Triaxx glanced over at his co-host, who was rubbing his hands eagerly together. "Well, you got your song again, and now we're at an award that you are up for. Feeling confident?"

Jason nodded eagerly. "You bet. I didn't take the last two I thought I had a shot at, but I'm feeling pretty good about this one."

Triaxx just shook his head, as it looked like Jason was about to start cackling at any moment. "Well, let's not keep you in suspense any longer. Please welcome back to the stage, Captain Kodak!"

The Captain rose from his seat, moving a little gingerly after receiving that last award but with confidence.

"Greetings, tonight I am to present the award for the best novel sized story. A novel sized story has to have over 100,000 words. Few stories ever reach this level. It takes a lot of work and dedication to put something like this together. Tonight we have some excellent stories that have been nominated."


A Friend in Darkness – Slyrr

Kim sat curled up on the couch in Ron's treehouse. Her face felt stiff in places from where tears had dried on her skin, but other parts of her face felt slick and hot as fresh tears streamed down. She'd lost track of how long she had been there, and didn't even notice when Rufus scampered up, having followed her from the house. He didn't disturb her, he simply stood on the nearby box that served as a side table, staring at her with a sad expression. Thought and memory swirled in her mind as she continued crying.

'Do you know what I really hate?' Kim said, staring into Shego's eyes.

'That your date melted?' Shego answered, a wicked smile on her face.

'No - you.' Kim said. There was a kick, a flash of blue light and Kim watched as Shego flew back dozens of yards into the tower that Drakken had been using to control the Diablos. Kim felt a dark satisfaction as the tower collapsed, standing and staring at the burning wreckage while rain cascaded around her and lightning flared. All the turmoil and trouble that Drakken and Shego had caused - she had enjoyed making them pay for hurting her, and Ron, and everyone else.

But she had felt ashamed later. Shego could have been killed. Luckily, she was as tough as she was snarky, and had come out with only minor injuries.

And Grimm was lying on the grass in her lawn. The same feeling of satisfaction was pounding through her as she struck him again and again. Each blow she landed felt like payment and justice for everything he'd done. The feel of her fists vibrating as they connected with his skin and bone was oddly... pleasant.

Until she'd felt her father's hand restraining her, holding her back. The fear in his voice, the look of revulsion in the eyes of her own family. Another gush of tears slid down her cheeks, trailing along the path of others that had streamed down already. She had wanted to hurt Grimm - to injure him, even though he had done little more than speak words to her.

'I didn't even need the Attitudinator for you.'

She had never been hit with the Attitudinator. She had no idea what she would be like if it happened, and shuddered to think of it. Ron had become a dangerous monster. What would she become? If she was capable of attacking Shego as she did in the Diablo sitch, and if she was capable of beating an enemy who wasn't even defending himself...

Anything's possible for a Possible.

It always sounded so positive when her father said it. It was a confidence booster. It was a proud declaration that no matter what a Possible was up against, they would pull through. No matter what obstacle was set in a Possible's way, they could overcome it. She could do anything.

She had wanted to hurt someone....


BE,S 9: Reality Happens – cpneb

When he came back from Montana, Ron had gone to a florist and placed a very unusual order, according to the look on the florist's face: two individually–potted small Saguaro cacti, one he would take with him and the other to be delivered to Ms. Kimberly Ann Possible. Hers had the note with it:

'So you don't forget me: This will live as long as my love for you, KP…Ron.'

He'd come downstairs to the incessant doorbell ringing and he'd opened the door to a flying fireball, attaching her lips to his in front of his parents, much to his dad's delight.

She liked the cactus.


Justine opened her eyes to the dark.

She reached up, and she felt the ceiling above her.

That was not a good thing: the ceiling should be another 12 feet above her.

She ran her down her own internal check-sheet: everything felt okay, nothing felt broken.

The straps still were taut, and she reached up and popped the release. The four-way clamps released and retracted into their holders. She touched an arm-rest control, and lights came on:

The room was considerably smaller than it had begun: 12 feet shorter, to be precise. She had 'guests' as well: four large 'things' were now sticking through the roof and into the floor on the other side of the room from her:

'Right where I was standing,' she thought, and the thought made her smile: Thank you, Wade,' she whispered in her mind.

