Love Stories

Shadow and Amy

Shadow was on the ARK admiring the earth before him. "I wish Maria was here…she always made me happy," Shadow said, as he sighed. Shadow suddenly smelled something like fries and turned around. He was face to face with Rouge. "Rouge…what are you doing here?" Shadow asked.

"I just came to bring you something to eat…that's all," Rouge said, as she shrugged. Shadow stared at her.

"The ultimate life form doesn't eat," Shadow said, as he frowned.

"Oh, that's too bad," Rouge said, as she smiled. "I told the cook to make these fries special for you," Rouge said, as she waved a brown paper bag in front of Shadow's face. Shadow whacked the bag away and held up a chaos emerald.

"Goodbye Rouge," Shadow said. "Chaos control!" Shadow exclaimed then vanished. Rouge sat down on a chair and started eating the fries.

"Hmmm, too bad, these fries are good," Rouge said, as she smiled.

Shadow appeared in Station Square and it was snowing. Shadow shivered, it was really cold out. Shadow then slipped and fell on his face and dropped the chaos emerald. The chaos emerald rolled into a sewer and fell in. "No!" Shadow shouted. Shadow got up angrily and started walking again. Suddenly he saw Amy walk into a house. Shadow approached the house slowly. Shadow then watched Amy from a window. Amy sat down on a couch and sighed.

"Sonic says he'll go out with me then he doesn't even show up," Amy mumbled angrily. Shadow crossed his arms over his chest.

"That's what the faker does," Shadow said. I would be better than that. Shadow thought. I do kind of like…her. Shadow thought again. Shadow shook his head. "No! What am I thinking? The ultimate life form doesn't need a girlfriend and he can't love," Shadow told himself. "But every time I see her…I feel something…an emotion and it feels good," Shadow whispered. "It must be love," Shadow said.

"Then that means the ultimate life form can love," Shadow said, as he stared at Amy. Amy turned on a TV that was in front of her. Something came on and Amy giggled happily. Shadow smiled, he always liked Amy's giggles. "She makes me smile," Shadow whispered. Amy sat down and with a smile on her face.

"He, he, he, Hickory Sticky always makes me laugh, ha!" Amy exclaimed cutely. Shadow's smile grew wider.

Her smile…it makes me smile. Shadow thought still smiling. "If only you knew that I secretly love you," Shadow whispered. Amy got up and went upstairs. After a couple of minutes Amy walked down stairs with a long white dress on with red roses on all over it. Amy turned the TV off and turned on a radio. The song No Ordinary Love came on by Sade. Amy started singing to the song and dancing happily. Amy spun around in a circle. All Shadow could do was watch with a smile on his face. "She's so beautiful…I wonder why the faker turned down on Amy…she's the most beautiful hedgehog I'd ever met," Shadow said. After a couple of minutes the song went off then Amy put her hands on her hips and frowned.

"If only I had a partner to dance with," Amy said, as she sighed sadly. "I hate Sonic, from now on I'm not going near him nor am I going to talk to him," Amy said angrily. Shadow gulped then walked up to the door. Shadow raised his hand to knock on the door and stopped. He closed his eyes and took in a deep breath then let it out.

"Here goes nothing," Shadow said then knocked on the door. Amy suddenly ran to the door really fast. She opened it slowly and saw Shadow. A smile appeared on Amy's face.

"Shadow, what are you doing here?" Amy asked.

"Well I uh…saw your house and…I uh…decided to um…stop by…if that's okay with you, Amy," Shadow said, as he blushed. I'm not talking right at all, darn! Shadow thought. Amy's smile grew wider.

Shadow came to visit me! He's so nice…and handsome, I never realized how handsome Shadow looked. Amy thought. Hmmm, he can be my dance partner. Amy thought again. "Okay, come on in Shadow," Amy said, as she moved out of the way so he could get in. Shadow walked slowly into the house. Shadow smelled the air in the house. It smelt like roses.

Ah…the sweet smells of roses…like Amy. Shadow thought. Amy shut the door and looked at Shadow.

"You can take a seat on the couch, I'll be right back," Amy said, as she walked into a kitchen. Shadow did a quick nod then sat down on the couch.

"Well, so far so good," Shadow whispered. Suddenly Amy came back with a plate of apple pie. She handed it to Shadow.

"There you go," Amy said. Shadow smiled and took the plate. "Wow, he never smiles…now he is," Amy thought. Shadow ate the whole pie in one bite and handed Amy the plate. Amy giggled. "You were hungry weren't you?" Amy asked happily. Shadow nodded.

"I guess so," Shadow admitted. Amy ran into the kitchen then ran back to Shadow without the plate.

"Okay Shadow, would you like to be my dance partner?" Amy asked. Shadow stared at her.

D…dance with Amy? Shadow thought. "Yes, of course Amy," Shadow said, as he stood up. Amy smiled then turned on the radio. Some soft love song came on then Amy walked up to Shadow. Shadow put his hands on Amy's waists and Amy put her hands on his shoulders. They started dancing slowly. Amy stared into Shadow's eyes. Shadow looked away blushing. Amy put her hand on Shadow's cheek and moved his head so that he was looking at her. What is Amy doing? Shadow thought. Amy smiled then placed her lips on his. Shadow's eyes widened then he closed his eyes and returned the kiss. Amy pulled away.

"I love you Shadow," Amy said.

"I love you too Amy Rose," Shadow said then kissed her lips.

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