4th Annual Fannie Awards

The lair was dark as the figure worked feverously on his latest scheme. His quiet mutterings and rantings echoed through the large lab room. "Soon, I will have my revenge. My scheme is brilliant. Nothing will be able to stop me. NOTHING!"

A second figure leaned back in their chair, casually flipping through a magazine. "You say that, but I'm betting it will still fail."

"Quiet you." He turned back to his latest death trap, applying the final tweaks needed. "Besides, I'm not going to be doing this on my own. If I can convince one of the other villains to assist me, I will finally claim my vengeance."

The second figure smirked, flipping the page. "And just how are you going to convince them to help YOU? I really doubt many of them will even want to speak with you. None of them are going to want to disrupt the Fannie Awards."

The first figure just smiled, moving over to the communications device. "Au contraire. There is one villain in particular who will have no problem with crashing the Fannie Awards. Think about it, he's never gotten an invite and has crashed the show twice now. Convincing him to help would be a breeze."



"Nine?" The first figure looked back at the second, his confusion evident. "What does nine have to do with my plan?"

Professor Dementor grumbled under his breath, shaking his head. "No you buffoon, I mean no. I will not help you with your plan."

The first figure looked hurt and a little disappointed. "But I thought you hated the Fannie awards. What happened to your calls for vengeance?"

Dementor smiled brightly. "I got an invite this year. And… I have a date." Dementor puffed up his chest, a smug look on his face. "The frauline is a model."

The first figure clenched his hands, growling softly. "But what am I supposed to do now without your assistance?"

Dementor shrugged. "I do not know. Maybe enjoy zee Fannie Awards?"

The screen went dark as Dementor cut the connection, leaving the first figure to throw his arms up in the air and bellow. "NO!" His arms fell to his sides, his eyes locked onto the screen in front of him. "What am I going to do now?"

The second figure shook their head, not even looking up. "Well, you could give up your scheme and just enjoy the show like everyone else."

"NO! I will NOT be defeated this easily." He turned back to the communications device, pressing keys rapidly. "I will find someone who will help us get vengeance. Nothing can stop my plans."


"No, I don't think Monty or I will want to help you out."

The first figure looked up pleadingly at the screen. "Oh come on. Please?" He paused for a moment, then smiled broadly. "With sugar on top?"

DNAmy seemed to consider it for a moment, then shook her head sadly. "I'm sorry. Monty's really excited about taking me to the Fannie Awards again this year. I can't disappoint him."

"He's a freaking statue!" The agitation was very evident in him. "Just how excited can he be?"

"Well I never." DNAmy huffed indignantly. You're nothing but a big meanie." She cut the connection quickly, leaving the first figure fuming. "This isn't possible."

The second figure seemed almost relieved. "So, we can just forget this whole vengeance thing now?"

The first figure didn't seem to hear. "Dementor, Motor Ed, DNAmy… no one is interested in helping us get our vengeance. What is wrong with the villain community?"

The second figure appeared hopeful. "So that's it then, huh? We can give up this insane scheme of yours?"

"No, I have one more person I can call." The first figure was grinning as he made the call. "Someone I can trick easily into aiding our schemes."

The screen lit up, showing a familiar blue face. "Doctor Drakken speaking. If this is Hench, I've told you, that cheque is in the mail."

The first figure shook his head, planting his hands in front of him on the counter. "I am not with Hench Doctor Drakken, so no need to be concerned." The figure smiled gently. "Doctor Drakken, I have a proposal for you."

"Wait." Drakken leaned closer, squinting. "I know who you are. You were at the Fannie Awards last year, weren't you?"

"Yes, I was Doctor. That is the purpose of this call."

Drakken waved his hand, sitting back. "Yes, yes, some of the other villains have alrready warned me. You want revenge on that Zataran Jason person who hosts the Fannie Awards. Why should I want to help you?"

"Because it would be the perfect chance for everyone to see your brilliance." The first figure was smiling broadly now that he could see he had gotten the evil scientist's attention. "Think about it Doctor, your invention, used in the course of gaining vengeance, would be seen by everyone watching the Fannie Awards. Everyone would be talking about it. It's a plan that would go down in history, and YOU Doctor, you would be an integral part of it."

"Integral you say?" Drakken rubbed his chin, his smiling getting wider as he considered the possibilities. "That would be something, wouldn't it."

"Drew!" The sharp voice made both figures wince. "I thought I told you to pick up the low fat... who are you speaking with?"

Drakken's eyes widened as he stood up to block the monitor. "No one. I'm just... playing a computer game, that's all." All the first figure could see was lab coat for a few seconds... until that was shoved away and a beautiful, green-tinged face filled the monitor.

"You." Shego glared through the monitor, making the first figure wince further. "You're the one who wants to disrupt the Fannie Awards, aren't you?"


