Renesme's POV:

It was nearing Twilight by the time Jacob and I arrived home. I could feel the exceptional heat radiating off of his body, something that always happened when he was nervous. I glanced up at him consolingly, stroking his palm with my thumb.

"You're fine," I reassured him, standing up on my tip toes. Jake, realizing what I wanted, leaned down to return my kiss. Simultaneously, we both let out a heavy sigh.

"It's time," he muttered seriously. Poor Jake. I was always grateful that my parents loved him. It made everything much easier. My mother had been pretty close with him a long time ago, and my father trusted him with my life. This shouldn't be as difficult as we were making it out to be. After all, it wasn't as if I was confessing to murder.

Grumbling, Jake led me into the small, cozy living room. His arm was wound protectively around my waist.

"Relax," I hissed into his ear, "Be glad Rosalie isn't here." It wasn't as much of a coincidence as I claimed. I had only agreed to do this knowing that the whole family besides my parents would be hunting this weekend.

"Actually, Rose would love this," Jake muttered, "It's her thing." I furrowed my brow, completely bemused. "Edward," Jake said, barely audibly. My father heard; it wasn't a very large house.

Edward Cullen was in the doorway at once, his hand pulling my mother along. My mother had not been able to keep up with my father lately. Though she was still exceptionally strong and fast like other vampires, her newborn muscles had diminished significantly in the past year.

"Oh, good Jake," Bella said, happy to see my husband in the doorway, "Alice just called. She meant to tell you that she saw Quil. He's getting married!" Jake could only nod, feigning a smile. He was staring at Edward, his eyes wary. My father was staring at us in horror.

"Um, that's great!" I squeaked, my voice wavering as I spoke, "We have news as well." Bella's eyes narrowed, staring at our entwined hands.

"Take a seat, Jacob," Edward muttered quietly, gesturing towards the couch. I was trying to read my father's expression. Obviously, he already knew what the big news was. Unless Jake had found something distracting enough to keep it from his mind. But by the look in my father's eyes, I could tell that he knew everything.

"Actually," Jake replied, refusing to sit, "I think I'll have Nessie explain." I inhaled sharply, glaring up at him.

"He already knows," Jake hissed into my ear, "Your mother will take it better from you."

"Take what better?" Bella snapped, always on her toes, "Jacob, is everybody safe?" Jake sighed and nodded, rocking on his heels and staring at the ceiling.

"It's good news, actually," I whispered meekly, "We're expect- um... I'm pregnant." As soon as I let the word out, my face turned red. My mother's probably would have too if it could. Jake slid his arm around my shoulder, pulling me closer and laughing. He was the only person that would laugh in a situation like this, where my father looked close to tearing his head off.

"Pregnant," Bella said simply, her eyes on my face. Edward's eyes were focused on Jacob's, clearly trying to understand how exactly this had happened. I blushed at the thought.

"Well, it's not like it was when... when you were pregnant with me, Mom," I blurted out, desperate to break the silence, "It's safe. Really, really normal." My father's eyes widened and he took one step forward.

"Normal!" he exclaimed, probably shaking trees in the forest, "Nessie, you are anything but normal! If this- this baby lives, it will be ¼ vampire, ¼ human and ½ werewolf! Or- or shape shifter, or whatever the hell he is!" I closed my fist tighter around Jacob's sweltering wrist.

"And me! I'm half-vampire and half-human!" I shrieked, suddenly angry, "That's not fair! She wasn't exactly the healthiest pregnant woman!" My finger was shaking as it pointed at my mother, who was frozen at my father's side.

"Edward, you know I wouldn't let anything happen to her," Jake said solemnly, and I could tell by my father's expression that he completely believed that, "But she wants this baby. She wants it like Bella wanted her. You remember..." Edward closed his eyes at the memory.

"I won't stand for it," he whispered, "It's not a healthy thing. Our kind... we're not supposed to reproduce. It goes against nature. If it was that easy to do, then why do you think the Volturi came last time?" Jacob shook his head like a dog who had just taken a bath.

"The Volturi have nothing to do with this," he snapped, "If it did come down to that, then we could take them. God knows Emmett's been itching for a fight. You have the whole support of my pack, and we've doubled in size. Of course, we won't let it come to that, but it's an option. And if Bella hadn't gone through with it last time..." Jake shuddered at the thought, pulling me closer to him.

"I'm tired," I pointed out, "We'll wait until Carlisle returns. He'll have plenty to say." Edward glanced at Bella anxiously, daring her to pick a side. I knew that if it came down to my mother's vote, she'd side with my father. But that didn't matter. I was having the child regardless. All we had to do now was wait.