Disclaimer: It's ALL Stephenie Meyer's. Yup.

Just beat it, beat it, beat it, beat it, somethin', somethin' beat it, beat it!

The internal Ipod was NOT blocking out the crazy.

Because, somehow, I was starting to get the impression that they were actually... there. They sure felt there, as they walked silently behind me in the hallway. I couldn't actually see or hear them, but I could sense them taking up space. Like when someone puts their finger really close to, but not quite touching, the area between your eyes, and it hurts.

No? That's just me?

OK, then.

Anyways, they were there, just... being there, and we were going into my room. I was debating whether or not I would actually let them in, because I was afraid all the posters would scare them.

Well, not actually scare them, they were vampires for Pete's sake. But they'd probably get a little freaked out.

"I'm just gonna... go in by myself, if that's OK with you?" I said when we got to the door, my voice breaking a little and my arms flailing robotically in the direction of my bedroom.

There were a few nods and shrugs and raised eyebrows, so I went in.

Once there, I took a deep breath, closed my eyes, and leaped onto the bed.

OK... so. Either a) I was going crazy, or b) they actually were, really really, actually literally real.

Option A, however unattractive, was seeming really, really probable right now.

Option B, though, was seeming more and more... not fake.

Like how Edward got mad at me downstairs. Imaginary Edward would not do that. And how I fainted. I probably couldn't imagine that. Or exactly how they sounded when they talked.

I pinched myself. Ow. Well, I wasn't dreaming.

I got up and crossed the room until I was standing right in front of my bookshelf.

For a while, I just stood staring at the four books that chronicled the lives of nine not-so-fictional-after-all vampires, who, at the moment, were standing outside my very room.

Well, and one werewolf.

Edward's POV

I heard a succession of four thumps as the heavy tomes hit the bed.

OK, so... they're real. What now?

Without answering her own question, the girl appeared from behind the door with a bright smile plastered on her face.

"So... here they are!" She lifted them a little, so that the topmost one reached her nose.

I reached out and grabbed the topmost one, hearing her heart speed up as I did so. It was battered and torn, and featured picture of two pale hands caressing an apple on the cover.


The End......