Welcome to my drabble series! This is a collection of random, unrelated drabbles. This is marked General/Poetry because of the lack of a common theme, and because some of the drabbles may become poetry-esque. Thanks to nathan_p for introducing me to drabbles and making me love them. Drabbles are an art form, and they are exactly 100 words. They're a fun challenge to write, and they're a quick read. I'll update between writing chapters of other stories. The life of this series is currently indefinite. Suggestions are always welcome. Reviews are cherished. I hope you enjoy the drabbles!


Fang stared at Max blankly, fear paralyzing his recently fervent thoughts.

Angel watched nervously, hiding off to the side as Max's look became quizzical.

"Fang?" she said.

His lips weren't moving. His brain had shut down.

Max waited for as long as she could stand, but her patience wore out. She rolled her eyes and walked away, not having the time to play his games.

No! Angel screamed in her mind, but she knew that she couldn't interfere.

As Max walked away purposefully, Fang whispered a single word.


Max kept walking. Had she heard him?

Angel closed her eyes and tried to breathe.

She knew that Max wouldn't still be walking away if she had heard the "I love," that came before the "you."

Okay, that was a 1.25 drabble. Oops. I have issues with the two of them saying the three words out loud, so there you go.

-Skye Maxwell