in high school, after sneaking in her bedroom every night, I would just watch her, most of the time in post-coital or when she was sleeping. But she didn't like it when I stared at her. She claimed that if I looked at her too long then I would see all of her imperfections. Pff, as if there was anything about Bella not to like. For someone so smart, she could be incredibly clueless at times…

But just because she said no, it didn't mean that I actually listened to her. Knowing that she was here to stay made me see Bella in a new light altogether. I have always known she was beautiful, but looking at her now, I realized how much she had changed over the years. Her heart shape face had sharpened with age, defining her features so that her high cheekbones were prominent even in the dark. Her once narrow hips had turned curvy, but still managed to complement her slim figure. Even the colour of her skin was a little different; still pale white but with the hint of colour on her arms and shoulders had given her a much healthier look. She didn't blush as much as she used to-something that I missed terribly, but it portrayed the confidence she had in herself that she didn't have before.

"Stop" Bella whispered into my hold. I could feel her lips curve upwards against my bare chest as she spoke. "What?" "You're staring at me. I can feel it" She responded. I felt the pressure of her hands on my chest as she lifted herself up to face me. Her little face scrunched up in annoyance when I smiled innocently and shrugged. "So what if I am? There's no law against a guy staring at his beautiful girlfriend."

Suddenly, Bella's face broke out into a warm smile and watched me with thoughtful eyes. "What?" I asked abruptly self conscious. She continued to watch me for a long minute, her fingers tracing hearts into my stomach. "Nothing, it's just nice to hear you call me your girlfriend again."

"Good, because I like saying it. In fact I think the whole world should hear it" I watched as her eyes became comically wide and tried to grab me before I stood up and yelled into the night. "I, Edward Cullen am proud to call Miss Isabella Marie Swan my girlfriend." I screamed out, watching with a smirk as Bella turned a bright shade of red when we saw an elderly couple look up from the street. Bella's hands anxiously tried to pull my arm but I continued to yell out as if I couldn't feel the gentle tugging. "I go home to Bella every night where we fu--" the pull on my arm grew increasingly stronger and managed to pull me to the ground. I fell with oomph and turned to see to a mortified expression of my girlfriend's face. I couldn't help but laugh as her eyebrows pulled together and the way she was looking at me as if she couldn't believe I just said that.

"What the hell Edward?" Bella asked in a disbelieving voice. To anyone else, the flaring of her nostrils and her scrunched up face would immediately think that she was pissed and do what ever they could to make the situation better, but not me. I have observed the emotions on Bella's face to a point where I knew that she had three different frowns, five smiles and two separate looks of being mortified. The first when she gazed at a spot in the ground and grinded her teeth together, wishing that she was anywhere but there, the second was similar except her eyes looked directly at you and proceeded to stare you down until you caved and apologized.

This was the second look.

Bella stared at me wide-eyed and teeth grounded together for a good two minutes before the twitching of her lips began. I grinned even wider when I realized that she was cracking. The angry expression on her face weakened and I pouted and gave her my attempt at doe eyes. "Aw that is so not fair! No one can stay mad at that beautiful face of yours" Bella stated, smiling wildly.

I laughed at the expression on her face and she glared at me once again, trying to keep her own laughter as bay. She jumped up and positioned her body so it was sitting in my lap. Her long legs wrapped around my middle and her arms wounded their way around my neck.

I am the luckiest son of a bitch in the world! I thought as I watched Bella while she did the same. I made a promise to myself then and there that I would never let this girl get away again.

"How did I ever deserve you?" Bella asked smiling slightly. What?" I laughed confused. "In high school, you were wanted by every female in the entire school excluding Alice. And even then, she told me that you were the most gorgeous guy she had ever seen." Are you serious? "Bullshit! I admit there were a few girls that held some interest but I would hardly say the entire female population of the school had a thing for me" I was faced with Bella's disbelieving face, telling me without words that I was cracked.

Although when I think about it, there did seem to be an overwhelmingly higher amount of girls in the auditorium whenever I played the piano. Huh.

