Trust in an Angel

Part Three

The Cullen's household is built at the start of the largest forest in Rochester. The depth of the woods extends as far as the eye can see. The stars light up the sky and Carlisle beckons me to run with him.

"I'm not the running type," I tell him curtly.

"You should try."

"Why try when I already know I can't?" I roll my eyes.

"Miss Hale," He sighs. "I know that you don't like me much, but you must work with me or else you'll turn into an animal."

"Aren't I already one?" I snap.

"Now that depends on your perspective and how you handle your instincts," He flashes a brilliant smile as though he's said something humorous.

I exhaled forcefully out my nose and purse my lips together.

"Fine," I agree bitterly.

He smiles again. "Good. Now keep up with me." And he takes off like a bolt of lightning.

I gasp.

"W-wait!" I call and dash after him.

Woah! The trees whirl past me and as I look up the stars blur together in a brilliant white. The feel of the wind on my body and throughout my hair is exhilarating and I run faster and faster and faster. I glance up at the blurred sky once more and BOOM! I crash into a solid object.

I look up and see that it is Doctor Cullen himself who has caught and righted me.

"See, I knew you could do it," He chuckles lightly.

I know that Dr. Cullen doesn't care how I respond to him, but I send him a nasty smirk anyways. It makes me feel like I have control over him, which I know I don't, but I still like to pretend I do.

I gather myself together and know in my mind that if I could blush, I'd be blushing something fierce. I never blush.

"So, what exactly are we hunting for?"

"Let's start off with deer," He suggests.

Deer? Nothing smaller? Easier?

"They're the first that I drank from." He continues.

I nod.

"Okay and how do I come across one?" I'm getting annoyed.

"Just be still, let your mind relax, and breath in deeply," He instructs.

Although I'm reluctant I take his advice. Almost immediately I pick up a scent. My mouth feels as though it is watering with thirst. My eyes are full of desire. I take off towards the east, towards my prey. It takes no more than a few seconds and no thought before until I jump on the deer and sink my teeth into its neck. The blood flows through me automatically warming my body and making me feel strong. Just after that I pounce on five more deer and six rabbits until I am satisfied.

Suddenly realizing that Doctor Cullen is still here, I do away with my last rabbit and slowly stand up and turn around to face him a few feet away.

I wipe the remaining blood from my mouth with my arm. All of a sudden I feel embarrassed and glance down at my dress and realize I'm still in the clothes that I've been in since…I stop my thoughts and physically shake my head to rid of them.

"Miss Hale," Doctor Cullen says.

"Could I get a new dress?" I ask.

"Yes, I am sure that if you ask Esme, she would gladly lend you some until she is able to go out and buy you some herself."

His wording shocks me. He doesn't give me permission to wear some of Esme's dresses; he clearly implied that I should ask her first. Women aren't usually asked these sorts of questions. He treats Esme as though she has feelings; he treats her as an equal. I almost smile at this. How unusual, but how wonderful.

"Do you feel better?"

"Yes," I murmur.

He starts walking back.

"If you don't mind, I would like to walk. We have much to talk about." Doctor Cullen doesn't smile this time; instead, his expression remains serious.

I nod. I'm not in the mood for talking, but maybe I can get away with much listening.

As we walked, Doctor Cullen told me all about what being a vampire entails. There are covens throughout the world and we are one of the largest now, he says, besides the Volturi.

"Volturi?" I ask.

"They're the "royalty" of vampire covens," He explains. "I lived with them for a decade or two."

"Oh. Why did you leave?"

It seems odd to me that one would leave a position of wealth and royalty for a life of a physician in Rochester, New York.

"Because I knew I didn't fit in." He looks down at the ground as we walk. "They did not have morals, values, emotions really. I wanted to help people. I knew that with my…enhanced ability,"—He chuckles lightly; quite a lovely sound—"I could help people in ways that I could never help myself. It's quite rewarding to save someone who would have otherwise been lost by efforts of everyday, human doctors."

"Forget morals, values, all that gibberish! Why leave royalty? It seems like a wonderful idea to me. I'd stay." I feel frustrated.

"Is it worth your dignity?" He asks lightly; his eyes are serious and warm.

"Dignity?" I exclaim. "You may as well forget dignity as well. If you're being fawned over and loved by others who cares about respect to yourself as long as others adore you?"

"Rosalie," It's the first time he uses my first name. It's clear and sweet. "There's a difference between respect and fake affection. What matters the most is respect."

"Well, I wouldn't know, now, would I? All I received from others was false affection and love because I was beautiful. Respect! I laugh in the face of respect. Ha. Ha. Ha."

"Look at you," His voice is stern and rises ever so slightly as he throws his hand out at my battered dress. "Is that respect? Love for that matter? What those men did to you was no sign of affection."

I am furious. How dare he bring up that dreadful event!

"Don't!" I hold up a finger. "Mention Royce." I breathe harshly. "Why am I even listening to you? You don't even respect me" I exclaim. "I'm leaving." And I strut away waiting for a voice of protest. But there is none.

I spin around to face him feet away.

"Aren't you going to stop me?" I snap.

"No," He replies calmly. His arms are folded in front and his expression is emotionless.

"Hmmppp! I guess you don't care about me then."

He shakes his head. "No. I'm letting you go because I care."

"Oh yea right!" If you cared, you'd make me stay."

"And restrict your rights, your freedom. You deserve respect, not to be held prisoner," he tells me with concern.

I can't deny that I am, for a second, touched by his words.

"Prisoner. I am already a prisoner—a vampire, Doctor Cullen, and you're at fault for that," I sneer pointing a finger at him.

He sighs. "Yes, I am to blame for that, but it does not change the fact that you are one forever, and that now, more than ever, you deserve all the love and respect that my family has to offer if you're willing to take it." He starts walking away.

"I'm going back." He adds. "You can choose whether you want to or not, you know the way." He stops and turns around and says subtly and sincerely. "I pray the best for you, Rosalie." Then he dashes into the endless blackness of forest.

And although he can't hear me, I murmur a something of a whisper, "Thank you."

Author's Notes:

First, I'd like to point out that although I do not write it directly in my stories, there are points where Rosalie has a growing respect for Carlisle. She can't help but find good within him although she desperately searches for the bad because of her attitude towards men, which raises another point. The men that have been in Rosalie's company have never respected her. She has grown up in the common society of the 1930's where woman are still regarded as inferior to men and are to be treated as such. Most of Rosalie's growing respect for Carlisle is due the fact that he treats her as an equal. Notice in the first part of Part Two, Rosalie assumes that Dr. Cullen is just like "other men" by thinking that maybe he's not so bad after all, but then her mind is abruptly changed to what she was raised to believe. Her automatic, societal view of Doctor Cullen is he's just like "other men" that she has come across. But her heart (not literally, but you know what I mean) starts to see him as this compassionate man who is the first to treat her with respect.

So that's all for the literature. Sorry if it bored you. You don't have to read it if you don't want to, I just find the deeper meanings in stories fascinating—even if it is fanfiction. Haha. =)

Oh and one more thing. You guys might me thinking that I made an error when Rosalie and Carlisle are in the forest and her animal instincts don't kick in right away, in other words she doesn't seem to have a desire for blood until she really focuses. I did this because I believe that Rosalie is still so stuck on herself and wallowing in self pity, that everything, even her thirst, still comes second and goes unnoticed until she really concentrates.

R&R =)