Author's Note:

Sorry to all of the people who thought that this story was being continued. Let me clarify: IT ISN'T. Okay, so I'm telling you now that this is only an author's note, so please don't review angrily claiming that I tricked you. You may leave now if you're not interested.

With that aside, I just needed a place to post some news where I'm sure people will read it. This author's note is in response to the 4 PMs that I've received from anonymous authors asking that I continue a) this story, or b) write a new multi-chaptered fluff. I'm glad that you guys liked Brown-Eyed Girl, but that was really just a one-time thing. I'm really more of a one-shot person.

I know, I know- this seems kind of lame. I know what you're thinking. "So she brought us all here to beg for reviews?" That's not true… Well, it's not completely true. I'm going to make recommendations because I am honestly curious to see what you guys think of some of my less popular stories. There really is no point of posting stories if it's going to be 1,000 hits, 2 reviews.

So here is my request:

Read one of the following:

A Walk on the Beach

My Paper Heart

I'd Rather Be With You

Hope Dies Last


Here Without You

Leave a well-rounded review.

Thanks in advance to anybody who helps me out!

Happy reading,