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Chapter Five: Wake up!

Ratchet and Red Alert wheeled a motionless Prowl, still in vehicle mode, through the various corridors of Teletran-1. They made their way to the Intel ward; both had their optics set on moving Prowl to a safe location as soon as possible, and more importantly, protecting what ever it was that had been locked in Prowl's storage compartment.

From Red Alert's analysis, they had confirmed that something was in Prowl's chest compartment that had caused his lockdown sequence to activate, and no amount of override sequences would awaken him.

Normally something as simple as stasis lock wouldn't worry Ratchet, but he purposely upgraded Prowl himself. Prowl's mould was now advanced enough even for the scout to subconsciously defend itself from being forced into stasis lock – unless one of two certain situations occurred.

The first one was a physical scan that would activate if Prowl was on the verge of going offline. This was Ratchet's first assumption, but there wasn't a single mark on Prowl that Ratchet was aware of, so that meant the second option was the only culprit left.

He couldn't have actually found it, Ratchet thought to himself as he let his optics run over Prowl's bike mode, looking for any slight damage.

"Could he?"

Brushing off the second option all together, Ratchet stubbornly came to the conclusion Prowl must have been damaged internally in battle, explaining why Ratchet couldn't find any traces of a wound. Still, Prime would no doubt want to be informed of Prowl's condition.

"Red Alert, you wheel Prowl to the scanning room, while I get Optimus. Inform the head of Intel he isn't to run an analysis on Prowl until we get there." Ratchet ordered before he transformed into his vehicle mode.

"Affirmative!" Red Alert responded, also transforming.

Red Alert hooked herself to the cart and dragged Prowl onwards, while Ratchet drove along beside her. At the end of the corridor, Red Alert made a quick right while Ratchet went in the other direction. He had faith in his finest student and trusted Red Alert to keep Prowl safe until Prime saw Prowl for himself.

As Ratchet turned left, his optic sensors could have sworn he saw a flash of yellow running along the corridor after Red Alert just as they separated. However, he shrugged it off as a faulty scanner, knowing full well no Autobot on this ship could move that fast without being seen.

Bumblebee could see Prowl being dragged around the next corner by the two medics as he wheeled out of the large hanger bay. His instincts immediately kicked in and he skated after the two medics, not hearing the sounds of a large green mech calling out after him just as the doors shut behind him.

The yellow mech ran after the two medibots, fast enough to keep up with them but slow enough so they wouldn't notice they were being followed. As they reached the end of the next corridor, the older red mech suddenly ordered something to the red femme; she nodded in agreement before both transformed into their vehicle modes and disappeared in two different directions.

Bumblebee didn't have time to determine where the other medic was going, since he was too preoccupied with following the femme that had Prowl.

"Hey, wait up!" Bumblebee shouted as he bladed after them.

Bumblebee tried calling after the tall femme, but he was too far behind for his voice to reach her audio receptors. The small mech tried one more time to grab her attention, but before he could even open his mouth, she disappeared behind a set of double doors that began to shut behind her.

"Oh no, you don't!" Bumblebee growled as he sped up.

Just as the door was about to close on him, Bumblebee wedged his servo in-between the small gap and forced the doors apart once more. Quickly, he slid inside the next room.

Bumblebee gasped for air, glad he caught the doors before they had a chance to lock him out, but the moment he lifted his head, he nearly fainted from the shock alone.

Below him were different mechs and femmes, both in robot mode and vehicle mode, moving throughout the ship. Several Autobots were moving along different lanes back and forth, to their desired locations. They were a rainbow of different colours, from green to yellow, orange to red, and purple to blue, as well as black, grey and white. Each Autobot was doing something different from the rest; some were talking among their line in a friendly manner, others were working on certain jobs, transporting cargo, completing tasks through virtual screens, giving out orders through their headsets, or just trying to get to their posts.

Bumblebee took an unconscious step back from the mere shock, unable to take everything in at once. There were so many different models, compared to his own standard BUMBL-B mould. Everyone had a different frame, a different weapon, and their own unique vehicle modes.

For several stellar cycles Bumblebee had survived alone on a forgotten planet, still trying to complete a job that didn't matter. His whole existence was to survive and stay sane, so he continued a job that meant nothing to him, built a home, created his own skating ring. He pretended his friends were still alive, just so he wouldn't have to face the harsh reality. Now, he saw that reality with his own optics, a world full of different Autobots existed this whole time, flying through space, living on different worlds this whole time, while he sat back on Cybertron gazing into the sky unable to leave.

His legs finally gave up and collapsed on him, and he sat there, letting all this knowledge sink in. He had been trapped on Cybertron for his entire life, isolated from the rest of his kind, lead to believe he was the only one left out of an entire species, when in fact they were perfectly fine, living their own lives.

