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Too much to me

Sasuke walks through the training area pondering on lost memories, hidden secrets and the stuff that never failed to make him smile. Since returning back to Konoha Sasuke feels warm again, with the devotion and strong willing friendship of his best friend and forma rival, Naruto, Sasuke feels maybe he did make a mistake – a hell of a big one at that.

When Sasuke spots two of the elders and Tsunade come towards him, he freezes and holds back the instinct that this is something bad, and properly concerns Naruto. He shakes off his negative thoughts and turns to them a small nervous look in his eyes. Strange.

Tsunade's face is coated in anger, Sasuke worries more at that. Did he do something wrong? A mission perhaps. He frowns in deep thought. He'd completed all his missions with ease. So that surely was not the case. The elder's faces are happy and content. Sasuke resists the urge to gag.

"Good morning, Uchiha-san." The old lady speaks, Sasuke glances toward her, then to Tsunade and the other elder, before turning his attention back to the woman and nodding in greeting.

"How can I help you?" He asks politely. He may be anti social somewhat, but he's not rude.

Tsunade glares at the floor but looks up at Sasuke with a hurt face, he frowns slightly and turns to the elders as one of them opens their mouth. "We would like to offer you the chance of becoming Rokudaime. The Hokage, of Konoha." Sasuke eyes widen at the words of the old man.

"Why?" He asks quietly.

Tsunade glances up, "Because. If you deny this, Naruto will become Hokage and your role will continue to be ANBU captain, and also you would become Naruto's personal body guard, as he trusts you more than anyone. They asked you because Naruto has a demon inside of him and they didn't - "

"What!?" Sasuke hisses, "This is all because of a demon inside of Naruto that you didn't first and/or directly go to him? Well, no. I don't want to become Hokage. I am worse than a demon. I am a traitor. And you." Sasuke sneers, "You are scum." He says to the elders before turning and walking away.


"Sasuke," Naruto whispers as he lies beside his lover. Sasuke turns his eyes to Naruto who is snuggled on his chest, hand over his heart and head buried against the crook of his neck. He can't help but smile at this.

"Yes, Naruto?" He replies softly.

Naruto smiles against Sasuke's neck, his fingers stroking Sasuke's chest as he feels the raven's heart beat beneath his fingertips. "Why did you turn down position of the Hokage?" He whispers again. Sasuke smiles and holds Naruto closer to him.

"Because, I know how much it means to you. I would never take something so important from you Naruto. You mean too much to me. I could never…ever ruin your dreams." Sasuke whispers against blonde hair.

Naruto looks up at Sasuke and leans forward pressing his lips against Sasuke's before he rests his head back on the crook of Sasuke's neck. Sasuke smiles.

"Thank you, Sasuke.."

"The pleasures all mine," Sasuke replies then smiles softly. "Hokage-sama."

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