"Well forget it buddy." Shego raised her hand, lighting it up with a sneer on her face. "I don't know what you got Dr. D. to promise you, but you can forget it. And if you mess up the show for me, you are going to really, "her hand flared brighter for a moment, making her appear even more sinister, "REALLY regret it. Got it?" With that, Shego cut the connection, much to the consternation of the first figure.

"No, this isn't possible." The first figure rose to his feet, throwing his arms in the air. "I am the great MaceEcam, and I will not be denied my revenge! Nothing will stop me. NOTHING!" With that, MaceEcam let out a bellowing cackle, much against his partner's much desired wish that he wouldn't.

Ran Hakubi shook his head as he put the magazine down. "Don't you think that was a little much?"

Mace frowned as he lowered his hands. "Too over the top?

"Just a little."

Mace considered that a moment and then shrugged. "Oh well, I'll make sure I do better before the Fannie Awards start."

Ran froze from getting up as he turned back to Mace. "We're still going ahead with the plan?"

"Yes." Mace turned back to his computers, bringing up his latest scheme. "The others are fools. Nothing will stop my vengeance. NOTHING!"

Ran slumped back into his seat, leaning his head back. "Just great."

Mace paused in his work, looking over at his partner. "You don't seem as enthusiastic as you should my friend. After all, this is vengeance for both of us. Remember, Jason Zaratan Jones beat BOTH of us to win Best Songfic last year."

Ran sighed, feeling a headache coming on. "I know, but when you mentioned revenge, I thought, you know, dump pudding down his pants or something. I didn't expect..." Ran waved his hand around the lair, "all of this."

"Bahh." Mace returned to his work, typing feverishly. "Pudding is nothing. No, we shall have proper revenge my friend. That I promise you."

Ran dropped his head to the table, suddenly wishing he could be anywhere else but here."


Can I get a BOOYAH? That's right folks, it's that time again, time for the Fourth Annual Fannie Awards! This time, we are looking at the best of the best for the year 2008, and there are quite a few to choose from this year. The new season continued to have drawn interest as we saw a further influx of new authors and new ideas, giving us over 1000 new stories this year. So many tales to choose from, so little time.

So let's get to what this is all about! You, the people, are the ones that decide who wins each and every award! Make your selections on the handy list I'm providing below. Any story written or contributed to in the year is eligible to win, with one exception. Those stories and writers who won previously in a category can not win again this year, though the awards for Best Writer and Best Series can be the previous winners again after 2 years. This is to help open up the field for everyone to have a chance. See the list below for all the details.

1st Annual Fannie Award winners!
· Best Writer - MrDrP (MrDrP is eligible again at the 4th Annual Fannie Awards)
· Best New Writer - StarvingLunatic
· Best Story Overall – David Clark Allan, Shego Rocks!
· Best Series Overall – Allaine, Unacceptable Sitch series
· Best One-shot Overall – Nate Grey, Chronic
· Best Novel-sized Story Overall - Hobnob-rev, Kim Possible: Mind, Body, and Soul
· Best Comedy – Cid Gregor, Mind Games: Redux
· Best Romance – Immo, A Few New Tricks
· Best Action/Adventure – CaptainKodak1, The Lotus Bloom
· Best Drama – Apoptosis, A Road Not Taken
· Best Songfic – Zaratan, Something More
· Best Crossover/Fusion – MrDrP, Kim Possible: The Next Generation
· Best K/R Story – CaptainKodak1, The Lotus Bloom
· Best Kigo Story – Hobnob-rev, Kim Possible: Mind, Body, and Soul
· Best Alternative Pairing Story (Ron/Bon, Kim/Drakken, etc.) – Zaratan, Life Changes
· Best Original Character – Hobnob-rev, Kara Fang
· Best Minor Character – Zaratan, Bonnie, and Mattb3671, Nooni (TIE)

2nd Annual Fannie Award winners!

- Best Writer - Commander Argus (Commander Argus is eligible again at the 5th Annual Fannie Awards)
- Best New Writer (2006) - (tie) King in Yellow & Cpneb

- Most Voted Writer - Starving Lunatic

- Best Story Overall – Alone Together - Failte200
- Best Series Overall – The Trinity Sitch - Commander Argus (This series, if still being written then, is eligible again at the 5th Annual Fannie Awards)
- Best One-shot Overall – Zorpox and the Cheerleader - MrDrP
- Best Novel-sized Story Overall - The Gods Must Be Laughing - Starving Lunatic
- Best Comedy – It's Addictive - Spectre666
- Best Romance – Another Time, Another Place - Starving Lunatic
- Best Action/Adventure – Maternal Instinct - Blackbird
- Best Drama – The Darkness Within - GWA (G-Go, MrDrP, CaptainKodak1, Mattb3671, WesUAH, Commander Argus, Zaratan)
- Best Crossover/Fusion – The Batman - Classic Cowboy

