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Prologue-Pretty Woman

Rosalie took a puff from her cigarette. She opened her mouth and exhaled a cloud of grey smoke. Her long, white fingers tapped the ashes.

She grabbed a pair of black fishnet stockings and her classic sequined red dress. She grabbed her heels and spread some red lipstick before she left to meet Alice and Bella.

She stared at her reflection and smiled. She was getting money tonight. She was a blue-eyed, blonde hair goddess; she was a gift to man.

Though in her opinion, men were even worse than the slimiest, filthiest, stupidest, rabid dog. She had an attitude; everyone knew that.

She wouldn´t give her heart to no one. Especially to some sick man. She was a lady of the night, the girl in the red dress, the blonde vixen, the Roxanne.

Her heels clicked as she walked upon the Hollywood streets. She carefully avoided the trash, gum, and vomit in the alleyway.

She had gotten to the corner where Alice and Bella waited. Alice´s bright green corset top made her eyes pop.

It was black lace in the front that made it looked tight and her chest look bigger. Her black `booty' shorts as Bella referred to them as were sparkly

and she had black nylons tucked in boots. Her green eyes had green sparkles around them and black eyeliner. She had spiky black hair that pointed

in every direction which gave her the nickname Midnight Star. "Looking good, Tinkerbell and Sleeping Beauty." Bella and Alice grimaced. "Nice to see you too, Rose.

" Bella fingered through the lace of her dress which was intended to be a night gown. It was light blue, see-through lace that ended near her butt. The top part has dark blue lace

and gold and dark blue beads. She wasn´t wearing anything underneath and had gold sandals that wrapped around her ankles. She wore gold hoops and had a high ponytail

that showed her fair neck. Her mahogany hair went down her back in beautiful waves. Her nickname at the club was Bella Fiore. Beautiful flower in Italian.

Bella, Alice, and Rosalie had known each other since they were teens. Rosalie´s parents had died and her greedy brothers had gotten all the money and left Rosalie on the streets

wasting her inheritance. Alice had a knack for seeing things before they happened and this scared off her parents and they kicked her out. Bella was a classic Cinderella: her parents

divorced when she was little and her father remarried to the evil stepmother Lauren who included the evil stepbrother and sister Mike and Jessica who weren´t much better.

They weren´t proud of what they did, but they had been kicked out when they were all about 14 in Rosalie´s case 16. Together they linked arms and went to the strip club

called Ecstasy.

It had just opened so not many men were their yet. The pole dancers and strippers weren´t even there yet. The bartender and owner Tyler called them.

"My powerpuff girls come here grab a drink it's on the house tonight. We be having some visitors tonight a man just called and asked about the place. And if he´s happy

he´ll choose one of you my crown jewels." Alice giggled, and Rosalie just rolled her eyes. It was one of their many nicknames since they always wore red, blue, and green.

The crown jewels were because they were the most priced and the cleanest prostitutes. These girls didn´t come cheap. "Two cosmos and an apple martini."

Four drinks later and maybe some tequila, Bella was spinning in her barstool, Rosalie was dancing on the tables and Alice was in someone´s lap. The night wasn´t even starting

though it was only 10 and they had yet to start the night owl action.


Bella-Next Chapter sneak peek:

"We don´t have time for this. Men come and take our money." Rosalie nodded " We say Who, we say When, we say How much?". An Aston Martin Vanquish was at the stoplight. "There´s rent" said Alice.

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