Child's Play

By Zarra Rous

Disclaimer: as usual Insert favorite. CCS not mine and the lyrics belong to whoever wrote them, though I know that Paramount owns the rights at least to the first set, the second set of lyrics are by Carly Simon. not me.

Chapter 4

* It's been a long night

* Trying to find my way

* And through the darkness

* Now I'll finally have my day

The next day after school Sakura, Tomoyo, and Syoaran walked to Sakura's house, dragging Eriol with them.

"Why are you guys dragging me to Sakura's house?"

Sakura smiled at him, "We're testing a theory."


Syoaran laughed, "You'll see, or rather they'll see." He looked at Sakura. "Sakura-chan can I ask you for a favor?"


"Can I borrow Change for a minute or two?"

"I guess. But I'll have to ask first."

"I wouldn't expect anything else." Syoaran whispered a quick spell, his school uniform changing into his traditional Li clan robes.

"Sugoi!" Tomoyo exclaimed, "That was so cool and I even got it on tape."

Eriol gaped at them. "You guys are insane. For all you know I could be your worst enemy and you're still talking about and doing your magic in front of me."

Syoaran smirked, "Well that's because I know who you are ancestor. And if I trust you as far as I can throw you, and believe me that is actually pretty far, then Sakura-chan and Tomoyo-chan will trust you too."

"Okay Li-kun. The Change Card will listen to you, but only this once."


Syoaran took the Change Card from Sakura's hand and pulled his sword. Holding the card facing him against the blade, he spoke, "Change Card, change me into the form which is true, show me as I'm meant to be. Change!"

There was a bright flash of light and when their eyes cleared, all three kids gasped in shock.

"Li-kun!" Sakura cried out before ducking her head and blushing.

Tomoyo only sighed with twinkles in her violet eyes, as she did a close up with her brand-new digital video camera.

Eriol had the fish mouth thing going on, no words making it past his lips, his glasses almost falling off the end of his nose, his dark blue- gray eyes wide in shock.

Syoaran simply smiled and glanced at the gold ring decorating the ring finger of his left hand.

* It's asking for the taking

* Trembling, shaking

* Oh my heart is aching

"Sakura-chan I'll go through your window, so that Touya-kun doesn't get suspicious." Syoaran said a few minutes later once everyone had recovered from their shock.

Sakura nodded and then blushed when Syoaran leaned over and kissed her on the cheek.

"How sweet." Tomoyo sighed dreamily, "Li-kun will definitely change for the better in the future. He's so much nicer and much more romantic. And to think it's all because of his love for Sakura-chan."

'I can't believe I made them switch places. I was only trying to get my cute descendant to be an observer of his future, not for him to switch places with his future self. Something must have gone wrong, or maybe someone interfered, but which is it.' Hearing a giggle Eriol turned to look behind him, having sensed unfamiliar magic. 'Who could that have been?'

"I'm home." Sakura called a few minutes later as she walked into her house, Tomoyo and Eriol with her.

"Welcome home kaijuu."

"I am not a monster. Besides I brought friends home with me, so be nice Niichan."

"Konnichiwa Touya-san."

Touya smiled at his sister's best friend, "Konnichiwa Tomoyo-chan." Looking behind her he saw the dark-haired boy who was with them. "And who might you be gaki?"

Eriol was so deep into his thoughts that he missed the insult Touya had tossed his way. "Watashi wa Hiiragazawa Eriol des."

"Konwa Eriol-kun. Watashi wa Kinomoto Touya."

Eriol bowed slightly, "Konwa Touya-san."

"Well we need to go study, so we'll see you later Niichan." Sakura said as she tugged Eriol and Tomoyo towards the stairs.

"Hai, hai kaijuu." Touya watched the three go up the stairs before a smirk appeared on his face. "Can't fool me Sakura. I know the Chinese gaki is here, and I know he's not from this time. But I'll let you keep your secrets... for now." He picked up the phone and dialed a number very well known to him.

"Moshi, moshi Tsukishiro des."

"Yuki I need to talk to Yue for a few."

There was a pause before Yue's annoyed voice answered. "What do you want?"

"I think you should come over here now so we can talk. Something is up with the Chinese gaki."


"Because if something affects him it effects Sakura."

"Fine, I'll be there in a few minutes."

"Thanks Yue."


Touya laughed when the phone suddenly went dead.


Konnichiwa - Hello - J.

Konwa - Short form of Konnichiwa - J.

Kaijuu - monster - J.

Watashi wa - I am - J.

Arigatou - Thank you. - J.

Moshi moshi - Hello (Telephone only) - J.