"Stellar cycles of time wasted on a rusted rock!" Bumblebee curled his fist and slammed his servos against the steel floor, denting it furiously. Then he fell still, and sat there motionlessly, asking himself the questions he had been too scared to ask stellar cycles ago. "Why is it no matter how pointless it seemed I couldn't stop rebuilding anything that broke? What is it inside of me that made me keep fixing things for no reason? Why is it my memories hold the original blue prints of an entire planet, when I don't even know what it looks like?

"Why? Why were we left there to clean everything up when everyone else was allowed to leave and see, hear and experience things I've only dreamed about? Why were we the ones chosen out of billions, left to go offline rebuilding a civilisation that was abandoned life times ago? Why didn't anyone ever come back for us? Did they even care?"

A few bots saw a small mech sitting on the railing and stared in fascination at the unusual model as he sat their and whimpered to himself. Others saw pointing servos and too looked towards the Autobot none had ever seen until just that moment. The yellow mech was unaware of their gawking optics as he just sat there silently, crying to himself. No one knew why the mech was so upset, but it was as if they could feel his pain and it caused energon to leak down their faces as well.

"I would have gone offline just like the rest of them, left to die on a forgotten planet without knowing what it felt like to float in space or actually see the number of planets. I would have gone offline all alone if Prowl never found me." A small smile graced his face as he once again envisioned the face of that one person that made his spark skip a beat.

"Prowl!" Bumblebee jumped to his feet, suddenly remembering why he was here.

Scanning the streets below, he tried to make out the shape of a red and white medibot carrying a black motorbike, but now that his crying had formed a crowd there were too many Autobots for Bumblebee to make out the one he was looking for.

Cursing to himself, he grabbed hold of the railing and swung himself over the platform. The Autobots gasped as the yellow mech flung himself off the side and immediately stepped back as he fell.

Just before he hit the ground, Bumblebee's wheels folded out once more. Landing clumsily, he caught himself and skated pass the curious Autobots.

"Excuse me, fastest thing on wheels coming through!" Bumblebee smiled as he bid the gawking Autobots goodbye.

"They must have gone this way!" He mumbled to himself as he followed the track that lead deeper into the heart of the ship.

More tracks suddenly appeared from different corridors, merging into a motorway of vehicles moving back and forth. Bumblebee whistled, impressed, as more Autobots joined the tracks. Again, more Autobots were staring at the mysterious yellow mech in confusion, knowing they had never seen a bot with that kind of model before.

He enjoyed the attention and waved to every mech and femme that glanced in his direction.

"Hey folks! How you all doing?" The small mech grinned at the bots started whispering to one another.

Normally, one would have expected Bumblebee to feel nervous and scared in such a new environment, but the truth was he was beyond excited. The movement of mechanical bodies caught his optics, the sounds of voices and tires felt like music to his audio receptors. Bumblebee was having a blast.

The yellow mech was so caught up with everyone around him that he failed to notice the red and white vehicle ahead of him, dragging along a familiar black motorbike.

Everyone suddenly sped up and Bumblebee watched in fascination as all the remaining Autobots decided to switch into vehicle mode and drive faster. Bumblebee watched each transformation with curious optics, scanning each vehicle mode with interest. Some were cars like himself, others were trucks, cranes, vans, but only a few had two wheel modes.

"At least Prowl will stick out like a sore servo." Bumblebee mumbled to himself a he continued skating, trying to find more motorbikes.

A vehicle suddenly came charging down the same lane Bumblebee was in and nearly knocked him aside trying to get through.

"Hey! Watch it buddy, there's a thing called speed laws!" He shouted as the van drove further ahead. It ignored him.

"And Wasp calls me rude." The young mech grumbled, unaware of the next vehicle coming up behind him.

The car was kind enough to beep its horn before driving past Bumblebee, again nearly tripping the young bot over.

"Why's everyone in a hurry?!" Bumblebee shouted to no one as he regained his footing.

"I'll show them real speed." The annoyed mech promised as he switched into vehicle mode and sped up as well, easily outracing the vehicles nearby.

Unfortunately as all the lanes grew tighter together, Bumblebee finally saw why all the Autobots decided to switch into their vehicle modes. Ahead of them was what Bumblebee could only assume was a giant roundabout. Other tracks from different directions all met together at the very centre where the roundabout was placed. All the tracks merged together into several layers of circles, where the Autobots drove around until they separated once again into the lane they excited.


Bumblebee had never seen a road junction like this before and immediately slowed down, hitting the vehicle following behind. The truck blared its horn in annoyance, causing Bumblebee to jump and transform back into robot mode.

