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Disclaimer: This series is a sandbox, the characters merely borrowed toys.

Percy POV

That first night spent in a decrepit old barn, I dreamt of Calypso. Now, as a normal teenage boy, dreaming (especially of beautiful women) was pretty ordinary, but this dream quickly established itself as anything but ordinary.

Calypso looked as ravishing as the day she set her sights on Odysseus, but her beauty was marred by a pressing anxiousness.

"Choose, Percy. You must choose." Those were the only words she spoke, her whispers ghosting around my ears even as I awoke.

Although I could only guess why it was Calypso who came to me, I at once understood the meaning behind her words. I had to fulfill my destiny, and face my (albeit very recent) past.

I could not imagine a life with Annabeth in it, but if I was being honest with myself, the thought of life without her was even more painful.

That afternoon, I found myself hitchhiking back to Camp Half-Blood under a sky nearly as gray as my thoughts. I felt the deep shame of a fool who knows he has erred over something as trivial as teenage romance.

Walking through the gates with this weighing down my soul, I was thus suitably surprised at the slender arms which threw themselves around my neck.

"Annabeth? What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be out trying to find your beloved Luke?" The words were vindictive, but would not shred her heart the way hers had.

"Percy, I didn't think. I thought lusting after Luke would bring me happiness, but in reality, love was so much closer. Maybe you'll never forgive me – maybe I deserve that – but I couldn't live with myself knowing I didn't try."

Just as I opened my mouth to reply, a blood-curdling howl of anguish came from the direction of the lake. The alarm bells began shrieking, and campers ran out of their cabins, strapping on weapons. Saved by the titans, I thought bitterly.

We ran to the water as I gripped Riptide. Adrenaline pumping through me, we cut down any monsters who intercepted us and started the battle of the century. From above us, Zeus himself sent lightning bolts crashing down on the Titans, and my father roared life into the waves.

A lifetime (or maybe just a couple hours) later, I finally found my target. Cronus was regally issuing commands from the base of a gigantic tree. He turned, slowly, to face me, a wolf turning to a deer in the split second before it leaps.

But then, you probably don't want to hear all the gory details, do you? Naw, you're just here for the happy ending. To make a long story short, we fought; I won, collapsed in a bloody heap of sorrow and strength and triumph on the ground, and woke up in the infirmary to a tearful Annabeth kissing me straight on the lips.

True love, indeed.

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