Originally a one-shot, but I thought it was going to be a little too long.

This is what happens when you trap me, my (mostly) sceptic classmates and some random teachers in my high school on Halloween night. Jack Skeleton pays a little visit.

Nightmare in the Lunch Hall

(Chap 1: Trapped) (My POV)

"What you reading Crystal?" Asked Shafida. Shafida was one of my best friends in my class. Although I was friends with most of the girls, her and Toni where the only ones that I never actually fell out with, or saw outside school (although however rare that may be). Shafida (or Feida, pronounced feed-a, as we call her) was a girl about the same height as me, she had dark skin and thick, black hair and dark-brown eyes.

It was Halloween, so, as you can imagine it was already getting dark. "I'm just reading about-" I was cut off when someone took the book from my hand. A boy with a low, cruel voice, sickly-brown, almost-crew-cut hair and stone-gray eyes shouted to the class over the teacher.

"Look everyone. She's reading about Jack Skeleton!" everyone laughed. He read out "It's a family tradition for all Johnsons to hold a special séance to contact Jack Skeleton to give him luck every Halloween. Oh, come on, you don't honestly do this."

"Maybe I do." I said, gearing, but Robby failed to notice.

"What a load of shit." He threw the book at me, but missed, hitting the wall behind me. Luckily my place wasn't lost. Anger flared inside me.

"I know this stuff exists."

"Prove it."

"Oh, I can't prove it. It depends if Jack want's you to believe or not. It's up to him to prove to you he exists himself. And normally, he only shows himself to true believers, it's hard to see something you don't believe in. Sadly the only true believers are my family."

"Have you seen him?" He said, knowing the answer.

"Not yet. But this year is my 14th Halloween. The day that I shall see him for the first time at the séance. Which is why hope you behave for once so I won't be late."

"To late." Yelled the Teacher, Slamming her books on the desk. "Robby, all you have done all lesson is misbehave. As punishment, the entire class will help the teachers taking part in this years musical set up in the Lunch Hall."

Everybody sighed in a huff. "I'm so sick of him. He does this everyday." The other girls on my table huffed and slumped in there chairs.


The stage was set up in the back of the Lunch Hall. Well it wasn't much of a stage. It was really just a backdrop. There was one massive board which would have the biggest scene on it from the movie of the musical we where doing. This year it was Fiddler on the Roof. I, along many other students, where taking a part in the production. I was the ghost of the butchers wife Fruma-Sara Wolf and a chorus girl.

The others where backstage, sorting out the props and outfits and stuff for the show, like straw for the scene in the barn (if I where a rich man), and ghost outfits for my scene in the graveyard (Tevye's Dream). I was helping my art teacher, Mr. Brown, paint the scene on the main board.

"Crystal, could you hand me the white?" He asked down the ladder. I handed him the paint, setting down the black that I had finished using and climbed the ladder opposite him. Mr. Brown was a tall man with longish brown hair, he always ware a brown, leather jacket with some sort of sparrow or something on the back.

"What you going to do now?" I asked.

"Well, I'm going to make the stars n the sky by…" he dipped his brush into the paint. "flicking it… onto the canvas" he flicked the paint the wrong way on porpoise, speckling my face with white paint.

I glared at him, but slowly turned it to an evil grin. I shoved a hand full of black paint into his face. He looked at me, open mouthed, shocked by the fact that he was cover in black paint.

"You…. NEVER do that again." He tried to sound mad, but he couldn't help laughing.


Time had passed and it was time to go home. Everyone had gathered around the door, waiting for Mrs to open it with her ID card. A feeling washed over me, and I knew, somehow I knew, we weren't going anywhere. But something worried me. I had felt similar magic at séances on Halloween, but never this powerful. Was it Jack doing this or was it something much darker?

"You won't be able to get out." I said, bluntly.

"Whatever. Sows how much you know." Robby spat.

"No she's right. The door's not opening. We can't get out." Mrs Henry said, giving the door one last pull before slamming her fist into the metal door.

"The other's won't open ether." Mr. Brown said from the other side of the room.

"Well this is just great." Mr. Long huffed.

"Can't you fix it?" Mr. Brown turned to him.

"I'm a Science Teacher, not a technician." Mr. Long was a rather short man (and… large should I say) with big, blue eyes, and greyish-brown hair and beard.

"This is all that bitches fault." Robby yelled.

"Robby?" Mr. Long asked quietly.

"What?" Robby asked, annoyed.

"SHUT UP!" he yelled in Robby's face. "Or I'll give you a good hiding."

Robby went pail in the face before muttering a "whatever" and walking away.

"Well, It's obvious where not going anywhere." Mrs. Henry sighed.

"What do you mean?" Mr. Robson, who had fallen asleep, spoke up. His lime-green suit stark against the black backdrop in the stage. His hair was a sandy colour and in a sort of buzz cut style.

"Unless you haven't noticed the door won't open." Mrs. Henry snapped, frustrated with the dozy man with monkey ears.

"And all our phones have gone dead, so we can't call anyone." Shafida and Toni wined.

"There's a cupboard full of old blankets and stuff we can use that." Mr. Robson suggested.

"And what will we sleep on? The cold floor?" Mrs. Henry was now glaring daggers at the mans incompetents, regardless of his age or stature as head of the year 11's.

"I've found loads of cotton wool sheets, massive ones, we can sleep on one of them each." Mr. Hurst, my history teacher (and a scary on at that) said, throwing the sheets on the floor. Mr. Hurst always ware a white shirt, red tie and blue jeans.

"At least one of us has a plan." Mrs said, more to Mr. Robson than anyone else, walking to help Mr. Hurst.

This was going to be a long night.

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