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"Bella, your foot is in the way!" Jake whined to me as he slipped into bed with me.

"Ah, shut up and kiss me Jake." I teased him.

I felt his warm, hot lips crush mine and within seconds our worlds colliding.

I pulled back, and dug through Jake's night stand, knowing exactly what was in there.

"Here, slide this on or I'll kick your ass." I through a condom at Jake's face and Kiss him.

Jake picked me up laid me on my back. He climbed on top of me and kissed me all over my face.

He started to nibble at my neck and then proceeded with kisses starting at my neck and trailing down to my stomach.

Shivers were rising all over my body.

"I love you!" I blurted out.


Jake's booming laughter was booming out of the room.

"You're a jerk, I hope you know that."

I stretched my arms to search his face and pulled him down to me.

I kissed him until he ran out of breathe.

"I love you." He said slowly and meaningfully.

I felt Jake enter me and pain entered my body.

I felt so sore down there.

Jake could feel me stiffen. "Are you okay? Am I going too hard? I can stop; we don't have to this Bell." I laughed at him worrying.

"I'm fine Jake, its normal for it to hurt. You probably just broke my hymen."

"Your what?" Jake slowly pulled out of me.

"What's wrong, Jake?" I asked him. I felt Jake curl next to me in bed.

"I don't want for this to hurt. And, your anatomy language totally kind of ruined the mood."

I felt my heart drop.

I totally made this experience horrible.

"I…I didn't mean to Jake. And besides, would you like for me to say you "popped my cherry?" I questioned him.

"No, Bells-" Jake sighed.

"I didn't mean to turn you off!" I defended myself.

"I'm not saying you did. Look, it's okay Bella, don't worry.

I sighed and got up and felt my way through Jake's room to find my bag the bottom drawer of Jake's dresser.

He had set aside this one drawer for me.

I had a few pairs of thongs and bras in here.

Some of Jake's old T's and a pair of boxers and one of my shirts.

I found a shirt and threw it over my head.

I slipped on the pair of boxer briefs up my legs.

"Bella, what are you doing?" Jake jumped off the bed and tackled me.

"JAKE! Stop-" I screamed.

It was too late, he had took my body in his arms and flung me on his bed.

I crossed my arms over my chest as tight as I could to keep Jake from tickling me.

He knew that was one of the only ways to make me smile or laugh when I was being a bitch to him.

"Oh, no you don't Bella!" Jake's strong boulder arms were grasping apart my arms and his fingers found their place on my waist and tickled me.

Little laughs were escaped from me and I started crying.

"I made you cry, now you have to kiss me." Jake puckered his lips.

"And since when do I do that?" I asked, Leaning into him.

"Since, now!" And with that Jake quickly kissed me.

I felt sun rays beating down on my face and turned over.

I opened my eyes and saw Jake sleeping still. His face looked so peaceful and his eyes were fluttering.

His chest was rising up and down in slow, steady beats.

Jake was sleeping on his back, something he never does.

Normally I'll sleep on my stomach and wake up to Jake's head propped up on my back and him sleeping sideways.


The flashback from last night was still running through my mind.

But, my thoughts were interrupted by suddenly remembering how Billy and my dad were coming home today.

I looked over at the clock and read that it was already noon.

I pulled over the sheets on me and was shocked when I saw that Jake and I were naked.

I thought I pulled on clothing and fell back asleep?

Did we have sex?

I shook the question off my mind and decided to do something with myself today.

I found my clothing on the floor at the foot of Jake's bed.

After I pulled them on and I pushed my hair into a ponytail, I went on to making breakfast.


The smell of eggs; scrambled and hot bacon was tingling my nose.

I shot my eyes open to find my love, not in my presence.

She had pulled the covers down and left me exposed.

I would get Bella back for exposing my naked body to the whole world to see.

I stumbled over to my dresser and found a clean pair of boxers and black sweatpants.

I couldn't find a clean T shirt so I'd have to forfeit one and look in the dryer.

As I walked out of the hallway I saw Bells cooking over the stove and she seemed to be glowing.

I tip toed up behind her and pulled her into a great bear hug.

She yelped and then started to giggle.

"Jacob Black, what do you think you're doing?"

"I'm scaring my beautiful girlfriend half to death while she makes me breakfast." I kissed her hair and then proceeded to sit down at the table.

Bella brought over two glasses of orange juice and then sat down our eggs and bacon.

"This looks really good, Bells. Thanks a lot." She smiled and nodded her head.

"When are Billy and Charlie coming home?" She asked me.

I shrugged my shoulders, "I'm thinking around 4?"

"I've been thinking about my college choices."

I looked up at Bella and met with her eyes.

"You did?"