She turned her chair, and she was surprised to see that the collapsed roof wasn't everywhere: five feet in front of her, the roof was at full height, and the door appeared to be intact.

She stood carefully, staying bent over so she wouldn't bump her head, and she tried to take a step, then two.

'Well, I can still walk, so that's a good thing,' she giggled inside.



She recognized that voice, and suddenly some mischievous part of herself that she could not control took over as the banging started again and the voice repeated her name.

"Just a minute: I need to get dressed," she called out sweetly in the tone of voice that she used to drive Big Mike crazy and that had on more then occasion had her explaining to her mother what the marks on her neck were. She quickly walked the remaining few feet to the door and opened the door, using her best sultry voice as a greeting:

"Well, hello there, big boy: you come her often?" she grinned, and Steve slammed into her with a huge hug.

"Steve, I can't breathe," she managed to get out, and he let her go and looked into her face.

Justine was surprised to see tears in his eyes.

"When I heard the crash and saw the pods land on top of you, I thought I'd lost you," Steve whispered, and he hugged her again, just as tight as he did the first time.

"Steve, I'm fine, but the MiCo-1 is a bit worse for wear, I'm afraid," Justine said when he finally released her.

"I'm fine…really, I am," Justine Leann Flanner said in her normal calm voice, then broke down and sobbed into Steve's chest for all she was worth as the realization of what had happened hit her.


C. P. couldn't sleep, and it had nothing to do with the four plates of jambalaya and gallon or so of sweet tea that he had consumed over the past evening.

It wasn't even the fact that he has been contemplating the possibility that Esther Andrea Possible and Dr. Elizabeth Director were related, after that one encounter with Esther. After working with Betty for all these years, the idea, even remote, that she and Kim could be related had never crossed his mind, and it scared him to the core of his very being.

No, it was the fact that he knew that he wasn't getting out, now. The fact that his term would be extended, one more time…and he didn't mind it at all.

That was the part that truly frightened him: being willing to stay.

'Was it working with Kim and Sarah, Joss and Lindsey that's making me want to stay in?' he mused silently as he downed the last of his second gallon of sweet tea. 'Do I miss my Sarah that much?' But, he already knew the answer to that question….

"I need some fresh air," he announced, and he stood and walked out of the Global Justice lake house on Middleton Lake onto the front porch, facing eastward, and looked into the sky, searching for answers.

A shooting star crossed from right to left, seemingly rising in the sky.

'Well, that's different,' he thought, realizing that the aliens were gone as were many satellites.

A pair of shooting stars followed the first.

'That's definitely different,' he thought, and then the eastern sky was filled with stars from the south, traveling north.

He stood and watched, and some of the stars actually seemed to dance and play with each other, before the lead star shot straight up into the sky, followed by the pair, and then followed by the mass of stars.

He drew himself up, stood at attention, and saluted the stars.

"God speed, all of you," he whispered, and the last star disappeared into the blackness of the sky.


"Master Lunch Lady, this is Ned-san: he is a friend of both Ron-san and Kim-sama, and he is my intended," Yori smiled, and Master Lunch Lady bowed to Ned.

"He brings us equipment for the kitchen," Yori said simply, and Master Lunch Lady uncharacteristically smiled and extended a plate with four sushi rolls.

Ned held up a pair of chopsticks and wiggled his eyebrows.

The sight was a surprise for Master Lunch Lady, and she blinked. When her eyes opened, the plate was empty, Cathryn was finishing chewing what Ned had given to her, and Ned was feeding the last roll to Yori with his chopsticks as he swallowed both of his.

He smiled, and she bowed in respect

"I am Nooni," she replied with a grin in a surprising New England accent flavored with a Georgian drawl, and she wriggled her eyebrows in the same manner as Ned and winked at him.

Cathryn laughed as Ned dropped his chopsticks.


"Dinner, oh conqueror," one of them laughed as a fourth guard entered, carrying a covered dish and placing it on the table in front of him.

Two of the guards left the room and closed the door, waiting for the expectant sound before leaving:


"I guess he didn't like the indigenous food, after all, did he?" The first guard laughed as they stood guard outside the confinement room.

"Who would like that monstrosity?" the second guard laughed. "The textures are all wrong, and yellow and brown are totally wrong colors for food.

