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Percy's POV

How could she have done this? After all we've done together; after all we've been through together. She still breaks my heart.

*Flashback mode- no POV*

Percy IM's Annabeth to apologize for their argument on Half-Blood Hill. "Annabeth, I'm really sorry for what I said. Are we friends again?" Annabeth says, "Of course we are. We always were, Seaweed Brain!" Percy smiles and replies "Annabeth, I love you. Will you go out with me?" There. He's said it. He acts like a man with the weight of the world off his shoulders (which he has experienced). But all the worry comes back as Annabeth doesn't answer. Then finally, she speaks. "I'm sorry Percy, but I can't. I'm in love with Luke, and I will always be." Then she breaks the connection. Percy sits in the chair, sobbing for hours. His mother is at college still, so she can't comfort him. He decides to act.

*End flashback, Percy's POV*

I decided to run away. I never wanted to hear about half-bloods again. The prophecy would not be mine.

After all, what had the gods done for me?

They hadn't prevented me from getting bullied by Smelly Gabe and school bullies. They hadn't stopped monsters from attacking me. And I was sick and tired of Zeus thundering away at every little mention of his name.

So I left. I wrote a little note to my mom, just saying that I'm leaving and don't worry about me.

Then I took riptide (just in case) some money, food, water, and clothes, and I was off. I went through the fire escape so that no one would see me.

I went to Rachel's house first. I knew she'd be in her huge backyard painting, so I opened the gate and waited for her to notice me. "Percy! Are you OK?" She asked, noticing my tear stained face.

I ignored what she said and instead replied, "Rachel, I just wanted to say that you've been a great friend, and thank you for all that you've done for me. Good bye."

With that, I jogged off to find a safe place, far away, that I could work and live in peace.


Sally's POV

I still in class when my phone rang. Well, actually, I had just been dismissed for break and was heading out the door when my phone rang.

I answered, thinking it might be either Paul or Percy. It was Rachel, Percy's friend. She sounded really panicked.

I was immediately nervous. It must be about Percy. Did something happen in school? Oh wait, they weren't in school (it was a Saturday).

I managed to figure out that she was pretty sure that Percy either ran away or committed suicide. I gasped and sank to the floor. My little baby, committing suicide? If he ran away, at least I might be able to see him again.

But maybe she got it wrong. Maybe he just went off to camp, telling her good bye because he might die. As horrible as that would be, at least I knew he had the chance of surviving. But if Percy wanted to die…

As soon as we hung up, I went to my professor and told him I had to go home, immediately. He said looked concerned, but when he heard my… determination, he let me go.

Paul wouldn't get home till late, so I left a message on his cellphone. I drove straight home, so that I could contact Chiron. I used one of the drachmas from Percy's room.

"O goddess, accept my offering. Chiron at Camp Half Blood please." When Chiron saw me, he looked surprised. "Well, hello Sally, this is a surprise. Is anything wrong with Percy?"

Oh no. If he asked that, it must mean that Percy wasn't there. But maybe he just wanted to know if Percy had forgotten something at home. "Chiron," I began, "Isn't Percy at camp?"

Chiron looked surprised in the water. "Of course not. He's not supposed to be here for a week. Why? Is anything wrong?"

I sank into the nearest chair. So Rachel was right. I told Chiron about what Rachel said, and also that I thought it might have to do with Annabeth. He said that he'd check with her and that he was sure Percy just ran away. But even that…


Annabeth's POV

I felt terrible. Chiron just came and told me that Percy had just either ran away or committed suicide.

I told him that I'd tell him if Percy contacted me, but I seriously doubted it. So now I was just sitting there, waiting for something that would probably never happen.

I needed to talk to someone. I couldn't talk to any of my siblings, they knew nothing about love (and they all hated Percy). I didn't want to talk to Silena; she'd probably act like her mom.

So who would I talk to? Should I call Dr. Phil? Finally, it hit me.

It wasn't who I felt comfortable talking to; it was who Percy felt comfortable talking to.

I would IM Rachel Elizabeth Dare.

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