Here be the Epilogue!

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"They eventually caught the muggers, wasting their money on getting dru- er, at a nice restaurant eating wholesome and delicious diet, like veggies. And we got the ring back."

"I'm ten, Uncle Riley, I know what you want to say." The kid crossed his arms, and frowned at Riley.

Riley shook his head, shrugging. "Well, I'd rather not your parents catch us talking about beer and bars. I'd get into a lot of trouble, kiddo. Anyway, they got married, had a little kid after that – smart, but annoying," Riley ruffled the kid's hair, and the kid frowned, "and we all lived happily ever after." Riley finished, grinning.

"So… er, Uncle Riley, that's how babies are made?"

Riley bit his lip, and thought for a moment. "Yeah, yeah… yes. That's where babies come from."

"But you just told me how mom and dad got engaged!"

"My point exactly." Riley patted his nephew on the head, and started for the door. "Discussion over, finish your homework, Chuck."

Chuck grinned, and looked at his notebook. He started scribbling some notes, and then stopped. "Uncle Riley?"

Riley turned to Chuck before he closed the door. "Yes?"

"Is that what really happened?"

"I might have added a thing or two but yeah, pretty much." Riley leaned on the door, grinning at his nephew.

"But it seems – "

"Too weird? I know I have a good imagination Chuck – but it's too weird, I can't make it up." His eyes twinkled, and Riley returned to sit down on Chuck's bed. "Just trust me."

Chuck nodded. "But, Uncle, that doesn't help me in my homework. The assignment is to ask a grown-up how babies are made…"

Riley sighed. He hummed and hawed, staring at his nephew. "You see – it's like this… I… First…" He sighed again, and gestured towards the door. "Go ask your father. It's time for the talk."

Chuck grinned, grabbed his pen and notebook and ran off.

Riley smiled, and shook his head. He thought back to eleven years ago, and laughed quietly. "Ben, Ben Ben you had no idea what you were getting yourself into…"

-End ^^


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