The yellow mech wanted nothing more then to turn around and find a safer route around the ship, but before he could stop his wheels the truck had pushed him and Bumblebee sped up again, tripping over and landing inside the roundabout.

Bumblebee skidded over several lanes, before landing right in the centre of the roundabout. Before he had a chance to register where he was or figure out where he wanted to go, another vehicle was turning around the circle and bumped into Bumblebee, forcing him foreword again.

"Watch it tiny!" The vehicle growled before tilting away once his exit was in sight.

Bumblebee tried to follow the vehicle to safety but before he could tilt towards the next lane another vehicle shot by and forced him back into his lane. The young mech tried to get off the junction but all the other vehicles made it difficult for him to move. As others vehicles exit the turns, more seemed to jump in.

"How in the name of Primus do I get out of here?!" Bumblebee asked himself as he continued skating around one big circle within several more circles.

"First off, it helps if you're in vehicle mode; you can move quicker and it makes life a whole lot easier." A new voice offered to his right.

"WOW!" Bumblebee jumped as a white sports car ran along beside him with an unusual Autobot symbol on its hood.

"Take it easy, little guy, and just relax." The stylish sports vehicle said, staying parallel to Bumblebee as other bots turned off when their exits were in sight.

"Easy for you to say." Bumblebee growled as tried to keep up with the vehicles in front of him.

"I take it you're new here." The car guessed. "So where you trying to get to?"

Bumblebee scanned his surroundings, but the truth was he didn't know where he was going. As he looked down each track that came around the next corner Bumblebee still couldn't make out the shape of any black bikes, or which way he came from.

"Well, I guess I want to go…" Bumblebee suddenly caught sight of a red and white medic and he instantly locked on with her.

"That way!" He pointed as they passed the exit.

The white sports car tilted in the direction Bumblebee was pointing and knew how to help.

"Not a problem, just follow me." The mysterious stranger had a smile in his voice as he sped ahead.

Bumblebee took this chance and switched into vehicle mode, jumping lanes so he was directly behind the sports car.

"Now, just turn when I turn." The polite Autobot ordered as he helped Bumblebee jump his way to the outer circle without bumping into the other vehicles. "Now your exit's coming up, so quickly jump into outer lane when I tell you to, then just follow the track you're on."

Bumblebee readied himself as all the Autobots to his right came shooting by, trying to grab the exit just as it came up.

"Now!" Bumblebee took his chance and skidded right into the outer ring.

Following the lines on either side of his wheels, he left the complicated junction and could still make out the image of the medibot up ahead.

Transforming back into robot mode, Bumblebee skated backwards to thank the mysterious bot, but the white mech had already exited the roundabout and was following a different road that lead away from him.

"Stay cool, little yellow!" The car called out before disappearing.

"Thank you!" Bumblebee waved, wishing he got the Autobot's name.

"He had a weird symbol on his hood though." Bumblebee mumbled to himself as he turned around and gained speed, "had the same red symbol as me, only it had wings. I'll have to watch out for him when I find Prowl."

Elsewhere on the ship, Optimus Prime was being led by Ratchet to the Intel bay so they could finally awaken Prowl and solve the mystery behind his strange behaviour.

"Is there something wrong with Prowl, Ratchet?" Optimus asked, easily keeping up with Ratchet's fast pace.

"From first glance alone there's nothing that suggests damage, but I have a feeling Prowl has a virus in his system." Ratchet informed hastily.

"Why's that?" Optimus asked curiously, fully aware Ratchet would never jump to conclusions without strong evidence to back it up.

"Because, Prowl was forced into stasis and without suffering from injury Prowl's emergency protection system should not have kicked in." Ratchet explained, passing through the next set of doors.

"You told me you added another feature to Prowl, stellar cycles ago, so that his stasis lock sequence would only activate if another factor was taken." Optimus said, trying to think back to what Ratchet told him that long ago.

Ratchet tensed and walked faster, knowing Prime would remember their conversation in a nano click. The kid always did have a good memory storage unit.

"Ratchet! You don't think he actually found…"

"No, Prime!" Ratchet interrupted. "You and I both know it doesn't exist, it never did, and the sooner Prowl acknowledges that himself the better."

Prime stayed mute for a few cycles before gathering the courage to ask the enraged Medibot another question.

"If it really is just a glitch in his system, then why did you summon me to the Intel level?"

"Because if that blasted security system is in effect, it won't awaken Prowl until you give the command that activates the override system. Good thing the ship wasn't damaged, otherwise he'd still be stuck in space." Ratchet explained, relaxing once again.

"Right, of course." Prime mumbled, still following the older mech, but at a much slower pace.

