Child's Play

By Zarra Rous

Disclaimer: Insert favorite. CCS not mine and the lyrics belong to

Dream Theater, not me.


Li watched as Sakura flew after her rebelling Dash Card, her wings gifted to her

by the Fly Card.

"Beautiful, isn't she?"

Li turned to see Eriol standing next to him, dressed in his school uniform. "What

are you doing here Hiiragazawa-kun."

Eriol smiled mysteriously. "Ruby Moon."

"Hai?" her voice replied from the darkness.

"Keep Yue busy, will you dear."

"Of course Master."

Li looked around for her, but didn't see her and couldn't feel her aura.

"What of me Master?" Spinal Sun asked as he padded up next to Li.

"Aaaaah!!!!" Li screamed as he fell on his bottom.

"Stay here with my cute descendent. I have to go see my half daughter." Eriol

looked down at Li. Whispering a spell he placed a hand on Li's shoulder. "Sleep and

dream Syoaran-kun. Dream of your future."

Heavy lids hell over already dreaming amber eyes.

Chapter 1

* This world is spinning around me

* This world is spinning without me

* Every day sends future to past

Syoaran groaned as he rolled over, clutching the pillow beneath his head. "What a

nightmare. Hiiragazawa-kun with a talking panther." He opened his eyes to see his sun-

filled bedroom in Hong Kong. "What am I doing here?"

"Xiao Lang breakfast."


Syoaran started when his door opened and a woman who looked like his mother

stuck her head in the door. "Xiao Lang hurry up."

"I'll be there in a minute."

"You had better be. Sakura made her delicious hot cakes for breakfast this


"Sakura-chan!" Syoaran rolled out of bed as soon as the door shut behind his

older sister. Dressing quickly he ran down to the dining room, almost running into Kero-

chan on the stairs. "Gomen Keroberos-san!"

Kero-chan floated above the stairs his mouth hanging open. "Nani?"

Yukito laughed softly as he stepped out to the shadows at the top of the stairs.

"Syoaran-kun seems to be in a good mood this morning."

Kero-chan sniffed the air a couple of times. "Sakura-chan made hot cakes this

Morning for breakfast," he said as if that explained it all.

Syoaran stepped into the dining room a small smile on his face. The smile faded

however when he saw Touya sitting next to one of his sisters.

"Ohayo Syoaran-kun." Kinomoto Fujitaka said as he placed a plate of food in

front of his mother.

"Nihao Xiao Lang."

"Ohayo minna-san." Syoaran walked to his mother's side and kissed her cheek.


"Syoaran-kun can you come help me in the kitchen?" Sakura's soft voice called

from the kitchen.


Just as Syoaran was about to open the door a crash was heard followed by


"Meilin I thought I told you to stay out of the kitchen!"

"But I wanted to help Sakura-chan!"

Syoaran moved away from the door just before it was thrown open and Meilin ran

out, a frying pan thrown out after her.

"And stay out!"

Meilin grabbed Syoaran's arm before he could go into the kitchen. "I wouldn't go

in there if I were you."

Syoaran sighed, "Yeah well Meilin, unlike you she asked for my help."

- Translations -

Jiejie - Oldest sister - Chinese

Xiao Lang - Little Wolf - C.

Ohayo - Good Morning - Japanese

Nihao - Hello, good day, etc. - C.

Kaasan - Mother - J.

Hai - Yes - J.

Li - Plum - C. (I just though this one was funny so I had to add it. ^-^ )