Angela's POV:

My mother was a feminist. A passionate feminist, too. She had not married until her career had flourished, and even then she had taken it slowly. And now one of my closest friends was marrying her high school boyfriend. Obviously worried that I would follow in Bella's path, my mother had forced me to listen to countless marriage speeches throughout the last week.

"Immature," was last night's description, "Reckless, is what it is." I had smiled good-heartedly along with my father; he was the priest who was actually marrying them.

Today was the actual day of the wedding. It wasn't raining for once, and I was in a relatively good mood. After all, I was happy for Bella and Edward. It was clear that they loved each other. Last winter without Edward had ruined Bella, and before Bella had even moved here, Edward was completely alone.

Jessica and I had gone dress-shopping in Port Angeles last weekend. It had been weird; over a year ago, she, Bella and I had gone looking for prom dresses. Edward had met Bella there and… well, I had never really found out what happened after that.

Anyway, the dress that I was wearing was a metallic jade color. Jess had picked it out for me, and I did like it. I would be nothing compared to the Cullens though, Bella included. Alice was the matron of honor, I had heard. She was gorgeous, naturally, and completely unique. And Rosalie was a classic beauty, right off of the cover of Vogue. I had never been vain, however, so I gently brushed out my brown layers and slipped on a pair of silver heels before hurrying out the door. Jess would be running late, of course, so I had better get a head start.

Jessica had obviously spent hours on her hair and make-up. Maybe she had even had her hair professionally done, because the dark brown curls flying around her face were much less wiry than normal. In the back of my mind, I pitied her. She obviously had a huge crush on Edward, despite her current status with Mike Newton.

"You look great," I complimented her as she slid into the passenger's seat. Jess cast me a tortured look.

"Do you really like it?" she asked worriedly, gesturing towards the sparkling fuchsia dress, "I didn't want to upstage Bella with white or anything." I bit my lip to keep from laughing. It was typical Jess to worry about looking better than the bride.

We arrived at the ceremony on time. The decorations were perfect, like I dreamed they would be for my wedding when I was a little girl. It had the same thoroughness of the graduation party that we had attended at the Cullen mansion last year, only it was much more elegant. Though I didn't know the Cullens extremely well, I knew enough to realize that Alice had been the wedding planner.

Jessica and I were silent as we walked up to the door; she was probably summing up the appearance of the house. From the front of the house, everything was very quiet. There were only three people standing next to Jasper Hale's small Jeep- Jasper, and a couple that resembled pictures I had seen of Bella's mother and stepfather.

I smiled and waved at Jasper, only because we had sat next to each other at lunch for the past couple of weeks. He nodded briskly, something that I was used to from him. Jessica refrained from any friendly behavior.

Before I could even raise my hand to knock, the door swung open. Before me stood Emmett, horrifyingly muscular as ever. The only difference in his appearance was a tuxedo that clung to his defined muscles menacingly. Jessica inhaled sharply; the Cullens always had a breathtaking effect on her. We both greeted Emmett, slightly frazzled, and sighed as he led us into the Cullen mansion.