"How do they make it, every day?"

"They found the recipe in the Earth transmissions that Warhok had stored on one of his battle cruisers: why, I have no idea."

"I guess that that the old nytor's tale wasn't true, after all."

"Which one"

"'In space, no one can hear you scream,'" he laughed as Warhok's screams were joined by Warmonga's.

"Dinner is served," the first guard laughed.

"Even the name is wrong: Naco," and the second guard shuddered.


Nights in the Big City – Mr. Wizard

We used Reneca's car that night. Mine's not marked, but you just can't mistake a cop car for anything else. After a quick stop at the parking garage we walked across the street and up to the door.

No one answered when we knocked. Thought we'd be expected. "It's a couple hours until they open. Lucky I have a key."

I pulled out the card and slid it on the door pad. The numbers were easy: Mike's birthday. Before I could step in an arm shot out, grabbed mine, and pulled me in.

The door men were inside. Dead. A guy pulled me up to his face and leered. "Looks like someone sent for a bobble head doll before work starts." A man behind him laughed. Four others on the dance floor stopped and one made a gesture with his hand across his throat.

Like I've said; I've done a lot of decoy duty. I could act. "Please! I didn't see nothin'!"

I heard the click of his switch blade. "Sorry, girl, nothing personal."


Undercover – Michael Howard

Inside the Inn it was warm and dry with the flames in the fireplace softly crackling. Kim took off her rain-speckled glasses and looked about her. The lobby was not particularly large but its decorations were intricate and visually pleasing, so several seconds passed before Kim realized they were being watched. With a whispered, "This way, Ron," she tugged at his sleeve to lead him over to the reception desk. The woman seated behind it was young, probably just a few years older than Kim and Ron. She had long auburn hair, a flawless complexion, and intensely blue eyes.

"Good evening. Can I help you?"

Kim returned her smile. "Good evening. We have reservations for the weekend. The name is... Uh... " The name is something I have been too distracted to ask about. Ron knows of course but he has apparently been rendered speechless by your beauty. She cleared her throat and edged a little closer to Ron. When a gentle nudge failed to stir him, she gave him a not so gentle poke with her elbow.

"Pendarvis! The reservations are in the name Pendarvis."

The woman eyed each of them skeptically, then moved an intimidatingly thick textbook to one side and started typing on a computer keyboard. There was mild surprise in her voice when she stated, "You do have reservations." She considered the monitor a moment longer and then the smile returned to her lips. "I guess this explains the confusion about names. It says here you two are on your honeymoon."

Kim felt herself tense up. Chill out already, she told herself. This has nothing to do with the weird visions you've been having. Ron doesn't know about those. Nobody does.

A sheet of paper was placed on the countertop. "If I can just get you to sign here, Mr. Pendarvis."

"Right. Uh, KP, my arm." Only then did Kim realize she was gripping Ron's arm. Tightly. She let go hastily and watched him step forward.

"And there too, please. Thank you." The woman checked over the form and then looked back at Ron. "Have you been here before, Mr. Pendarvis?"

"No," he said, then cleared his throat and repeated the answer in a less squeaky tone.

"But there is something... familiar about you. Do you go to Yale?"

That idea caused the two teens to exchange amused looks.

"Never been there either," said Ron. He handed the pen back to the woman and was given two sets of keys.

"You are going to be in Room 4. That's up those stairs, second door on the left. Should I call someone to help with your bags?"

"We'll manage," replied Kim.

"All right, my name is Rory. If there is anything we can do for you, don't hesitate to call."

At the top of the stairs Ron mumbled, "And I used to think Penny Stanchuk had the most beautilicious eyes... "

Kim gave him a sour look and snatched one of the keys out of his hand. "We're over here."

They entered Room 4 and flicked on the overhead light. Kim set her bags down in the corner and directed Ron to do the same. Then they sank into the two upholstered chairs along the wall closest to the bathroom. Kim considered the tasteful furnishings at length, her eyes giving a careful appraisal to everything except the single large bed in the center of the room.


Valentine's Surprise – Zaratan

"Get back here so I can beat you up properly!"

Drakken risked a glance back, his eyes filled with terror as the brown-haired demon continued to chase after him through the halls of his lair. "Can't we talk this over? I can make peanut butter stickies and cocoa moo."


