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A magician sent a family of three, who were expecting another, to see the Dimensional Witch. The one who was after them wished to take their daughter as his disciple of magic, but only to develop her powers and take them for his own. It did not help that they were the strongest magic wielders of their country. Their friend however, was the only one with transport magic.

"When you get there she will ask a price, but do not worry, she will send you somewhere much safer. Good luck," and he sent them on their way.

Landing safely the witch was waiting. "Welcome. What it is that you wish?" she asked.

"To be somewhere safe," the father answered.

"Very well; there is a price. I must ask that all three of you give up what is most important to you."


"For you…"she paused looking at the father, "your sword." He willingly handed over the magic imbued sword. It took the witch no time to decide on what the mother had to give up. She would not have made the mother give up the child inside her, or their daughter. The next most important thing was her….

"You must give up your powers. This however has more than one consequence. The child you are carrying will no longer have the ability to use magic as well. Do you still wish to give them up?"

"Yes," she answered without even a hint of hesitation.

"For you little one…" she paused looking the girl over. "That staff you carry." The staff is a little taller than the girl who is about 5 feet tall. A vine wraps up the whole staff and two feathers frame a globe with inside it an emerald studded leaf with gold gilding.

She hugged it tight. She was given this by Master Shoran, the man who sent them. He had given it to her once she came into her powers and began to teach her how to use them.

The little girl then thought of her parents giving up their prized possessions without hesitating. She agreed with herself that she would also. Thus the family was sent to a safer, other world…or so at first they believed.

A/N: Please review and let me know how I did with my first chapter. Since it's just a prologue it's not very long, but the main story will have longer chapters. I guess I kind of ended on a cliffhanger. Oh, and I hadn't realized it before, and it was completely unintentional, but the girl's mother giving up her powers, thus taking away her sibling's, makes a lot of sense. That kills two birds with one stone. Taking away the unborn baby's powers as well takes care of each person having to give up what was most important to them.