I ran as fast as I could, yelled as loud as possible, but Edward neither saw nor heard me. Everything seemed to slow down as I watched Edward step into the sunlight. For a moment, I actually skidded to a stop. Thousands of rainbows shimmered off of him, glittering on the red brick ground. I was awestruck by his gloriousness. And then reason, logic, and priority caught up with me.

"Edward!" I screamed. "Edward, I'm alive! I'm alive, Edward! Get out of the sun! It's me! Bella!" I shouted, forcing my legs to sprint towards the god-like vampire standing next to the clock. "Edward!" I screeched, my voice cracking. Heads were beginning to turn, to see the unreal phenomenon that was a vampire in the sun. Unthinkingly, as soon as I was close enough, I slammed into him. His arms caught me, and, finally, he opened his eyes. I gasped for breath, trying to get him out of the sun. "Edward-" But he put his long, icy finger over my lips.

"That was rather fast." I stared at him uncomprehendingly.

"Edward, we have to get out of here," I hissed. He smiled. "Edward!" I yelled. He frowned, and sniffed my hair.

"You smell the same as always, so maybe this is hell," he mused. I understood.

"Edward! You're not dead! I'm not dead! We're both alive, and if you'd like it to stay that way, get out of the sun!" Understanding crossed his face.

"We have to get out of here." He swung me over his shoulder and jumped onto the wall, crawling up it like a spider. Several people screamed. I clung to his neck and shut my eyes, but not fast enough to not see the cloaked figures gliding towards us…