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I rolled around in bed. I was in huge, comfy bed not the crappy little mattress in my apartment in Tinsel town.

My hand searched around in the sheets for what made my night so pleasurable. I blinked, No Adonis.

The night table had condoms, an alarm clock, a wallet, and stationary in it. Beverley Wilshire Hotel.

The alarm said it was 11:45. He was probably at work.




I stood up the covers falling off to expose my nudity. "Hello." His smooth voice filled my ears.

"Hi, can I help you?"

"Did you sleep well? " I smiled.

"I did a lot more than sleep well on this bed." I teased.

"Naughty girl, listen I want you to order breakfast and the go downstairs and ask if any mail came for room 512. It is a dress, my assistant ordered for you, put it on and at 2 you will have a car waiting for you. I want to take you somewhere for lunch."

"That would be great" I felt sort of giddy that he was thinking of me today. I knew better, to feel that way for a customer.

"Well goodbye."

"See you soon."

I ordered room service and then went to pick up the dress but I wasn´t the only one with a package.

"Rose!! How are you?"

"Bella, oh Bella, so good to see you, I need to talk with you."

I invited her in.

"Bells, I want him. I´m head over heels and I´ve never felt this way before."

"Oh Rosey" I hugged her and patted her golden head.

"Bella, I don´t know why or how but I feel like I am his, and he is the only one for me. We had an amazing night and I felt like I was floating in heaven. I opened up to him Bella, he made me smile, laugh, and dream. And I kissed him! I broke Alice´s and my rule. When you kiss you just get too attached. Bella what will I do, he could never feel the same. "

"Rose, I've never seen you like this. Rosie, be the blonde vixen, be the Roxanne. All the boys want you, but you are too good, baby."

Rosalie let out a couple of tears. "Bella, I don´t want to be a Roxy any more, not a lady of the night, I don´t want other boys I want him, Bells. Emmett. I want just a happy life. I don´t want to be a pricey one-nightstand anymore."

I knew that Rosalie had the hardest time with being a hooker, she always pictured herself someone´s beautiful wife and proud mother. She was older when she started, she knew of a better life and had more ideals. I was always sort of jealous how Rosalie had more chances of a better life. She was prettier, smarter, and men had always wanted her. I knew that I would be a whore until I had a saggy ass. I knew all I was worth was that I was good in bed.

I changed into the dress. A crimson red dress with a decent neckline. It was before the knee and it accented my fair skin and dark hair.

Rosalie had an amazing Indigo silk dress that made her eyes pop. Her golden waves looked angelic and her white heels that Emmet got matched the pearl earrings he had left her.

"Bells, how is the man you are with."

"Our relationship is purely sexual, I don´t know his name and I don´t know his. We played around last night, that man is sex on fire. I think a part of him though wants to love me though. I know better though."

I used the gold sandals from last night and the same hoops. Those colors looked good on me but next to Rosalie I couldn´t compare.

They went down together and Rosalie went into the limo with Emmett. The car came for me and I met at a seafood restaurant with views of the beach. He got a us a table and we sat down "You look exquisite." I blushed by the word. He was one of the few men that complimented me when I had real clothes on.

"I was supposed to be meeting with my friend and partner, Jasper, but he happens to be occupied. I thought we would all hit off quite well. He manages the South region of our company. Emmett the complete East and I manage the Midwest to the Pacific coast. I work for a national corporation. "

I had finished my shrimp. "Nice to know, you aren´t only potent in bed."

He smiled this amazing crooked smile that made my heart melt.

"Do you always make those little comments or do you always do it to stroke someone´s ego and you don´t have to open yourself to anyone." Damn. He saw right through me.

I lowered my head. "I´m right about the latter then, I really wish you could try, you look heavenly and so angelic but all you tell people when you speak is I'm a tease."

No one ever used the words heavenly and angelic with me, those words were meant for a pure, good person. I wanted to cry, he was basically admitting to me I´m nothing but a whore and I´m not intelligent conversation.

"How do you know that I don´t talk to my friends like a normal people do."

His emerald eyes pierced me. "I saw you and your friends; you are all beautiful creatures of the intoxicating underworld. I want to make you a lady, and for this week you will be my lady. Playing by my rules safely during the day but dangerously during the night.

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