During game one shot in which Raine watches and thinks about others in the group interacting.

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It was unsurprising that, considering how much time the group of heroes spent resting so they'd be able to continue on with their quest the next day, they had made up new ways to entertain themselves. There were only so many times that you could play noughts and crosses for example, and even classic things like telling stories called for variety once in a while or even just a break to allow everyone to come up with new tales.

What did surprise Raine, however, was how creative some of the group could be when thinking up new games to play, even with something as simple as a deck of cards. There were only so many things they could carry with them but the ingenuity of the way some of the friends thought up new roles for items in their packs, even things that weren't originally designed as parts of games, never failed to amaze her.

Tonight's entertainment featured playing cards in one of their more traditional roles, however the game being played with them was one that had been created while they were on the journey, one of many that had been. There were so many card games from both Sylvarant and Tethe'alla and only fifty two cards in the pack and yet, given time and a quiet evening around a campfire or at an inn, the friends were able to invent a list of their own that continued to grow as they travelled.

Right now they were playing one that was getting quite exciting, with occasional whoops of joy or groans of annoyance emitting from the table sitting across the room from where Raine was resting in a large chair by the fireplace. Her book sat closed on her lap as she paused to watch the game.

Zelos, who was doing particularly well, stood up with a shout of joy and began dancing a silly victory dance. Colette giggled and Sheena hit her hand against her forehead.

"Sit down and play the game, jigging around like you're trying to get a bug out from under your shirt when you're winning is not part of the rules," Sheena said.

"Ah, don't be sad because you're losing hunny, I'll let you dance with me if you like," Zelos grinned, putting a hand on Sheena's arm, trying to get her to stand up and join him.

She swatted his hand away, frowning, then her expression changed to one of indignation.

"You're standing up so you can look at our cards aren't you? That's how you're doing so well," the summoner leapt up, not to dance as Zelos had wanted her to, but to punish the redhead for cheating.

Zelos yelped as he tried to run away around the table, Sheena swatting him with her cards. The sight caused Raine to smile and shake her head. Despite the fact that the group had invented so many games there were some forms of entertainment that would always be the most popular.