Why did we get a corner house? I mean, it's not as if there are any benefits to having a house on the corner! And this house isn't even that good! It's big and all, but when we got it, the interior decorating gave hints that its previous owners were a few eggs short of an omelet, if you know what I mean.

And now, I'm stuck shoveling the two – not one, but two – sidewalks that surround the dumb corner house. Fun, fun.

I was shoveling the little section where the sidewalk meets the crosswalk when I saw a black, fancy car drive by. It had tinted windows. I didn't know they even hadcars like that in this city. Well, I suppose, all the doctors from the clinic, duh, of course there are fancy cars.

Being as obsessed as I am, all this talk of fancy cars and tinted windows and doctors got me thinking about Twilight again. Edward Cullen is so hot. It would be so awesome if he was driving that car. Stupid tinted windows. I could just imagine; him driving and Bella in the passenger's seat, going to… well, I don't actually know. Oh, well, it's not like it was actually them.


We were driving to the grocery store, to get some food for Jacob. Instead of simply being a prop, like I was used to, human food was becoming a necessity. A necessity that was constantly running out, thanks to his appetite.

"Can you go any faster? I'm starving." In emphasis to his statement, his stomach growled. Loudly.

His remark was directed at Jasper, who was driving. He growled, annoyed by Jacob's need for food.

"Jacob, we're going as fast as we can, relax." Thank God Nessie was sitting next to him in the back seat. She was the only person who could distract him from food.

"I know, I know," he replied. Those two were a little too comfortable back there for my taste. I bristled.

Calm it down, Edward, thought Jasper, sensing my distress, they're just sitting.

Just sitting. Yeah. Uh-huh.

And that's when I heard it. The foreshadowing of the trouble that would ensue in this tiny Midwestern city.

Edward Cullen is so hot. Stupid tinted windows. A picture of Bella and I driving along in the car followed. My eyes widened in alarm.

Edward, what is it? Jasper was suddenly anxious, as well.

"It's nothing, Jasper." The thought had come from a young girl shoveling snow outside. A quick look revealed nothing unusual; her cheeks were flushed with red, and her eyes were an unassuming hazel color. She'd probably heard about me before, or seen me at a previous trip to the grocery store. That was really the only explanation. We wouldn't be starting school yet until tomorrow. Yes, she had seen Bella and me before, and she thought I was attractive, and that was it. Of course. There was no other explanation.