"I still don't get why you chose me when you could have had any girl in school." Bella stated with a hint of sadness in her eyes. "Because from the moment I let eyes on you, I was captivated. Even at the tender age of fifteen, I knew that I wanted you, and not just for your body either. Although that was hardly something I could complain about. Still can't." I said as an afterthought. I tried to take a peak at her cloth covered breasts and cursed to myself, never hating my t-shirt that she was wearing anymore than I did at that very moment.

Noticing my ogling, Bella blushed and shook her head and reached her arms up to pull the Dartmouth sweat shirt over head to reveal a lacy blue bra. I groaned out loud when I saw the sexy article of clothing that she was wearing. The top of her breasts were peaking out of the cup and I could feel little Eddie getting very exited indeed. Bella shifted slightly and gasped when she felt my reaction to her, somehow still surprised that I could get an erection just by looking at her striking body.

My mouth went straight to her collarbone where I traced my lips all over her upper body. Bella moaned from above me and grabbed my shoulders for support. She began tugging at the little hairs on my neck with one hand and trying to remove my boxers at the same time. I pulled her off of me for a minute, sliding down my boxers and the shorts that she was wearing. I pulled the pair of jean shorts down her long porcelain legs and almost growled when I saw that she was wearing matching blue cheekies.

In a flash, our clothing was thrown around the balcony and Bella was once again climbing back onto my lap. She grinded her hips back and forth for a minute, teasing me and I pulled her nipple in my mouth to stop the torture. Bella froze mid-grind and moaned out loud at the unbelievable feeling.

Neither of us could wait any longer, both to wound up to bother with foreplay. She slipped inside of me achingly slow, reaching down until she couldn't go any further. We groaned in unison and stayed there for a minute, just basking in the glow of being that close to each other.

"I Love you Bella" I whispered, almost struggling to get the words out. She pulled herself out of her pleasure filled dream and looked down at me with a soft smile. "I love you too Edward. You have no idea how much" I leaned my head against hers, smiling like an idiot.

It was a big step, us both saying it in such a long time. I was afraid to tell her, thinking that she might reject me, but the fact that she admitted it first earlier in the night; I knew that we were finally on the same page.

As if we had forgotten our current state, Bella began moving slowly above me. We stared into each others eyes, our foreheads pressed together. This wasn't like any time before. It had always been fucking. Making up for four long wasted years, but then, at that moment we weren't just two young adults having sex.

We were soul mates making love to one another.

As corny as that sounds, it was true. The heavy breathing and occasional moan from Bella when I hit the right spot were the only sounds coming from the chilly fall night. Her hips moved with mine in unison and it wasn't like anything I had ever felt before.

"I can't believe we have wa-sted all of this ti-me. I was such an id-iot" Bella mumbled in between breaths. I chuckled, agreeing with her wholeheartedly and groaned when I felt the vibration go through our bodies. "It doesn't matter. Were here now" I breathed, trying so hard to focus on what she was saying but the feeling was so overwhelming that I had a difficult time concentrating.

I grabbed Bella's waist and pulled myself even deeper inside her and she whimpered in pleasure, her head falling back in bliss. I watched as her chest pushed out, giving me a perfect view of her even more perfect chest. The sweat on her body was evident and her chest moved in and out as she breathed. My hands grasped one of her breasts and fondled it making Bella cry out.

"Oh god I love you" She whimpered quietly. A growl tore through my throat and I grabbed hold of Bella's hips, making her thrust into me even harder. Another loud moan was cried out but I couldn't tell if it was me or Bella, probably both of us.

My end was nearing already and I tried my hardest to keep it at bay, but the constant rocking of Bella's hips was not exactly easy to ignore. I tried to think of as many unsexy things as I could to calm down. Old people, Emmett having sex, Professor Tanner, Bella's old Chevy, Bella's body writhing underneath--Dammit!

As if she knew, Bella moved her body so that she was circling her hips and squeezing me from the inside. She groaned softly and my returning groan was an octave higher.

I could faintly hear a door opening and closing, but I took no notice of it, to absorbed to even think of anything else but the beautiful girl riding above me. Bella rotated her hips even faster, trying to get off at the same time as me but by the look on her face I could tell that she wasn't quite there yet. I fondled her breasts in my hands and squeezed them, making her cry out and grind faster. We moved our hips together, working hard and fast to get the release we both so desperately craved.