"I didn't mean to snap Prime," Ratchet apologized after a moment. "I'm just tired of hearing the same story all over again. I've been filled with hope too many times over the stellar cycles, and each time those hopes and dreams have been crushed by reality. I don't think I can stand it any longer."

Optimus knew all too well how at one point Ratchet believed the Allspark really did exist; it was one of the main reasons he joined Prime's crew. Now that age had finally taken its toll on Ratchet, he would not risk loosing his last bit of faith for a fairy tale, not any more.

Prime's intercom started beeping, causing him to stop in mid step.

"Optimus Prime here." He addressed the caller.

"Prime sir, this is head of Intel." The other mech's voice spoke. "I'm sad to have to inform you this, but I will not be able to accompany you to inspect the scout agent, Prowl."

"Why's that?" Prime asked, glancing at Ratchet, who opened his own income to listen in on the conversation as well.

"I have had several reports of more malfunctioning bots running throughout the ship and causing a riot. I have to assist in tracking down each infected bot through the security monitors before they cause any major damage."

"Understood. I'll handle Prowl and then assist in the search. Once they have been captured, contain them and bring them to Ratchet and his team for a full inspection."

"Lucky me." Ratchet mumbled, hearing all he needed from this conversation.

The medibot took his leave, knowing Prime would have Red Alert bring Prowl to him for repairs once Optimus was finished.

"Sir, I'm afraid that's there's a more urgent reason I called you over the intercom rather then addressing you myself." The head said, almost sounding worried.

"What's wrong?" Prime asked, as he began walking towards the scanning room.

"I can't be too sure on the cause for the bots' malfunctions, but I may have found a lead." The Intel bot explained. "There are traces of organic particles spreading throughout the docking bay."

"Organic?!" Prime repeated in shock. "How far has it spread?" He demanded, gazing up at the air vents in worry.

"Not far," the bot reassured. "It hasn't even spread throughout the hanger bay as of yet and is too small to cause harm, but one must assume the worst."

"Wait! Did you say the hanger bay?" Prime repeated. "Where exactly is the source of the contamination?"

"The particles are too thin to pinpoint an actual source, but I'll try and find a pattern on the monitor and see where it's spreading. In the mean time what shall we do about the hanger?"

Optimus considered his options and while he wasn't sure how dangerous the organic signature was, he had already seen the results of malfunctioned bots and he couldn't risk a virus spreading through out the ship, especially when they didn't have a cure.

"Prime, sir?" the bot interrupted Prime in mid thought, "I asked what you wished to do about the bots still in the hanger."

Prime sighed deeply.

"I'm calling a code red. Put the docking bay under lockdown and cut off all ventilation so the virus doesn't spread any further." He ordered.

"Of course sir, but what about the maintenance crew still inside the dock-"

"Until we figure out the cause, we can't risk anymore bots malfunctioning. I'll make my way to the monitor room as soon as I can. Until then I'm putting you in charge of tracing the source of the organic virus and trapping it. Monitor the hanger for any changes and if the maintenance crew doesn't show any signs of infection in the next mega cycle, then release them. Is that understood?"

"Understood." The bot replied before disconnecting the com-link.

"I better hurry this up." Prime muttered to himself before changing into vehicle mode. "Prowl, what exactly followed you onboard?"

Bulkhead slowly made his way through the hallways, using his optic scanners to trace any and all germ-infested particles Bumblebee had brought onto the ship. The green mech wasn't in a rush to locate Bumblebee, since he could clearly see the yellow mech's wheel tracks and knew where he would be heading.

Suddenly, as he was scrubbing the metal floor clean of dirt and other organic substances he was unfamiliar with, the lights dimmed and all went black.

"What in the name of Primus?" Bulkhead was trapped in the dark, so he placed his claws over the nearest wall and felt his way foreword.

Suddenly the lights returned, only they were now flashing red instead of their natural yellow glow. A siren went off and he instantly froze in fear. The emergency signal was up, meaning something or someone was on the ship.

The ship suddenly shifted and he was thrown against the opposite wall and blood red lights began to flash furiously. Behind him, he then saw, the steel enforced doors began dropping down, every few feet along the corridor, sealing all exits to the hanger bay.

"Oh no! That can't be good." He transformed as quickly as he could and desperately made his way to the other side of the hallway.

The doors shut one after the other and Bulkhead knew if he didn't go faster he would be trapped behind the steels doors, or worse, find himself halfway through one as it was closing and be split in half by the amount of force they were closing at.

The truck rotated his wheels faster and faster, the doors barely grazing the paint on his back as they shut one after the other.

"Come on, almost there!" He encouraged himself, just as he turned right at the corridor, following Bumblebee's organic trails along the floor.

