Epilogue 1...

The diminutive figure paced back and forth in his cage, his agitation clear. "We were so close Pinky, so close. And how that human ever tasted the formula, I'll never know."

The other figure ran contentedly in his wheel, laughing all the while. "Well I had a splendid time Brain. I got to present one of those awards and I got a kiss too. Can we present an award next year too Brain? Can we Brain, can we?"

"No Pinky, we cannot." Brain stopped his pacing, looking at the planning board in front of him. "We will be busy that night."

"Really?" Pinky stopped his running, but forgot the wheel was still turning and ended up going around the wheel a few times before shooting free and crashing to the floor. Looking up while lying on his back, he looked over at Brain. "We already have plans for next year?"

Brain muttered as he toyed with a few things. "If we don't, I'll make sure we do." Slamming his miniature particle accelerator down on the table, he turned back to his erstwhile partner "No Pinky, you should get some rest for tomorrow night."

"Why Brain, what are we going to do tomorrow night?"

"The same thing we do every night Pinky. Try to take over the..."

"Hmm hmm hmm?"

Brain froze at the quiet humming coming from behind him and realized that he had completely forgotten their 'guest'. Rufus stood behind him, leaning against the bars of the cage and tapping his foot. He waved one digit on his paw back and forth, smiling. "Nuh uh."

Brain composed himself, coughing self consciously. "As I was saying... the same thing we do every night Pinky. Try and... umm... save the world."

They're Pinky, they're Pinky and the Brain Brain Brain Brain Brain... and Rufus!

Epilogue 2...

They sat alone in police holding cell, an old television set flickering in front of them and showing the wrap up at the Fannie Awards.

"Well," The Real Sidekick said as he leaned back and stretched, "Alls well that ends well."

"Words can't describe how much I truly loathe you at this moment," Zita said angrily before adding, "This is all your fault."

"I don't see how this is all my fault," he countered, "You had it marked on your calendar just like me."

Zita Flores, her arm in a cast and a several stitches above her right eye glowered at The Real Sidekick, "We were supposed to show up, read the nomination and leave. That was it," she took a deep breath and fought the urge to strangle him, "Instead you do a crazy Blues Brothers-esque chase across town, wind up literally crashing the party and then," her voice was rising, "you get us both arrested."

The Real Sidekick tapped his leg brace experimentally and winced as the pain radiated forth, "I don't seem to recall you wrecking your car tonight."

Zita acted as if she hadn't heard him, "And to top it off, I didn't get a chance to save my game so my Fire Elf is now goblin meat...thanks to you."

Sidekick smiled, "Thanks to me...wait what?! You could've saved at any time."

Zita swung wildly at him and missed. She tried again but missed again so instead she just sat quietly off to the side and thought up all the ways that she would kill him when she was free from her cast.

"There is no way that I'm going with you next year," she said icily.

The Real Sidekick smiled and cracked his neck experimentally before letting out a loud sigh and closing his eyes, "Sure thing Zita," he chuckled mischievously, "Sure thing."

Zita shook her head, "I'm serious."

He nodded back, "I know you are, but then again...I have a story coming up where you play a crucial role in saving the day."

The cell block was silent.

"How crucial?" was her reply.

He knew he had her, "Very crucial."

"I hate you," she said.

The Real Sidekick laughed as an officer came in and shut off the T.V., "I know Zita."

Zita was silent as she sat back and thought of an excuse to tell her parents why they needed to come and bail her out but her thoughts were interrupted by- "Zita?"

"What?!" she asked in exasperation.

"Happy Fourth Annual Fannies," The Real Sidekick said.

"Happy Fourth Annual Fannies," she said back.

Epilogue 3...

Mace walked on the stage, looking around at the empty room. The staff would be back in the morning to clean up, so the entire building was his to roam. He made his way up to the podium, staring out over the abandoned tables. "It's just not fair. I never got my vengeance. Jason never paid for what he did to me." He glanced behind and above him, looking to where his cleverly concealed traps had lain. "Everything I did, and he didn't even get a scratch on him. It's not fair." Pulling the remote out of his pocket, he slammed it to the stage. "It's just not fai..."


Mace struggled as he shifted the rubble of the now completely totaled building off of him. He was missing clumps of hair as he pulled himself free, and covered from head to toe in soot and ash. Coughing, he crawled out from where he'd been partially buried, and flopped onto his stomach. Wincing, he slowly opened his eyes and saw the remote right in front of him, only this time, it was showing the back of the device. As he read over what was written, he groaned and smacked his head repeatedly against the ground.

'Acme suicide bomber control. Only functional within the blast radius.'

Presenter's Final Note – Well folks, it has been a very long and very strenuous trip for me to get this out. My health, both mental and physical, have been crap lately. In fact, I just got out of the hospital in time to go home for the holidays to visit family.

As such, I have no idea how my health will carry on in the new year. Therefore, I regret to say that I will NOT be continuing any further Fannie Awards.

However, if someone else would like to write up the presentation, I will assist with the vote tabulation. The person or persons, if they wish to take this over, would have to do write ups for the awards, coordinate presentations and speeches, and get everything ready for posting. I will provide what assistance I can, but considering it took me almost a year to get this completely out to everyone, it is evident that I cannot continue this.

If you are interested, please let me know. It is a sizable time consideration, so please, only serious inquiries.

I would like to thank everybody though for all the support on this over the years. It has been an amazing journey, and it couldn't have happened without each and every person in the Kimmunity who gave their support, encouragement, or just simply their votes. An extra special thank you to Commander Argus, who helped me put this whole thing together in the first place. This wouldn't have been possible without his initial support. My thoughts are with you my friend.

For now, I'm going to focus on my long neglected stories. So good night everyone, and here's to a new year of great possibilities.


Best Original Character Name - Leigh Gality - Friend in Darkness – Slyrr

Best Original Character - Professor Moriarty - The Power of Ron - Whitem

Rhonda Fatigable - All Things Probable Series - Slyrr

Best Minor Character - Joss Possible - JadeKimVerse – cpneb

Best Villain - Professor Moriarty - The Power of Ron - Whitem

Best Songfic - Bonnie, Your're a fine girl - Star_Eva01

Best AU Story - 1919 – MrDrP

Best Crossover/Fusion - The Iron Man Project – Noobfish

Best Alternative Pairing Story - Drakken/Potato - Potato Madness - Neo the Saiyan Angel

Best Kigo Story - Lust Potion Number 9 - Whitem

Best K/R Story - 8 Nights: Help Us - Ran Hakubi

Best Comedy - KR vs. Kigo - MaceEcam

Law and Disorder - MrDrP

Best Romance - 1919 – MrDrP

Best Action/Adventure - A Friend in Darkness - Slyrr

Best Drama - A Christmas Sitch - JAKT

Best One-shot - A Box of Cuddle Buddies Redux – CaptainKodak1

Mom, Me, and Mary – JAKT

Best Novel-Sized - Undercover – Michael Howard

Best Short Story - 1919 - MrDrP

Best Series - Blue Eyes, Shining - cpneb

Most Voted Writer - Slyrr

Best Writing Team - JAKT

Best Young Author - KT

Best New Writer - Michael Howard

Best Story Overall - A Friend in Darkness – Slyrr

Best Writer - Mr. Wizard