Jason and Triaxx returned to the podium, with Jason still glaring somewhat. "Any more smart comments for me?"

Triaxx just shrugged. "Don't know. If the opportunity presents itself..."

Jason growled, but when Triaxx didn't react, he turned back to the microphone. "And, now," Jason 'Zaratan' Jones announced, "presenting the award for Best New Writer, Season 2's co-winner of the Best New Writer Award, winner of last year's Best Romance and Most Voted Writer awards and, once again, the year's nominee hog," Jason laughed, "and, a nominee herself for this year's Best New Writer award, cpneb and Absentialuci!"

The crowd begins its applause as the back curtain begins to part...and part... for out riding twin Tornadoes come cpneb and Absentialuci.

Words and laughter are passing between the two presenters as the Tornados kneel at the front of the stage. 'neb, more prudent, touches a button on Tornado's neck and extends a step to use in his dismount. He then walks over to Absentialuci's mount, presses the same button, offers his hand to her, and the two presenters and the twin Tornados (now back on all fours) all step to the microphones.

"'neb, next time: warn me if I'm going to be carrying two: my back still aches from last year," came from the Tornado he was riding.

"Hey! I've lost weight: you must be getting soft in your old age," 'neb shoots back.

"You should have had Absentialuci, T7," the second Tornado added. "She's light as a feather, and way prettier then 'neb," and Absentialuci grinned and gently stroked the horse's mane.

"Extra charge for you when we get back," she whispered to him, and he whinnied his approval.

"Luci, you look ravishing tonight…it seems my date are getting more beautiful every year, though I cannot understand how," 'neb grinned, and Luci laughed. "I'm not certain if my heart will be able to take it next year," he continued.

"Well, you at least got one of legal age, for a change," Luci dead-panned, and the audience laughed. "But, you just had to go one step further, didn't you?" She rubbed her stomach, and Joss, kt, Shego, Sarah, and Kathrine Load all lost it with roars of laughter as 'neb sputtered.

The audience died down after almost a minute, and Luci was laughing as 'neb turned back to a normal shade from purple with embarrassment.

"Once again, I'm overshadowed with beauty on stage," 'neb tried to get a comment in.

"Thank you," came from both Tornados, and the audience laughed, once again.

"Well at least 'neb has graduated from 'jail bait' to 'military issue,'" came from Shego in the audience, and Dr. Drakken ducked underneath the chair.

"You're just jellin', Shego, 'cause all you get is blue food, and you'll never get rich, dark chocolate," Luci purred, and Shego turned greener. "That, and I make this dress look better than you ever could," she added, and Shego flared for a moment. "What's the matter, Shego: jellin' over Debutante?" she dunked, no net, and the audience roared as Rufus tried to look innocent and hide behind his 'Wheels of Cheddar" fortress while the three Rugo writers took out their Blueberries and wrote frantically.

"I'm still waiting to see the dress, Luci," 'neb laughed, and Luci stroked her side, causing blood pressure monitors in hospital rooms tuned into the Awards show to all spike.

"No spoilers 'neb, especially for this old thing?" She smiled, and the Tornado she had entered on let out a snort of derision.

"Excuse me, but even I can recognize a Gucci when I see one," Tornado laughed. "And, I'm not a clothes horse, either," he added. "I do know that I'd never seen a Gucci overshadowed by a wearer before…until now, that is," Tornado added. The audience, or at least the majority of the males out there, agreed with Tornado. The guys, though, still wanted to see what was under the white….

"Anyway, Tornado," 'neb finally managed to get everyone's attention after the applause finally died down, "the change in the voting process reduced the number of finalists for the award to three this year. The nominations for Best New Writer are:


Ron winces as he turns the key. In the early morning stillness, the lock tumblers falling into place might as well be a herd of elephants taking up station. The door swings open of its own accord with a tinny ScrEEE! that makes him flinch again. Gingerly, he steps inside and carefully shuts the door behind him. Its opportunity to get him in trouble seemingly lost, the door sullenly swings closed with nary a sound.

The apartment is quiet. Kim's jacket is hung on the hall coat tree; her shapeless green windbreaker looks like a partially melted gummy bear. Her shoes are neatly paired to the side. Ron slips his sneakers off and slowly unbuttons his jacket. The Gore-Tex hisses menacingly as he takes it off, making him cringe and clench his teeth. Ron hangs there a moment, listening for the clarion call of his girlfriend; when none is forthcoming, he hangs up his jacket and slowly steals his way towards the stairs and the bedroom beyond.

A thin silver of light is lancing out from the partially-opened door and skewering the opposite wall. Oh shit, she's awake. Ron's shoulders slump; it is virtually certain he is in the doghouse now. Glancing down, he flips over his wrist and pulls his sleeve back in one smooth motion, looking at his watch. 4am. Beautiful. Steeling himself with a deep breath, Ron pushes his bedroom door open and has a brain aneurysm.

