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"Alice, slow down," I yelled at my best friend as we pushed our way through the busy subway station.

"No! We have to move and be quick! This is what New York's all about!" she said, barely turning her head back to me. I rushed after her up the stairs, tripping a few times along the way, but eventually, I caught up with her. I couldn't believe I was doing this.

Alice and I had been best friends forever. Our parents had grown up together, as well as our grandparents, and our great grandparents. That was what happened in Forks. You stayed there until you died. Alice, being Alice, decided that she would not just sit by quietly and accept her fate and sit in our small, quiet, hometown and rot.

After our high school graduation, she'd told me her plan to move to New York City. It seemed so like her to move to this place, the busiest place on earth, with tons of good places to shop. It wasn't like me. I was quiet and reserved and Alice had been my only friend my entire life, which is why I decided to come with her when she asked me to pick up and move before college. We were both going to start at NYU in the fall, so we moved here early in hopes of getting an apartment and starting our own life in the Big Apple.

We wandered around aimlessly, looking for an apartment, carrying all of the things we'd decided to bring with us. We got on subway after subway, taken cab after cab to get to nowhere. Finally, we got to where Alice was taking us.

"Okay, here it is," she said as we pulled up to a big building that looked pretty nice. We got out of our cab and paid the nice driver, who sounded like he should be in some sort of mafia, by the way. We grabbed our suitcases and bags to go inside.

"Alice, what is this? And what are we doing here?" I was getting fed up with her, honestly. I just wanted to rest after being on planes and subways and taxis all day long. I wanted to sit down and rest my feet for once, enjoy life. But no, I had to be an idiot and let my stupid best friend drag me all the way to the other side of the country because she thought she'd like it there. We reached the inside of the building before Alice answered.

"Bella, we're gonna have to get an apartment, so I looked this place up online. As it turns out, they had an available apartment, big enough for us, so I said we would come and check it out. The pictures online were fabulous, by the way." I stared at her in disbelief.

"What were you thinking? Honestly, what if it's not like what the pictures were like? What if it's a dump?" I said quieter than before. "What if we can't move in here and have to get a hotel? Then we'll get stuck here and never be able to get back home!"

"Oh, please, Bella. Grow a pair and live your life!"

"Just because I'm sensible-" I was cut off when a woman approached us, her heels clicking against the tile floor.

"Hello, ladies, my name is Emily, and you must be Alice and Bella!" the Native American woman said, holding out her hand for us to shake. She had long black hair that was pulled up into a bun and was wearing a white, long sleeved blouse and a lavender skirt that came down to her knee. She smiled as we took each took her hand.

"I'm Alice, yes, and this is Bella," Alice said, gesturing to me.

"Well, I'm sure you'd like to see the room before you sign the lease, right?" Emily said, looking back and forth between the two of us.

"Yes," Alice replied. I was going to leave all of the talking to her. This was her thing and she'd already made me mad, so I was going to stay out of it before I said something I would regret.

"Right this way, then," Emily said, leading us off to the elevator. Now that I looked around, I couldn't really imagine why the room wouldn't be quite nice. The rest of this place was magnificent, like a hotel, even. "It is furnished, like you probably already knew," she continued as we stepped off the elevator, turning left. Emily pulled out a key and stuck it into the first door on the right. She opened it up to reveal an absolutely perfect apartment. It had two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living area, and a kitchen. It was spacious and had a nice couch and coffee table, comfy beds and a nice television. I couldn't believe what Alice had found for us. My mood instantly brightened, but soured quickly.

"How much will this cost a month?" I asked suspiciously. When Emily said the amount, I gasped. We could barely afford rent for the month if we bought food and necessities.

"We'll take it," Alice announced instantly.

"What? Alice, no," I whispered to her.

"Chill, Bella. I have a plan," she said as we went to fill out paperwork for our new apartment.

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