"Jesus, Alice," Jessica laughed, "You don't go halfway." Like always, Alice pulled me into one of her ice-cold hugs. Probably only being polite, she embraced Jessica quickly, as well. Alice was wearing a silver dress that hung to the floor, and she was carrying a platter of hors devours.

"I really can't talk," Alice apologized, "Bella's being Bella. She needs me." Jessica and I giggled knowingly as Alice disappeared a little too quickly. Jessica turned to me, a skeptical smile on her face.

"Should we go talk to the boys?" she muttered, eyeing our huddle of friends, "Oh, damn, Mike looks gorgeous!" She grabbed my wrist and pulled me anxiously towards the small group where we were greeted warmly by the others. They complimented us self-consciously in that way that boys always do. Ben hadn't arrived yet. A second later, Emmett showed up, his eyes alight with excitement.

"This took long enough," he muttered jokingly, gesturing around to the wedding scenario. Mike turned towards him in confusion.

"'Long enough'?" he repeated, "More like 'already'. They just graduated." Emmett's smile faded, and Jessica tensed up next to me. My breathing picked up a bit, as well; I didn't want a brawl to spoil Bella's day.

"Age is merely a number, my friend," Emmett mumbled, almost incomprehensibly, glancing towards the piano where Rosalie was playing some elaborate symphony. She looked beautiful, as always.

Mike seemed lost by Emmett's comment, so he fell silent. Jess sensed his defeat and wound her arm around his. Eric and Tyler exchanged knowing looks.

In the silence that followed, Emmett began humming Here Comes the Bride. I watched as guests began arriving and people started taking their seats. I ended up in the middle crammed between Ben and Tyler. They talked over me the whole time about some movie that Jessica had saved me from until the symphony merged into a wedding march. Everybody fell silent at once, as if it had been announced.

I hadn't even noticed that Edward was standing at the altar, his inhuman face determined and, for the first time in the two years that I had known him, slightly anxious. Next to me, I heard Tyler let out a low whistle, turned around completely in his seat. I followed his gaze to the bride, who had begun the short walk down the aisle.

Bella looked stunning. She had always been pretty, but for the first time, she looked like she could actually fit in with the Cullens. Ben simply nodded in approval, though I reckon he would have whispered some impish comment to Tyler had I not been there. I glanced over at Jessica's reaction for my amusement. The corners of her mouth were turned down as she stared at Mike. His mouth had formed a dumbstruck 'O' shape. I hid a smile and watch as Bella took Edward's hand and Alice claimed her spot as the maid of honor.

My father stated the usual vows ("Love is always patient, always kind...") while Bella stared into Edward's eyes with such passion that I felt guilty for witnessing it. After reciting completely dazzling and original vows, Edward muttered in his silken voice, "For as long as we both shall live."