Once again, poor Bulkhead had to increase his speed as high as possible, but he knew he couldn't keep this speed up for much longer. Just as he was about to give up and catch his breath, he saw the exit and filled with hope as it grew closer and closer.

He transformed into robot mode, and the final door just scraped his foot as the green mech launched forward to the other side.

"Whew!" There, Bulkhead collapsed, hanging onto the railing like it was a lifeline.

After taking a moment to catch his breath, he stood and let his processor wander back to his original mission.

"Looks like there's something dangerous on board… either that, or you're not meant to be here, little buddy." Bulkhead guessed, fully aware he'd never seen another mech with Bumblebee's body model.

Scanning the railing, he couldn't make out Bumblebee's wheel tracks anywhere and began to worry. Leaning over the platform, he scanned the ground and was relieved to see that Bumblebee's tracks continued down the vehicle lanes. His little buddy was safe and sound, at least for the moment.

"If the Autotroopers find you, they won't hesitate to melt you down into scrap metal." He gulped, before he threw his wrecking ball to the platform on the opposite side of the hallway.

Jumping off, Bulkhead swung across busy road and landed in the same lane Bumblebee escaped on. Other bots and vehicles almost crashed into him, but managed to jump onto the other lanes before smashing into the other mech's superior size.

Despite the seriousness of the situation, Bulkhead wasn't stopped from kneeling over and scrubbing the invisible organic filth left by Bumblebee's tire tracks. The humble giant ignored the cursing from the other Autobots, who were now stuck in traffic because of his slow and steady pace.

As Bumblebee kept skating he couldn't help but marvel at the smoothness of the sparkling floor and how straight it was in comparison to the dented metal on Cybertron, and that weird substance Bumblebee had discovered stellar cycles ago.

"I should really come up with a name for that stuff. But what to call it?" Bumblebee thought to himself, still keeping up with the medibot and keeping Prowl in sight as he zigzagged from lane to lane.

"Although, it really doesn't have any use, besides clogging up my wheels." Bumblebee mumbled as he shook his foot, trying to removing the dry, brown substance that caked his feet.

"I should give it a horrible name for being so annoying, maybe dirt. No, that's a stupid name. What species would call something dirt?" He continued mumbling to himself, missing his one way conversations.

The red and white medibot turned left onto a one way lane and Bumblebee instantly followed, nearly tripping over another bot just as nearly missed the corner.

He expected the medibot to disappear around the next corner like before, but to his surprise she actually came to a stop and switched back into robot mode.

Hiding behind the corner, he waited for an opportunity to swoop in and steal Prowl, but the medibot kept a firm grip on Prowl's form as she leaned forward to have her optic scanned by the door. She then whispered a password that Bumblebee couldn't make out from the distance he was at. The door suddenly opened and she dragged Prowl inside. The doors shut behind her.

"Slag! Now what?" Bumblebee asked himself as he finally let his feet collapsed and fall to the ground.

If he had still been spying around the corner, he would have seen an Autobot walking towards the door and opening it, before it shut behind the Autobot.

Bumblebee thought he heard something, but the empty corridor proved him wrong, so he continued sitting cross-legged on the floor, focusing on coming up with a new strategy.

"I can't believe I came all this way for nothing!" He growled as he pounded his helmet. "So close and now one door is stopping me from reaching Prowl!"

He collapsed against the wall one more time, sighing in defeat. Then he thought of something.

"Unless." He leaned over and spied at the empty corridor. "I could use my stingers to blast the doors open and take out the medibot before she has a chance to call for help."

It seemed like a good idea; Bumblebee was well trained in using his stingers. But there was one factor he was still worried about.

"What if she actually has combat skills? Then she could take me out before I have a chance overpower her." It seemed unlikely for a medibot to have combat training but Bumblebee wasn't about to rule out the possibility just yet.

"Still, she could be doing who knows what to Prowl in there." He assumed the worse and knew he had to help. "My best bet is to surprise her and knock her unconscious; she won't have time to react that way."

Bumblebee unleashed his stingers and prepared himself to dash forward and tear down the door. Yet, before he had a chance to react the lights suddenly flickered before they went black.

"That's not good," He mumbled to himself; the corridor he was on was still lit up brightly.

The doors suddenly buzzed and Bumblebee watched as out of the darkness was the outline of an Autobot. He could only assume the bot was Red Alert and watched as she glanced back and forth, searching for someone, causing him to freeze.

Apparently pleased with what she saw (or didn't see), she turned away from him and proceeded to walk down the corridor. Seeing the door was preparing to close, he sprinted and ran forward.

The Autobot heard a sound, but as she turned around to see where the sound was coming from, Bumblebee had already dove for the closing door and rolled inside as it shut.