"Yeah, I'm thinking Yale and I'm deciding on journalism. I can interview and blog and a whole bunch of amazing things."

"That's great! I'm so happy for you Bella!" I got up and wrapped my arms around her shoulders and kissed her cheeks.

"But, you're not worried about the distance? Or how you'll be here, and I'll be in New York?"

"Bella, how many people get the chance to go to Yale, which, I know that you will get a great scholarship for your dancing, and major in journalism?"

She thought long and hard before answering, "Not many people?"

"Exactly, and maybe I haven't been looking at local universities or community colleges around this area, maybe just maybe, I've been looking at colleges near Yale."

Bella's eyes lit up like shinning stars. "You wouldn't Jake. You will not do that to Billy!"

"I would, and I am. Billy sees this coming, he has for years. He knows my dream for being a firefighter, and knows that I love you, and will do stupid things for you."

She laughed and ate her last bites of her eggs.

"Are you finished?" She asked me.

"Yeah, here I'll wash the dishes; you go sit on the couch and relax."

I rinsed off our dishes and glasses and put away them in the dishwasher.

Bella went into my room and was texting someone.

"Who are you texting?"

"Jessica, she said that Macy's is having this huge bath and body kind of sale. I told her to pick me up some things."

"But, the question is, Jake, why are you not wearing a shirt?"

"Because, when you have this little girlfriend who steals your shirts, and never gives them back, and between wearing them, you seem to run out of them."

"Well, maybe I'll just take this shirt off." With that, Bella shrug of my shirt, and with nothing under it.

She casually handed me the shirt and sat down at my computer.

"I can't believe you just did that."

"I can't believe this." Bella motioned for me to see what she was on.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Read it!" I carefully read the e-mail that Bella had me read.

"Jake, do you remember, Emmett? My step brother, he's Phil's son, the one who's 21 and lives in California?"

I nodded my head, "I think?"

"I can't believe he's finally coming here, and bringing a girlfriend! That's a first! His relationships are normally hookups!"

Bells sounded so excited.

"He only e-mails every so often, but you'll love him Jake! And he wants to meet you!" Bella went on and on about what we should do, and making plans.

"Here." I handed Bella my shirt back to her.

She gladly took it and tugged it on her.

"Thank you, it's so kind of you to give me a shirt to wear." She shut off her e-mail and walked over to me.

I leaned down and planted kisses on Bella's lips.

"C'mon, let's go on in the living room." I took her hand and led her with me.

"I brought my homework, I think I need help." Bella dug through her messenger bag and found her math notebook and grabbed a pen.

I set Bella on my lap with her back against my chest, I wrapped my arms around her tiny waist and held her close while she figured out problems.

"Stupid fricken' math." Bells cursed under her breathe.

"What's got you stuck?"

"Number 11. I don't get it. How can x equal this square root if it's 50?"

"Divide 50 into the variable, then take the answer of the variable and square root it. X will equal the leftover."

Bella looked at me with confusion all over her. "Jerk."

I laughed at her frustration, and guided her through each step.

After problem 15 Bella was cradled in my arms fast asleep.

I was after 4 when Billy came in.

Bella was starting to snore; I lifted her legs up and placed her arms around my neck to keep her from getting neck sores.

"What did you do to this girl while I was gone?" Billy joked as he sat down in his recliner chair.

"Just hung out with her, but I think math tires her out." I pointed to her unfinished work.

"Never liked math myself." Billy chuckled.

I flipped the channel to the local news. "Billy wants her home, like soon. He doesn't want her out late since tomorrow is school, son.

"Yeah, sure, sure. Just let me try to wake her up. I'm warning you though…" I tapped Bells' shoulders lightly, when that didn't work I started shoving her arm.

"Stop it, you scum." Bella hadn't realized Billy was in the room and when she opened her eyes she turned dark red.

"Oops." She got up and sorted through her work nervously.

"Bella, your father wants you home- Billy started.

"Sure, sure. I'm getting ready. I'll be ready in like 10 minutes."

Bella was catching on to my saying. "Bells…" I offered her a hand with her textbook, but she swatted my hands away. "I'm fine, sit."

I waited downstairs for her to gather her things up.

When she finally came down her tote was stuffed with her things.

"I'll walk you out, kay?" I followed Bella out to the front door.

When I shut the door behind me Bella pushed me against the wall and started kissing me.

"I love you." She whispered to me.

"Love you, too." I mumbled in her hair as I hugged her close to me.

"Drive safe, okay? It's Sunday night, everyone is driving crazy tonight." She kissed my cheek as she walked to her car.

"I'll text you later, kay?" I hollered at her.

She drove away and I went back inside.

Bella Marie Swan was something.