Drakken yelped as a large breakable object of unknown origin crashed against the wall over his head, shattering. The tinkling of glass hitting the floor spurred him on.

He had been running blind for the first couple of minutes, just hoping to keep ahead of the vicious monster chasing him, but now Drakken took a moment to orient himself. He recognized the corridor he was in. With a flash of insight, Drakken bolted down a hallway to the left. He knew he'd never be able to lose her, she was steadily gaining on him, but if he could just get to his destination, he knew he could turn the tables on her.

Barely ten feet ahead of her, Drakken reached his goal. Throwing himself through the door, he reached blindly onto the shelf and smiled at the raygun shaped device in his hand. He raised it up, in preparation for her.

His courage almost faltered when she rounded the corner, her eyes harsh and unforgiving. Still, he held his gun aloft, fighting hard to maintain the smile. "Ah ha, you have walked right into my trap."

Bonnie gaze flickered from Drakken to the weapon and back again. "Trap? You've been screaming like a little girl for five minutes now."

Drakken grumbled briefly before laughing. "Ahh, but it was all part of my cunning plot. See, now I have you right where I want you, and you'll never escape my wrath." Drakken's laugh echoed out into the corridor.

Bonnie cast another glance at the raygun in his hand then smiled. "You think so."

Drakken's laughter faltered, surprised at the smug look on her face. "Why aren't you cowering before me? I have the weapon, you should be cowering."

Bonnie's smile broadened as she stood in front of him, hands on her hips. "It might have something to do with that sign behind you."

Drakken didn't want to really, but he just had to know. When he saw the sign, his expression fell, and all courage fled him.

'Please remove all battery packs from weapons to keep their charge. Failure to do so means dealing with Shego.'

Drakken lowered his gaze, hoping to find one of the battery packs in front of him, but that was not to be. They must have been on the other side of the room from him, the side of the room where the brown-haired demon…

When he heard the snap of a battery pack into a weapon, he turned. Bonnie had just finished sliding the battery into the weapon she now held and he could hear it charging. His own weapon fell lifelessly from his fingers as a cruel smile came to the cheerleader's face. He was frozen as she slowly raised the weapon, pointing it at him.

"Oh snap."


"All were very fine stories and deserved to be nominated. So tonight the winner is... Undercover by Michael Howard!"

The applause was loud as Michael Howard took to the stage, waving to the crowd.

"Ladies and Gentlemen. My one and only Kim Possible fan fiction is more than two hundred thousand words long, so I feel it is especially important that this speech be as brief as I can make it. My profound thanks go out to every person who voted for me in this contest. I feel truly honored to have won this award, but to me it is the frosting on the cake because so many people on this website have already been so incredibly generous in their praise of my work."

Triaxx was smiling as Michael Howard returned to his seat. "You know, other than the Captain's groin, it's been a quiet couple of awards in a row."

Jason looked to be sulking somewhat, arms crossed sharply in front of him. "You're just happy that you haven't been killed yet."

Triaxx rolled his eyes at his co-host. "Oh come on, you can't be that upset you didn't win. Do you see me complaining for not even being nominated? Besides, you're still up for Best Writer, aren't you?"

Jason grumbled a moment before finally relenting. "Fine, fine, I guess so. Now who is our next performer?"

"Let's welcome Pete Yorn with Undercover!"

Say the talk, and I won't mind
The days are caused, you know I never try
And I love you like the one I used to know
And if you never had the time
To last an ordinary problem
And I said I'd like to have a place to go

And you live, and you try
I could never find another
If you walk me to the car park, I won't go

To I live this all time
Flashing for that sees be saw you
I could love you like a sister,
But never had
Drawing circles in your concrete
I will know your every move
And I'll send ya, i'll send ya

And you live, and you try
I could never find another
If you walk me to the car park, I won't go
And we live, and we try
Live was hard on us between us
I will love you, I won't let go

We are one inside these walls, undercover
We are one inside these walls, undercover
We are one inside these walls, undercover

We are one in
We are one in
We are one

And you live, and you try
I could never find another
If you walk me to the car park, I won't go
And we live, and we try
Live was hard on us between us
I will love you, I won't let go

We are one
We are one
We are one
We are one