Love Chapter 6

I didn't mean to hurt you

I'm sorry that I made you cry

Oh well I didn't want to hurt you

I'm just a jealous guy

-John Lennon, Jealous Guy

Bolt stared at the wall in in front of him. Valeri was lying next to him, breathing heavily from just having done it for the third time. Bolt's stare looked blank, but in reality he was deep in thought. He'd just cheated on his girlfriend, and no matter how many times he was trying to deny it, he knew that he'd just fucked up big time. Valeri grinned seductively at him.

"So...Did you enjoy that?"

"You said that this was only supposed to be about making Mittens jealous."

"Yeah...But that doesn't mean you couldn't enjoy it, either."

"...I hate you."

She gave him an innocent, pouting look, pressing her bottom lip out a little. Her look vanished, however, when Bolt gave her a glare that said he would love to kill her.

"...Bolt, look-"

He got up, sighing sadly. He turned to her and growled.

"...If I ever see you again, I'll kill you."

With that said, he turned away and walked out of the room...


Bolt walked toward the front door, which was closed. He turned around and saw Rhino asleep on the TV set and Mittens still talking with some of her new cat friends. He felt an emptiness in his heart, and he knew that he had to get home soon. He could never forgive himself...He just hoped Mittens could. He sighed sadly, and then walked over to her. He gently tapped her shoulder, and she turned to him, surprised.

"Bolt...Where have you been? I haven't seen you for almost an hour!"

"Mittens, I have to tell you something...I think we should leave first, though."

She cocked her head, puzzled. She knew him, though; she knew something was tearing him apart inside. She turned to her friends and told them she had to go. Bolt called to Mittens, telling him it was time to go, and he opened the front door for them...


Bolt and Mittens sat down on the couch, both silent. Rhino had gone to bed about ten minutes ago, and Bolt was desperate to tell her about the affair. Mittens stared at him, worried.

"Bolt...What is it? Please tell me."

"I-...I fucked up, Mittens."

"...What are you talking about?"

"...I saw you...And Jake...Talking and I-...I fucked up."

Mittens eyes began to widen as she was starting to understand what her lover was trying to tell her.

"...Bolt, do you mean you..."

"Mittens, I-...I cheated on you!"

Mittens stared at him, shocked, and then Bolt saw tears begin to swell up in her eyes and drip down her cheeks. She turned away from him.

"Bolt...How could you?"

"Mittens, I'm sorry, I-"

"Just-...Just leave me alone, Bolt. I need to be alone now."

"Mittens...I'm sorry."

"...Bolt, just leave me alone...Please."

Bolt tried to comfort her, but stopped himself. All she wanted was to be alone, and since he'd already fucked up, he wasn't going to make it any worse. He hung his head, ears, and tail all down in shame, and slowly walked away...


Author's Note: I'm sorry I haven't updated in a while, but I was having writers block on how to write this chapter. I know, I know...Bolt really did fuck up his relationship with Mittens. But, I'm not really sure on how to continue. Which should I do: should Mittens not forgive Bolt and them break up, or should she somehow forgive Bolt for what he did? Please vote for which one you think should happen next in your reviews!

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