Kim, in the robin's egg blue bra and panties set he had gotten her for Valentines last year, doesn't look up from where she lays on the bed. Bonnie, spooned in tight against the dozing red-head, prairie-dogs her head up when he walks in and absently brushes a lock of red hair out of her face. Roused, Kim yawns and stretches before looking at him and smiling mischievously. Bonnie swings her legs over the edge of the bed, stands up and slinks toward him, her scarlet boy shorts rocking back and forth in time with the swaying of her hips. Ron tries desperately not to look at the matching bra also bouncing over to him. She traces the fingers of one hand down the center line of his torso; the other slowly undoes the buttons of his dress shirt.

"Mr. Stoppable," she breathes in his ear, "We were wondering when you'd get here. Kim and I were afraid that we'd have to…start…without you." The last of his shirt buttons undone, she spins on her heel and minces over to the rumpled bed, laying herself on her side, one hand supporting her head, as Kim rises up off the bed and comes over to stand before him.

As she stands there, Ron can do little except drink in the lines, contours and curves of her body. The toned, flat stomach. The firm, long legs. The round, tight butt. Hair the color of a spun autumnal sunset. The brilliant emerald green of her eyes, now peeking out at him through a negligee of eyelashes. Every part of him aches for her.

She reaches up and slowly starts pulling his shirt off his body, throwing it carelessly aside as it comes free. She leans into him and kisses him hard. He doesn't fight it; he can't, his mind still reeling with the reality presented before him. Her hands dip to his belt and slowly start to unbuckle it, teasingly brushing his groin as she does so.

"I was worried, Mr. Stoppable, that you forgot about our anniversary. Five years tonight, you know." The belt slips to the floor. She deftly undoes the button on his khakis. They join the belt and shirt on the ground. Hitching one hand into the waistband of his boxers, she leads him obediently over to the bed, where Bonnie wriggles aside to make room.

She shoves him down onto the bed and leaps on top, straddling him, one hand pinning his arms above his head. Bonnie presses her body into his side, beginning to nibble on his ear, her hot breath on his neck. The blood is roaring in his ears as his body picks up the cues, taking over for a mind which is now on autopilot. Kim begins to slowly rub herself against him, enjoying the look of absolute rapture now painting Ron's face. Bonnie slides her hand over his chest, leaning in and biting at his ni—

"RON! Did you fall asleep?!" His eyes snap open to see her glaring daggers at him, green eyes flashing.

"No, no way, KP! I was just, uh, checking to make sure my eyelids don't have any holes. Good news, they don't."

She crosses her arms and turns away, huffing. "Well, you missed my award ceremony on the news. Maybe mom and dad TiVo'd it. I hope your nap was worth it."

"It so was, KP, it so was."

Michael Howard

The second floor of the Whateley House was a large open space probably fifty feet square with an unusually high ceiling, but it still appeared cluttered by the multitude of items on display. There were statues and sculptures, paintings and tapestries, suits of armor, antique weapons, and a number of stuffed or mounted animals. They apparently represented fictional creatures because Kim didn't recognize very many of them.

"Wow, Giddy. All of this must have cost you a fortune. Oh, wait, I forgot. You're not so big on the whole paying for stuff thing, are you?"

Ron isn't usually this aggressive about baiting the bad guys, and I'm not sure Whateley is the one to start with. Every instinct I have tells me he is a very dangerous man. "So Mr. Whateley, isn't it sort of risky letting us get a close look at your... collection like this?"

He turned slowly in Kim's direction. "Not for me."

"Meaning we won't live long enough to tell anyone else about it?"

"There were omens foretelling that event," he rumbled.

"I remember. Well, you strike me as a get-right-down-to-business sort of guy. What's holding up our demise?"

"You will be providing me with some information first."

"Or else what? You're going to kill us? You already told us that's a sure thing."

"Hey Giddy, that's like your second fox paz of the night. I think it's time to sign up for Villain 101 again. Maybe there's a discount for seniors-" Ron fell silent because he noticed there was something different about his best friend. "KP, you're... shiny."

She held her hands up and saw they were giving off a faint reddish glow. Looking downward she saw her legs and torso were doing the same.

"It's all over," Ron told her. "Does it hurt?"

"No. I don't feel it at all." She looked over at Whateley again. "Your doing I suppose. So if I don't talk then I'm going to go through life with an aura. Well, Mr. W, as threats go, that's not exactly a-"

"What is your name?" demanded Whateley.

"Kimberly Anne Possible." Why did I just tell him that?

"What is your ancestry?"