I knew the instant Bella orgasmed. Her insides tightened considerably and her head was thrown back with her fingers in her hair. One look at her was all I needed. I emptied inside of her with my mouth hanging open, not letting out the scream I wanted to make.

"Fuuuck!" "Oh Ed-war-d!" "OH SHIT!" my eyes opened at the sound of the new voice and looked behind Bella to see the wide eyed expression of Jacob Black. He was frozen on the spot, eyes on the back of my unaware girlfriend's back. I tried to keep my body from shaking and calming my expression and mouthed him to get lost before he gained control of his limbs again and closed the door softly behind him. My eyes closed in horror and I fell back against the blankets in complete humiliation. Luckily Bella didn't notice him enter; otherwise she would never let me touch her ever again.

Her body fell against mine and I traced her back with my fingers absentmindedly as I contemplated why the hell Jacob was even here, or how he even got inside of my apartment.


Half an hour later, Bella and I were showered and redressed. She was in the kitchen making stir fry while I tried to subtly search my apartment for any giant Native American men.

No such luck.

I could see Bella looking at me strangely as I stared at the front door wondering where the hell he went or why he was even there in the first place.

"You okay?" Bella asked me when I wrapped my arms around her from behind. I nodded and nuzzled my face into her neck.

The sound of the buzzer interrupted my thoughts and I walked over to the intercom to see who it was. "Yes?" "It's us" Jasper's muffled voice said in a cool voice. I buzzed him in, confused for a moment. Did I invite him over and forget about it? I don't think so…

A minute later, Jasper and Alice walked in hand in hand. Their eyes on Bella and she looked at me in confusion before turning her attention to the door. Her eyes widened and her mouth fell agape. I looked over at the front door to see what she was looking at to see Jacob leaning casually against the doorway as if they hadn't seen each other in over a year. He looked taller since the last time I saw him, if that were even possible. He had to be 6,7 or maybe a little bigger. I immediately felt self conscious to my 6,2 comparison, although Japer was even smaller than me so he must have felt even worse.

I was stirred out of my reverie when I heard a delighted scream come from Bella before she raced across the room into Jake's awaiting arms. His huge frame crushed her body to his, squeezing her so tight that I imagined she was having trouble breathing. Bella's laughter was the only thing heard in the room as Jake spun her around in a circle.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Bella asked animatedly. "Just thought I would see for myself that my best friend finally had the courage to tell her dream guy how she feels" Bella blushed a light shade of crimson and elbowed Jake in the stomach, but I could see her looking at me in the corner of her eye.

My shit eating grin made her breathe out a sigh of relief.

It still surprised me that she felt the same way about me as I did about her. To me, she was everything. Nothing was complete without her by my side and all of those years I had this hole inside of me that I knew I could fill if only she would give me the chance. Note to self: ask Bella about the last three years.

Jacob and Bella were talking animatedly, both of them practically bouncing and looking like giggling school girls instead of two respective young adults. They were talking at such a fast speed that I don't think even Alice could understand what they were saying.

Jasper and I shared a look as Jake reached for Bella's ankle, almost tripping her over in the process and looking at something and laughed. It took me a minute to process that he was reading her 'property of Jacob Black' tattoo. She laughed as well and turned him around so his jean clad ass was in view. Bella peeled away the material so she could see the 'Bella's Swan's bitch' tattoo. I immediately avoided eye contact and I noticed Jasper doing the same. Alice looked at us pointedly and rolled her eyes, chucking.

"Hey Bella, maybe you should stop. The boys are getting a little uncomfortable" Alice suggested in an amused tone. Before either of us could argue, Jacob looked at me and laughed. "Jealous Cullen?" He asked me slyly.

"You bet your ass I am Black" I retorted, walking my way over to him to shake his hand. I patted my hand on his back and he did the same. (I don't know what guys call the manly shake/hug thingy) "Do me a favor. Don't say anything to Bella about catching us in the act, alright? She would be mortified." I whispered in his ear. Jacob laughed and made a cringing expression, obliviously picturing our little encounter a half hour earlier.

"Trust me dude, that's not a conversation I want to have with a girl I have known since I was four." Jake retorted and I laughed, moving back to Bella's side across from us.


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