"I don't even know what I did!"

"Well Shane, you can think about it while your sleeping on the couch!" I yelled, throwing a pillow at him and slamming the bedroom door shut.

He's unbelivable!

One minutes he's all 'Yeah, we can go visit your parents," and the next he's "But your dad hates me! Do I gotta go?".

Idiot of a boyfriend.

He was knocking on the door.

"Miiitcheee...," he whined from the other side of the door, "I'm sorry,"


"Yes, can I come in?"

"So, we can go see my parents on Wednesday?" I asked.

"Next Wednesday?"

"Go to bed Shane!"


"Shane! Couch! Now!"

He let out an aggitated groan and I heard footsteps going down the hallway.

I curled up on the bed. Thinking about tomorrow. I would wake up to something incredibly romantic and all would be forgiven. I slowly drifted off to sleep.

"...Mitchie...Mitchie...wakey wakey,"

I assumed this was Shane but...

"Jason! What the hell are you doing in my house?!" I shouted.

He gave me a weird look.

"I am not Jason. I'm Kevin, you're time guide,"

"What no creative name, no sparkles, no wings," I said sarcastically.

Seriously, I know this is Jason just trying to pull a fast one, Shane probably put him up to this. He completely lost his romantic touch if he thinks a time guide is going to fix everything.

"Mitchie," 'Kevin' snapped his fingers infront of my face, "Are you okay,"

"I'm fine Jason,"

"Kevin," he corrected.

"Right," I got out of my bed, expecting to be in the sweats I wore to bed.

Was I?


"What the hell am I wearing?" I yelled.

It was a long white, three- fourths sleeve night gown.

"Ah you are wearing the lastet fashion attire...of the sixteenth century," Jason said...err...Kevin?

I looked at his clothes. White puffy shirt, tan peasant vest and tights.

"Omygod! Shane! You come out right now and put the room back to how it was,"

There was all this really fancy furniture like an elegant four poster bed, rugs that look like they cost a fortune, a large window with the most beautiful draperies, a spongy day bed near the window, a large armoire, and don't even get me started on the size of the room.

I ran to the window. All the people below were wearing the same type of clothes as Jason...Kevin DAMMIT! There is even a guy walking a mule.

"Oh my gosh," I whispered.

I ran to Jason grabbed his shirt and shook him way violently.

"Jason Kevin whoever you are...EXPLAIN!" I shouted.

"Miss Mitchie please let go of me," Kevin pleaded.

I let go of him.

"Kevin what the hell is going on?"

"Well Mitchie...you're in the sixteenth century. You have to find the 'Shane' of this era and get the time key," he explained.

"And what's the time key," I asked puzzled.

"It depends on what time era you land in," he said.

"Wait so I'm going to more," I questioned.

"Oh look at the time, see you at the end," Kevin said.


"Yes...okay, you have to solve a puzzle. The are several clues scattered through time, once you find all of them you can go back to your time," Kevin explained.

He dug through his pockets and pulled out a gold chain with an small hour glass pendant.

"Here," he said putting it in my hand.

"What is this?" I asked.

"A fine piece of jewelry...that doubles as your timer,"

"My what!?"

"Well...you only have four days to find the era's Shane and get the clue from him," Kevin explained.

"Four days!"

"Mitchie, this is where we must part. I wish you the best of luck and I'll see again in the next era,"

And with that he vanished...no literally. He was there and all of the sudden he faded away. Faded. Yeah.

I sat on the day bed. And tried to suck all that was happening in.

"Shane! Shane...Ashton?"

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