The Autobot searched left and right, before assuming the noise was nothing more then an echo from the traffic of lanes down the hallway. Facing forward again, the Autobot continued walking and disappeared around the corner, just as the lights turned back on.

Bumblebee was blinded by the amount of lights that were suddenly shining down on him. He covered his optics and waited for them to adjust, but when he focused them again, he froze when he saw who was lying down on the berth.

"What the..?" On the other side of the room lay an unconscious Red Alert.

"But I just saw you…" Bumblebee suddenly kept turning back and forth between Red Alert and the closed door, trying to make sense of the situation.

"If that wasn't the medibot, then who else was in here?" He thought to himself as he scanned the room for anyone else who might have been the attacker.

The room was full of machines desks, computers and tables; none held interest for Bumblebee, but they assured him that no one else was in the room. Luckily, all his fears vanished the moments his optics caught the sight of a black and gold trimmed mech lying on another berth. Forgetting about Red Alert, Bumblebee was instantly by Prowl's side, holding his servo.

"Prowl?" Bumblebee whispered quietly, so not to wake him up too quickly.

"Prowl, can you hear me? It's Bumblebee, are you alright?" He continued whispering as he shook Prowl's shoulders.

Prowl didn't move a single gear and the moment Bumblebee stopped shaking him, Prowl collapsed back on the berth. The mech's eyes were still bleak, unlike the matching baby blue light he and Bumblebee once shared.

"Prowl, come on, this is no time to nap. If there was ever a time for you to snap out of it, this is it!" Bumblebee shook harder, so hard it caused Prowl's head to snap back with each movement.

"Prowl!" He shouted louder, more annoyed then hysterical.

Bumblebee released Prowl's servos and just like his previous attempts, Prowl collapsed back on the berth with a clang, still as lifeless as the Autobots back on Cybertron.

"Slag!" Bumblebee cursed as he kicked the nearest chair, watching as it flew across the room and shattered against the opposing wall.

Turning back to his fallen friend, he suddenly felt sick, seeing the wires inserted into Prowl's body. He feared there was something deeply wrong with Prowl and mentally punched kicked himself for not being able to help sooner.

He linked his fingers with Prowl's, letting his other hand follow along the wires, partially with curiosity but mostly out of boredom. He stroked Prowl's palm his thumb as his other hand finished following the tangling wires to the machine humming next to him.

"What this thing for anyway?" Bumblebee asked as his servo moved closer to touching it.

Suddenly the tips of his digits turned blue, and he gasped in shock as a shot of blue electricity escaped and zapped the machine, while his other hand glowed a hot white and blue as it clung to Prowl.

"Code and password accepted, beginning scan." The computer spoke as it too lit to life.

"Code, what code? I don't tell you to do anything! And I'm sure I don't know the password!" Bumblebee shouted as he moved about the room.

A square device lowered form the top of the berth and a blue light fit Prowl's helmet, moving along Prowl's body, scanning him.

Bumblebee was shocked at the machines sudden movement. So absorbed was he that he failed to notice the computer screen's sudden display of information and analysis.

The beam switched off and returned to its original resting place at the head of the berth. The machine stopped humming and turned off all together, leaving the room in pure silence.

"Scan complete, reactivating scouting bot #2475, aka Prowl." The computer said before shutting down as well.

Bumblebee took a cautious step towards Prowl and tried to look for anything out of the ordinary, but his friend was still trapped in stasis lock.

"Well, that was a waste of time." Bumblebee mumbled as he leaned over the berth again. He couldn't help but notice Prowl's visor seemed brighter then before.

"Prowl?" He called, gently tapping the ninja's shoulder.

Prowl's fingers curled in reflex but he still didn't wake up. Bumblebee, however, saw this as a positive sign and instantly attached himself to Prowl's servo again, whispering into his audio receptor.

"Prowl, listen. I'm sorry. I'm sorry I've been nothing but a pain since we've met. I couldn't help you find what you needed, I couldn't wake you up from stasis, I couldn't stop you from being taken and even now I still don't know what to do." He rambled as he linked his fingers with Prowl's once more. "But I know you can hear me and I really need you to wake up so we can get out of here and go home."

His optics lowered at how bitter that word suddenly tasted in his mouth.

"No, not home. I don't have a home. I never felt like I belonged anywhere, not even among my own kind. I always felt as if I was meant for something else, something more. I would always look up at the stars and imagine what would be like to finally leave and go where I was meant to be, wherever I wanted to be." Bumblebee smiled sadly.

"Prowl, I think I was waiting for you."

The first time he laid his optics on Prowl he could only find one word to describe the black mech: unique. Bumblebee had lived among his own kind for so long that he always thought everyone looked the same. Yet, the moment Prowl arrived Bumblebee was drawn in by his tall stature, his unique mods, his interesting personality, and every other detail that made Prowl different from himself.

