If New York City reverberated with the voice of Frank Sinatra, Boston echoed with the voice of Vonda Shepard. Her voice and piano-stylings seemed to echo from the city and give it a life. The city was filled with architecture that spanned almost two hundred years of American history. Part of the incidents that created the country occurred in this very city. Only Philadelphia could boast a greater historical significance. Shortly after leaving Logan Airport on arrival, Phineas Flynn and Ferb Ferguson rolled down the window of their taxi and leaned out to enjoy the city and the historical sites, their nine-year-old faces filled with awe and respect for the city. Their parents sat in the middle of the back seat reviewing their itinerary for the trip. Against the other door, Phineas's sister, Candace, clutched her cell phone and mooned over the image of her would-be boyfriend oh so very far away.

"Jeremy…" She wept crying a bit. "You're so far from me. So very far…"

"You know, Candace," Her mother looked over to her. "You could always call him."

"I tried leaving him another message in his voice mail." Candace held his photo to her heart. "It's full. I mean, who could be sending him so many messages!"

Phineas exchanged a look with his stepbrother and best friend, Ferb, as they both realized just why Jeremy's voice mail was so full. Phineas reached to the seat and picked up his other best friend. At first glance, it looked like a large rat, but it had a long smooth body and a tail like a beaver. It's webbed-feet clamped down on the rubber seal on the car window and peered over its duckbill to admire the city.

"This is going to be so cool, Perry." Phineas told his platypus pal. "It's going to be like a whole new adventure!"

Perry just made his usual clicking sound as a response.

"Look boys," Their father pointed out the front of the cab. "That's the Tipton. That's where we're going to be staying."

"Yay!" Phineas cheered optimistically excited for this adventure. Ferb stood up and looked over the front seat to the hotel coming up next to them. The cab stopped and Phineas hurriedly collected Perry and rushed to join Ferb standing at the curb. Their mother was giving instructions to the bellboy collecting the luggage. Their father was exited over the Astronomy Convention he was attending in town. Candace stood on the front steps of the Tipton and arched her head back with her brothers looking up, up, up, up over its incredible height from ground level. It was a very big building.

"Can you imagine bungee-jumping off the roof of that?" Phineas started grinning.

"Well, actually…." Ferb started.

"What?" Candace interrupted and reacted to that observation. "No! You guys are not pulling off another of your crazy schemes!!!" She turned round. "Mom!!! Phineas and Ferb want to go bungee-jumping off the hotel!!!"

"Candace, don't be ridiculous." Their mother delicately carried her overnight case under her arm as the bellboy rolled their luggage into the hotel. "Where would your brothers get a bungee cord that big?"

"Oh, they can get it." Candace groaned tiredly frustrated. Her father lead the way with his wife by his side admiring the hotel Phineas carrying Perry on his shoulder and Ferb just by him. She brought up the rear, tucking her red hair behind her ears, lifting up her cell phone and trying to call Jeremy again. His voice mail was still full.

The hotel was regal and beautiful. It was like an incredible palatial estate in London, and by a stroke of coincidence, it was rumored the hotel owner had named his daughter, London. Phineas and Ferb entered the hotel awash with excited and stunned excitement. This place was going to be a fun location! Candace meanwhile pictured herself living like a princess with room service, swimming in its pool, massages by muscular beefy Tipton employees and maybe even meeting a famous celebrity.

"Candace," Her mother called to her. "Look after your brothers while we're here."

All of Candace's dreams went bust upon hearing that.

"Fine….." She rolled her eyes as the harried and harassed babysitter of her brothers. "It's not like they could possibly get in any trouble here in Boston…."

"Well, of course, not…" Her mother disagreed. "They're both very well-behaved young boys."

"Only because you've never caught them…." Candace mumbled. Her parents had to be the only ones in Danville who did not know about the wild events that had occurred in their backyard. Everything from rockets to space, a giant haunted house, a monster truck rally, a beach party and nearly everything else conceivable and inconceivable happened in that one acre of yard, and yet, it all seemed to just mysteriously vanish whenever she dragged her mother to see it. Candace was developing a nasty nervous disorder compounded by low personal self-esteem because of it. The only source of joy in her life was Jeremy; he made her happy and helped her to forget about her brothers. She tried to leave him another message in his voice mail; it didn't send.

"Candace…" Her stepfather gave her money from his wallet. "Why don't you get the boys and yourself some candy while your mother and I check in?"

"Fine…" She took the money commiserating in her life's agonies and tribulations. "My life is just ruined anyway…." She turned depressed and tired around to the candy counter. She took a few steps, made a brief glance at the candy girl, looked again at her and then again. She looked so familiar! Change her blonde hair to red, change her brown eyes to blue, replace the hotel uniform with something from her own closet, she could be her.

"Hi, welcome to the Tipton." Maddie the candy girl beamed effervescently to Candace.

"You look so familiar!" Candace saw the resemblance.

"I know what you mean." Maddie beamed a bit. "A lot of people say I look exactly like Ashley Tisdale!"

"Uhhhhh, yeah….." Candace didn't see it.

Phineas and Ferb meanwhile discovered the Tipton Game room for their younger guests. They wandered in slowly in awe of all the games and computer attractions to play with in the room. There were several other kids their age and older. Fifteen-year-old twins Zack and Cody were playing Star Invaders, a science fiction game. Cody was the thinner boy in the sweater vest who proved time and time again to be a model son; his brother, Zack, was the heavier one who over and over proved to be the lazy bad influence that knocked Cody down to his level. Cody just happened to look over and notice Phineas carrying his pet platypus.

"Oh, wow," Cody noticed Perry. "You got a platypus. I heard they can make good pets because they are so low maintenance." He got to briefly hold Perry. Perry's clawed webbed hand held on to his sweater vest.

"They are the only mammals to lay eggs." Ferb mentioned.

"Yeah, he's my best friend next to Ferb." The boys introduced each other on the spot. "What are you guys doing here? You live nearby?"

"No, we actually live in the hotel!" Zack confessed. "It's so cool. We get to hang out with London Tipton…"

"Who's in Paris right now." Cody added.

"The candy counter girl is a real babe…"

"She's way out of his league." Cody added to his brother's embellishments.

"We have all sorts of fun in the hotel…"

"Which he gets us in trouble over…" Cody had lived through all this. "We've been grounded over a hundred times since we started living here. Our mom's the hotel singer in the lounge."

"You guys sound like you're living in a TV show!" Phineas liked their life.

"Funny you should mention that…" Zack looked to his brother. "But we did almost get to be TV stars! But someone couldn't remember his lines…" He glared to Cody.

"There was a lot more to it than that!" Cody rolled his eyes. Zack looked to his brother and back to Phineas. Phineas turned to his stepbrother.

"You know, Ferb, I think I know what we're doing today!"