I really enjoyed writing this one. Although I'm not sure if it came out as well as I wanted to, but tried. I've always found Rosalie's character as one of complexity and very difficult to write about. I hope I did all right from her POV. I know that she's always portrayed as the vain, beautiful, and cruel one, but I think that she's a sweetheart deep down. She's always been one of my favorites and, if you've noticed, her past has many similarities to Esme's. All in all, I hope you enjoy my one-shot of Rosalie's past.

Trust in an Angel


The sky had turned to a darker shade of gray since I had left Vera's house. Twilight was long gone and a light breeze ruffled my hair. I crossed my arms for warmth as I turned the corner, heading down an isolated alley where the fog almost touched the damp cobblestone in a thick blanket of white. The moon shone brightly overhead; my only source of light in the darkness. I continued walking down the forgotten alley as a cobblestone wall became distinct.

"Dead end," I sighed.

This shortcut was not so short and furthermore, it had led me down a dark alley to a dark end! That's the last time I'm ever taking directions from a commoner. Next thing you know, the rain will fall and I'll never make it home. The thunder rumbled above.

I rolled my eyes. "Great, just great," I grumbled.

I heard the uneven, rough strides of hard footsteps and random outbursts of drunken laughter approach me from behind. I spun around to face it.

My mouth dropped at the sight. "Royce?" I clamped my hand over my mouth in astonishment as my fiancée appeared out of the faint fog and light drizzle of the clouds. I placed my hands on my hips and crinkled my brow.

"Oh hey Rose." He staggered towards me and hung his arm around my neck. The smell of alcohol was strong on his breath and the dampness of the front of his shirt indicated he had been careless and spilled.

"Royce, what the hell?" I exclaimed and shook his arm off from around my neck.

"Oh come on Rosa. Lie." He burped and then boisterous laughter filled the alley as his friends joined in--clearly drunk themselves.

He grabbed at me. I backed away.

Two pairs of dirty hands grasped me and pushed me back into Royce.

"What--no!" I protested.

Royce laughed into my face. "Come on, babe, have little...what is it guys?"

"Uh, I don't know, Royce." One his friends swayed. "Fun, I suppose."

"Yes, that is it!" Royce shook a finger at me.

"You're drunk," I muttered and yanked my arm from his grasp; my eyes burning with the intensity of boiling anger.

He turned serious suddenly. As a woman, I had crossed the line.

"No I'm not!" He bellowed and grasped my shoulders, pushing me onto the ground.

I heard the uneasy sound of my head cracking against the pavement and could see stars going in circles. I put my hand to the back of my head to feel for the damage. Blood.

"Oww," I cried and realized how dangerous Royce really was and could be. I needed to get away, right now. I used my hands to push myself up off of the ground. My head was spinning. I couldn't see straight, nevertheless, I started running.

"Wait, Rosalie, wait!" Royce's voice was so close now. "Cooomeblack!" He words all in a slur.

I glanced behind me. A mistake. I tripped over something and went crashing to the cement. My face collided with the cobblestone and I could hear the distinct laughter of them as the tips of fingers scraped against the concrete in an attempt to get away.

Rough hands flipped me on my back and I whimpered as his hand brushed my wet face.

"Calm down, Rose," He coaxed with malice.

"N-no!" I stumbled across my words as rain drops pelted my face and slapped him.

He shook his head slowly and an evil grin swept his grim features.

"Get off of me!" I struggled to break free of his body pinning mine.

A hard fist came in contact with my face. I could taste the blood as it entered my mouth.

"You good for nothing whore!" Royce screamed.

My breathing was raged. I couldn't feel my head, my face, my fingers. My nails were jagged and the tips of my fingers were swollen and bleeding. My head spun and my vision when in and out of focus.

"Hold her down!" His voice ordered as he strattled my lower body. They felt numb with cold and exhaustion.

"N--." I started, but a hand clamped over my mouth, muffling my screams as my skirt was lifted.

The rest was a blur, a terrible, awful blur. It seemed to last forever as they each took their turn. Then, as I lay beaten and broken upon the ground, they mocked me and screamed boasts of my beauty in their drunken state. It was the first time that I hated hearing of it: my beauty, for that was the only thing I was popular for, my trademark. Then they would beat me a few times over. Blood, blood, and more blood. My clothes were all mangled, my face all smudged and battered with dirt and new bruises. I lay numb against the concrete; too weak to move; no heart left to make up the strength to do so. I might not even have had a heart before this incident. I was vain and conceited. I was a terrible person. I am a terrible person. For the first time it hit me. The realization could have killed me right there. What terrible things I did! And this was my punishment.

I was beaten, broken, and almost dead. My whole body was numb, but then how come I could feel pain on every inch of my body. It was like a numbing pain that was slowly killing me. My eyes were closing, my breath was catching in my throat. This was it, wasn't it? This was the end.

"Get out of here," A smooth voice ordered, neither Royce's or his friends'. I could hear the distinct bang of a body collide with the alley wall.

My eyes fluttered open and I lifted my head to glance at the figure whose voice sounded like a sweet melody. He held up Royce by the collar against the wall. Even in the mist and dampness of the night he still looked like an angel.

"Leave now!" The angel's voice demanded in a authorative and calm way and set Royce down. Royce and his friends didn't need to be told twice. They were gone in a flash. I had mustered all the strength I could to hold my head up and couldn't any longer. I expected to feel the concrete collide with my skull, but instead, a cool hand caught the back of it and I forced my eyes open to see him.

"Miss, I'm Doctor Carlisle Cullen."

This was Doctor Cullen? The doctor in town who everyone spoke highly of his looks and manner. I had finally found someone who was more beautiful then I was. He was an angel.

"What's your name?" He asked calmly.

"M-m-my name?" I spat the blood from my mouth pointlessly. I tried to focus on him so as I would not die away. Hale? Rachel Hale? No--I don't know. I wasn't sure. I couldn't remember, I couldn't feel anything.

"Yes, yes your name." I could hear a slight accent in his voice. English, maybe. Irish?

His other hand lifted up my skirt.

"No, please. Don't. Hurt. Me." I tried to beg harshly, but I knew it only came out as a whisper.

"I'm not going to hurt you, I promise. I'm just checking for any injuries," He assured me and I could smell his breath on my face. A mixture of honey and spring flowers. It intoxicated me. I felt myself slowly drifting off. Was this some form of a drug that was sedating me?

"No! My name...Rose. Rosalie Hale. Rosalie. Hale," I murmured in multiple breaths and knew that I had definitely built up all the strength I could. Brutally attacked or not, it was still nice to die knowing an angel was with you. That you died knowing someone cared.

" Miss Hale," He said softly. "I'm going to help you. I have to take you back to my house with my family. Don't be afraid."

I'm not.

"I'm going to save you." I felt cool arms lift my lifeless body off of the cold ground and the wind wiz through my hair.

"Trust me."

I do.

But then again, why should I trust him? The brilliant and handsome Doctor Cullen. I had heard much of him, all in good in fact. One of those people who is kind to everyone; who is beautiful on the outside as on the inside. Maybe it was time for me to step out of society's ways and create my own. Do what my heart called for. For if someone looked like an angel, surely he had to have a heart like one too...


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