But now, Bumblebee discovered that he was just another mech among a wave of other Autobots. Each of them was different in their own way, so by everyone else's opinion there was nothing special about Prowl that made him different from anyone else.

But that's not true, Bumblebee thought to himself as he took Prowl's servo into his own.

What made Prowl so different from the others was not what he looked like, but what he was capable of, and things he did. That made him stand apart form the rest of the heard on this ship.

"Prowl, everyone here acts like cogs in a machine, working as one unit. Just like Bees in a hive." Bumblebee let a drop of energon run down his face.

"You're different, Prowl. You rebel against this work force by acting as the solo, loner scout-bot. Visiting different planets and galaxies, doing things I never could or never thought was possible."

"Above all that," he leaned in closer and whispered softly, "You're the first friend I've had in stellar cycles and I'll always love you for saving me from that planet. Thank you for giving me a reason to live."

Still silence.

"Please Prowl, please say something. Everyone I've ever known has left me; please don't be like the others. You're different from everyone I've ever known. I promise I'll do anything, just don't leave me as well." Finally, overwhelmed, he collapsed on Prowl's chest plate and wept silently.

"I don't want to be alone anyone."

A large, delicate hand suddenly rested on top of Bumblebee's and his circuits froze. The hand shifted and rested on Bumblebee's head, running gently along his helmet until it gently stroked his small horns.

"Where am I?" Prowl groaned as he tried to move his joints, but they were still stiff.

"Prowl!" Bumblebee instantly took hold of Prowl's servo and nuzzled it affectionately.

"Bumblebee?" Prowl whispered in confusion. "What are you doing here?"

"Prowl!" Bumblebee said again, ignoring the question altogether, and instead wrapping his arms around Prowl and burying his faceplate in Prowl's shoulder.

Prowl laid there awestruck at Bumblebee's sudden display of affection. Rather then question where he was or how he got here, he returned the gesture by wrapping his arms around the yellow mech's smaller frame, and brought him in for a proper hug.

There were so many things going on through Prowl's processor; first of why was he onboard Teletran-1 to begin with, why was he in what he could only assume was the Intel ward. Why was Bumblebee by his side, and why was it his last memory was of said mech giving him a small plant.

Why is it I feel something horrible has happened? Prowl asked himself as he pulled Bumblebee closer.

In the midst of space, in an empty sector, a lone warship drifted, far from Autobot territory, but near where a battle took place; a Decepticon's victory. The warship flew past the wreckage of destroyed Autobot ships and fallen soldiers, both of the enemy and their own.

On the bridge of the ship sat the leader of all Decepticons, feared by all and worshipped by many.

He went by the name of Megatron.

"My liege, our scanners have confirmed that there are no survivors." His ever faithful second in command confirmed.

"Excellent work, Starscream," Megatron praised as he rose form his throne, "Now this sector belongs to us. Another Autobot colony fallen. Soon we shall overthrow this cursed oppression forced down upon us."

Megatron, while viewed as a tyrant by all Autobots, was praised by the Decepticons as their saviour and hero. Long ago when the Transformers split into two sides, the Autobots had always overpowered the Decepticons and their views on what was wrong and what was right. For stellar cycles they had been tossed aside and forced to give into the Autobot's commands, labeled as fallen warriors who lost the first war.

It was not until Megatron took control as leader did their luck change. The Decepticons were no longer trapped under the will of the Autobot scum. Megatron had trained them well, and with his leadership, he had brought many victories to their name, slowly defeating the Autobots, and finally left to rule a new world.

"Of course, my ever superior leader." Starscream returned as he went back to his post.

At one point Starscream had been one of those devoted servants that looked up to Megatron. He too once saw Megatron as their savior sent to them by Primus in their hour of need, to lead the Decepticons to victory and finally free them from the chains of the Autobot oppression.

It was not until Starscream's stellar cycles of servitude that he finally saw the truth that the others were too blinded to see. Megatron had lost sight of their goal of conquering the Autobots and set his optics solely on locating a lost artifact, known in legend as the Allspark, the source of power on the mythical home planet, Cybertron.

Starscream, like many others, had lost all memory of their time when Cybertron still existed, so he viewed the Allspark as nothing more then a story, a story to inspire hope in Transformers during the Great War. True, Megatron still lead the battles against Ultra Magnus and his followers, but Starscream saw how Megatron was shifting his priorities.

Megatron was losing sight of what was really important and Starscream saw it as fate telling them that Megatron's rein was over and a new leader was needed to finish where he began. Starscream believed he was chosen for that task and was willing to get Megatron out of the picture himself to achieve a new world free of Autobots.

