Author Note: I do not own the movie Black Christmas and if i did then i would have had Melissa survive then

Storyline: After that night a year had passed and she was feeling the blame on herself. One-shot

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She stood by his grave. After that night, nothing had been the same for her. It almost been a year since the tradegy of loosing her best friend, her sorority sisters and her boyfriend all in one night. Almost every day she still have nightmares about what happen and ask her self all the time it was her that survived that night of horror. Why her when Melissa or Heather or even Dana. They all had the strength of being strong and independent. She even blamed herself for their deaths even if it wasn't her fault.

She mostly blamed her self for Kyle death. She wanted to go up and open the attic door but instead he went up first and they got him first when it was meant maybe for her to die. All the love she gave him and now he was gone and she was still living. Now it was her time to die.

She went back to the apartment she lived in and walked in her bed-room. The apartment was lonely for her to live in by herself. Was this what she really wanted? Not to live? To die just so she could be with her friends and boyfriend? Maybe. The truth was she wasn't able to make any new friends since people would know who she automatically was and not only that but the whispers and the fingers pointing at her almost every where she was at.

The gun was now pointed at her head, she felt scared about doing this. She been thinking of killing herself since she became a loner in her way. Her eyes were close and flashes of her life on how it was before that day and after that day. How could a life go from a perfect life that she had to horror to having nothing else to live for now? There were tons of questions that needed to be answered but didn't know how or where or who to turn to for those answers.

With life passing her by and before realizing it, Bang a loud shot gun came out of nowhere as she feel to the floor. She just ended her own life as her old life was flashing through.

Kelli was now dead.