"I... my... " Don't answer that, Kim. The first rule for heroes is to defy the bad guys, not tell them whatever they want to know. But I don't seem to be able to control my words anymore.. "My father is Dr. James Timothy Possible. My... my mother is Dr. Anne Cedrella Possible."

"Her maiden name?"

Kim pressed her fists tightly against her thighs as she struggled to resist the force of his will. "I... am... not... not... " She fell to one knee, then the other. "R-Ron... "


The Stoppable siblings continued their march through the dark vegetation; their ears and eyes on constant alert for anything out of the ordinary. "Hey, Bro," Han whispered. "How much do you think we can sell the pic for when we get it?"

"If we get it," Ron reminded her. He still wasn't so sure there was a vampire chipmunk. Shows you how much I've grown up, he thought. Six years ago I'd have been as big on finding this thing as Han is. Or scared to death and running for my life. I guess Kim's rubbed off on me. Of course, I still have to be true to my essential Ronness.

"Well, this is where they said they heard the noise," Hana said. "And no chipmunk. Man that tanks. I wanted to see a real monster."

"We'll watch a good scary movie when we get back to my place, okay?"

"It's not the same," Hana whined.

Suddenly, something leapt from the shadows and landed on Ron's shoulder. "Aaaaahhhhhhhh!" he screamed. "Get it off get it off get it off! Vampire chipmunk!"

Hana jumped up and snatched the offending critter from her panicked brother's shoulder. "Aw man," she groused. "It's just a squirrel."

"Heh heh. Squirrel. Yeah I knew that."

"Oh boy," Rufus muttered under his breath.

Han set the little grey rodent down on the forest floor when they heard a loud, high pitched squeal. "We got it!" Hana exclaimed, and she grabbed Ron's hand, dragging him deeper into the dense foliage.

"Okay, Han, I think that's enough," Ron said, finally extracting himself from his little sister's grasp. "We're like, really far away from the rest of the Scouts. We don't want to get lost now."

"I have one of Wade's GPS watches," Hana said, showing off her stylish timepiece. "We could get back to the others with our eyes closed."

"Yeah, let's not try that, 'kay?" Ron looked around at his surroundings, barely illuminated by his electric lantern. "This place would probably be creepy in broad daylight," he shivered.

The siblings heard another high pitched squeal and stopped dead in there tracks. It sounded like it came from right behind them. "Ron," Hana said. She hardly ever used her brother's given name.

"Yeah, Han?"

"Was that Rufus's stomach growling?"

"No, that's a lot louder and a lot deeper."

"That's what I was afraid of."

Slowly the two Stoppables turned around, almost terrified of what they might see. When they opened their eyes they saw nothing. And a whole lot of it.

'neb handed the envelope to Luci, who opened it deftly, blew it open, and pulled out the paper, handing it to 'neb with a grin.

"You get to do the honors, 'Daddy,'" she smiled.

"They are not my babies, Luci," he replied.

"I know, but you have been just sooo much fun to mess with," she grinned, and 'neb groaned.

"And, the award for Best New Writer goes to... Michael Howard!""My one and only Kim Possible fan fiction is more than two hundred thousand words long, so I feel it is especially important that this speech be as brief as I can make it. My profound thanks go out to every person who voted for me in this contest. I feel truly honored to have won this award, but to me it is the frosting on the cake because so many people on this website have already been so incredibly generous in their praise of my work."

"Thank you!"

Jason finished clapping as Michael Howard returned to his seat. "You know, the voting on this one was incredibly close. Only two votes separated first and third in the final voting."

Triaxx nodded at that. "Seems to be the year for close votes, considering all the ties."

Well, we only have two more awards this evening, so let's bring out our next performer, please welcome Carol King with Where You Lead."

Loving you the way I do
i only wanna be with you
And I would go to the ends of the earth
oh, darling, to me that's what you're worth

Where you lead, I will follow
Anywhere that you tell me to
If you need, you need me to be with you
I will follow where you lead

If you're out on the road
Feeling lonely, and so cold
All you have to do is call my name
And I'll be there on the next train

Where you lead, I will follow
Anywhere that you tell me to
If you need, you need me to be with you
I will follow where you lead

I always wanted a real home with flowers on the window sill
But if you want to live in New York City, honey, you know I will (yes i will, yes i will)

I never thought I could get satisfaction from just one man
But if anyone can keep me happy, you're the one who can

And where you lead, I will follow
Anywhere that you tell me to
If you need, you need me to be with you
I will follow where you lead (repeat)

I'm gonna follow were you lead (I'm gonna follow were you lead) I'm gonna follow were you lead (I'm gonna follow were you lead ) I'm gonna follow were you lead (I'm gonna follow were you lead )