"It's a shame how many of our own soldiers were lost in this one raid." A second lieutenant stepped into the scene, known by the name of Blitzwing.

Blitzwing was famous by both Autobot and Decepticons alike. The solider was powerful and skilled, as well as intelligent, one of the reasons he was Megatron's top commanders. However, the reason why he was so well know what not because of his abilities, it was because of a mutation.

Blitzwing face switched from a calculated blue, to black with a wicked fiery grin and high pitched laugh.

"And we were going to have our next dancing lessons after." The jack-o'-lantern face laughed hysterically.

Blitzwing was not a single Decepticon, but three due to an accident as protoforms. Three sparklings were tested to improve Transformers' capabilities and create the perfect solider. Sadly the combination of these three also lead to three minds inside the same body. The project was a failure and Blitzwing joined the ranks of the Decepticons as his only option.

The crazed warrior was suddenly struck from behind and sent flying across the bridge, missing Megatron and Starscream as he hit the far wall.

"How dare you! Megatron's plan was foolproof! If those weaklings perished, then they had no place among our glorious leader's ranks." A new voice shouted.

The last two members of the Megatron's ranks revealed themselves from the shadows. The one who hit Blitzwing was a monstrous giant designated Lugnut. He was Megatron's most trusted ally and commander, who had the strength to make sure no one questioned their Master. Lugnut, while blinded by loyalty, was by no means dumb. Lugnut could come up with plans of attack and lead armies into battle with a tactical strategy like no other. Megatron valued Lugnut's devotion and used it to his advantage at every step.

The last member was the only femme of the squad, a beautiful yet deadly warrior who went by the name of Blackarachnia. She was the smallest of the team, but by no means helpless, since she had a mutation herself. A Cybertronian with an organic structure; infused in her circuitry was the DNA of an alien spider that allowed her to infect her enemies with poison.

Unlike the rest of the Decepticon warriors, Blackarachnia's history remained a mystery to the ones she worked with. Blackarachnia never talked about her past or how she became what she was, only that she despised Autobots. To others this seemed suspicious, to Megatron it meant nothing. As long as he had followers who would risk anything to extinguish the Autobot scum, then it didn't matter what their background was.

Blitzwing got up from the floor and his face suddenly changed from random black to hot headed red, with a visor hiding his optics. His grin had vanished and in its place was a snarl as he stalked up to Lugnut and punched him, clean in the optic.

Lugnut cringed from the punch but didn't back down; his four other optics flashed with rage as he moved to grab Blitzwing. Starscream was watching from the side lines with his servos crossed and an amused grin, while Megatron seemed to go ridged with an unseen expression on his faceplate.

The two mechs were growing tired of fighting with their fists and moved to activate their arsenal, until a blast hit both of them in the backs and threw them aside to where Blackarachnia was watching with little interest.

"Silence, fools!" Megatron growled as he lowered his cannon, "I will not have senseless violence aboard my ship, especially from my own team!"

"Boys, you might want to hear this." Blackarachnia interrupted from the shadows, pointing a delicate digit at a computer screen.

"What is it now, techno-organic?" Megatron growled a he gave a warning look to Blitzwing and Lugnut.

Blackarachnia went rigid from the insult thrown at her, but controlled herself before addressing her superior with the proper respect she was expected to give.

"We have an incoming call from our double agent." She explained as she listened over the headset. "He says it's classified, for you to hear only, my Lord."

"Classified?" Megatron repeated with slight interest. "All of you leave!"

Blackarachnia stood from her seat and left before Megatron had a chance to throw her out. Lugnut normally didn't need to be told twice by when it came to Megatron's commands, yet he seemed almost ridged for some reason. Still, the giant dragged Blitzwing along before the other personality had a chance to overpower Icy for control.

Starscream was the only one who had yet to leave, but Megatron didn't need to face his second in command to know he was the only one who had yet to follow his orders.

"I was talking to you as well, Starscream. Leave." Megatron ordered with the same calm, yet powerful tone.

Starscream froze at the very thought of Megatron kicking him out of the bridge, but he wouldn't dare question Megatron's orders. At least, not until he had enough leverage.

"Yes, my liege." Starscream hissed with fake loyalty before finally taking a step.

As he exited the bridge, the doors closed and locked behind him, preventing anyone from entering. In the past, Starscream enjoyed taunting Lugnut whenever Megatron's "most faithful servant" was talking with Megatron. Still, Starscream's patience was growing thin and Megatron's senile quest wasn't helping.

"Just you wait, Megatron. Soon my day will come, and I will lead the Decepticons to victory, a task you could never accomplish." Starscream vowed silently. Now was the time to plan the end of Megatron's rein.

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