- Best AU - Middlewood - Yvj
- Best K/R Story – The Ronless Factor - Scoutcraft Piratess/Zaratan
- Best Kigo Story – Alone Together - Failte200
- Best Alternative Pairing Story (Ron/Bon, Kim/Drakken, etc.) – In the Middle - Starving Lunatic
- Best Original Character – Isabel Gooding - Walking the Line - Starving Lunatic
- Best Minor Character – Bonnie - In the Middle - Starving Lunatic

- Best Original Character Name - Kasy and Sheki - Kasy/Sheki series - NoDrogs

- Best Villain - Kara Fang - Kim Possible : Mind, Body, and Soul - Hobnob-rev

- Best Single Line - Starving Lunatic - One in a Billion - Shego - "What the? Where have you been these past few years? When the woman says she's on a plane, chances are she's actually in a cab on the way to the house! I don't want to get caught by her!"

- Kim Possible Achievement Award - Zaratan

3rd Annual Fannie Awards

- Best Original Character Name - Deidre "Dee" Lusional - Match Ado About Nothing – MrDrP

- Best Original Character - Grimm Probable – All Things Probable Series – Slyrr

- Best Minor Character – Tara – Mating Games – Campy

- Best Villain – Zorpox – Taming a Slave – Johnrie18

- Best Songfic – Over You - Zaratan

- Best AU – Honor Bound – StarvingLunatic

- Best Crossover/Fusion – Possibles Of The Caribbean – Twila Starla

- Best Alternative Pairing – Ron/Bonnie – The Pathetic Tale of Bonnie Rockwaller – Blackbird

- Best Kigo – Best Enemies: Redux - King in Yellow

- Best K/R – Tunnel Vision – CaptainKodak1

- Best Comedy – Hottie's Home – spectre666

- Best Romance – ilyiw: Christmas with my New Daddy – cpneb

- Best Action/Adventure – Ron Stoppable, Ultimate Monkey Master – Quis Custodiet

- Best Drama – TIE - Inside, Looking Out - Charles Gray and What She Can't Say – The Wise Duck

- Best One-Shot – Sweet Dreams - MrDrP

- Best Novel-Sized – Tunnel Vision – CaptainKodak1

- Best Short Story – Legacy – JAKT, Given to mkusenagi2 and Kathleen Ellen Anne O' Connor

- Best Series – All Things Probable series – Slyrr

- Kim Possible Achievement Award - Allaine

- Most Voted Writer – Cpneb

- Best Writing Team – The Ronless Factor – Backroads/Zaratan

- Best Young Writer – Akinyi

- Best New Writer – JAKT

- Best Story – Tunnel Vision - CaptainKodak1

- Best Writer - CaptainKodak1

This year, there will still be 2 rounds of voting. Voting for the first round will end at 11:59 pm EST on January 31st, 2009. These ballots will be done as normal, by the ballot form provided below.

The second round will start immediately after that. There is one difference from last year though, and it's that the second round will only be the top 3 in each category plus ties as opposed to top 5. So now, the top 3 vote getting stories and writers in each category will be entered in the secret poll format hosted on my forum on just like last year. For those without an account, you can email your response to me, and I will add it to the final count. This round will run for another 2 weeks, until 11:59 pm, February 14th, 2009.

The awards show will then start Sunday, February 22nd 2009, after all votes have been tabulated, award winner speeches submitted and added, and all the details are finalized.

On a final note, I would like to thank those helping me with putting this event together this year. Commander Argus, webmaster supreme, and the members of the Fannie Awards Committee, Triaxx, King in Yellow, and CaptainKodak, not to mention all the little things so many others do. This is made possible thanks to their assistance.

So there you have it folks. Place your votes, and get ready for the party! This should be a blast!

4th Annual Fannie Awards Ballot (Copy, paste, fill-in, then email or PM to me)

Best Writer -
Best New Writer (started in 2008) -
Best Story Overall –
Best Series Overall -
Best One-shot Overall -
Best Novel-sized Story Overall (100,000 words or more) -
Best Comedy –
Best Romance -
Best Action/Adventure -
Best Drama -
Best Crossover/Fusion -
Best K/R Story -
Best Kigo Story -
Best Alternative Pairing Story (Ron/Bon, Kim/Drakken, Shego/Barkin etc.) -
Best Original Character –
Best Minor Character (From show, but expanded upon. ie. Yori, Tara, etc.) -
Best AU Story –
Best Original Character Name (Following the KP naming scheme) –
Best Villain –
Best Songfic -
Best Young Author (eligible to authors 19 years of age and younger as of December 31, 2008)-
Best Short Story (multi-chapter short stories with a maximum of 15,000 words) -
Best Writing Team (stories posted in current year, eligible to those in which 2 or more writers collaborate on the WRITING of a story. Betas not eligible) -