Here we are, I warn you this is a collect of what I call "snippets" or just small scenes, it might grow to more but at the moment that is all it really is. There aren't going to be any other characters popping in at this point, I just wanted to make this because honestly, these two need more love and there are never enough fanfictions for these two. These first few are all pre-written so that's why there is so many of them so fast!

This needs an explanation because we just jump in right here. All you need to know is that The Nemesis blew up, for what reasons we might never know (probably Starscream's fault) and that after being collected from the wreckage in space and examined by Ratchet, Starscream has been dumped into the care of Skyfire to free up the med bay. The rest of the 'cons are either too damaged or in stasis to be let out of Ratchet's sight and even though they are their enemies, the Autobots still want to let them live.

Megatron is nowhere to be found and at this moment, Starscream is coming out of stasis.

Day 1

"Wake up." The beautiful voice said, cutting easily through the quiet recess of his mind. Deep recharge, it was so peaceful, too peaceful to leave. But obediently, and perhaps curiously Starscream's optics fluttered online.

The light blinded him.

"There you go," the voice commented.

The light was too sudden, lazily, he offlined his optics again.

"Opt, no no, come on," A gentle nudge came to his side. A hand was placed on his chest, a thumb absently traced back and forth in an arc.

He gave in and onlined his optics, his vision blurry, picking up only shapes and colors. He searched for their face, he had recognized the voice from the first moment but seeing their face leaning over him solidified that thought.


He rebooted his optics, letting them focus. A happy murmur came from the white shuttle and Skyfire leaned in closer, resting his helm above Starscream's golden canopy. Skyfire then moved, up, nudging at the seeker's jaw before nuzzling into his neck.

"What…" Starscream trailed off, too confused to think of anything to say.

How did he get here? Why was Skyfire being so…affectionate?

"We found you," Skyfire answered, as if reading his mind. "The ship sent out a distress signal before it blew up, we went searching the wreckage for survivors and well," Skyfire looked up to him, his face finally clearer, concerned blue optics searched his face.

"Well, of course I looked for you." The shuttle finished.

The seeker let a small smile cross his face, he was too tried to fight his emotions at the moment. Skyfire's optics softened and the sight and a warm smile blossomed on his face. A large white hand came to lie on Starscream's cheek. The thumb moved over his lower lip, tracing the rises and falls with content enjoyment.

"So, are you going to lock me up now?" Starscream asked, still smiling and half in recharge.

"No," The shuttle replied quietly, his attention too absorbed in his hands.

Starscream onlined his optics the rest of the way, moving to look directly at Skyfire.

"Kill me?"

"Of course not." Skyfire said, shaking his head. He sounded almost…offended?

Skyfire leaned in again, brushing his lips at a dark cheek.

"Why not?" Starscream asked him, catching Skyfire's optics as the shuttle pulled back an inch.

Skyfire laughed in good humor.

"Because, I know you aren't going to cause any problems, it's my duty now to take care of you." They looked at each other for a moment; a happy expression was on the shuttle's face.

"Humph," was all Starscream said as Skyfire moved onto his other cheek. Never once did he apply any pressure with his lips.

Then he pulled back, rubbing their noses together, chucking to himself when the seeker gave him a drowsy smile.

Finally Skyfire sat up in his chair by the berth; he looked down in such a caring way.

Starscream let out a whine, slowly pulling himself up onto his elbows.

This startled Skyfire.

"Don't do that!" he exclaimed, hands quickly catching the seeker when his strength ran out, holding him up delicately.

"You're injured!" He said.

Starscream's face was clenched in pain and one hand clutched at a damaged spot on his left side, he realized that Skyfire had been carefully avoiding the injuries that riddled his body.

Still, he fought to sit up, reaching one arm out to the white 'bot.

Skyfire leaned forward again, letting one blue arm wrap around his neck. Starscream pulled him close and weekly kissed him. He didn't think about what he was doing, too weary to remember that he was suppose to hate the shuttle.

Skyfire jumped, not expecting the kiss but quickly gave in. Some the Starscream found himself wrapped in large white arms. He was lifted from the berth and placed in Skyfire's lap. He laid one leg over Skyfire's thigh and used the other to half stand. He pulled away and nestled into Skyfire's chest, soaking up all of the warmth form the white plates.

A reassuring hand stroked his back and wings, slowly running up and down, carefully passing over dents and scorch marks.

Starscream lifted his suddenly heavy head to kiss a sensitive spot on Skyfire's neck. Skyfire leaned his own head into the embrace, turning his face to kiss dark vents.

The seeker hummed tunelessly to himself as white hands soothed every inch of his aching body. Soon a pattern came to their movements, nudge, nudge, caress, kiss, kiss. Sometimes even a careful nibble.

He murmured into a white shoulder, pulling his other leg up to wrap both around the shuttle's waist.

Skyfire assisted his weak body, and then wrapped his arms around and rested his chin on a dark helm.

Starscream relaxed and felt himself drifting off into recharge. Soon all of the cables in his body were loose, he slumped against Skyfire, deep in recharge again.

The next morning he awoke in the same berth. On the other side of the room the tapping of a keyboard echoed. Skyfire was working on something.

Starscream groaned and rubbed the side of his helm.

His sudden noise caught the scientist's attention and suddenly Skyfire was kneeling next to him.

"I'm fine!" he snapped, swatting the shuttle's hands away. Most of the fuzziness had cleared from his mind; he remembered how he was supposed to act around the traitor.

He stood, wobbling slightly, Skyfire's hands held him steady by the shoulders and he shrugged them off once stable.

He crossed his arms and angled himself away from the shuttle, twitching his wings in irritation.

This only caused Skyfire to laugh. He crouched down and began to nuzzle and kiss the seeker's neck.

He jerked away.

Skyfire chuckled and started again.

"Stop it." Starscream commanded, but this time he didn't move away.

"You didn't seem to mind it yesterday," The shuttle's tone was full of silent laughter.

"I-I think I had…" Starscream trailed off and his optics offlined, his wings slumped.

"Mm-hm?" Skyfire promted him.

"I think I hit my head." Starscream continued, leaning into Skyfire.

"That's the only…logical explanation," he affirmed.

"Oh, of course." Skyfire said, pulling him closer.

Starscream turned into him, finding his place in his arms again.

"I can't help but love you." Skyfire murmurs into his neck.

"I know, but you're a fool," Starscream says back. His mind still felt foggy, every sense was muffled like sound, touch and sight were all somehow coated in a thick dust. It feels like a dream, maybe it is a dream.

"Maybe," Skyfire sighs, shifting and pulling them closer, noticing how perfectly they fit together. He balances the much smaller jet on his thigh.

Starscream sighs as well, and lets the shuttle hold him deciding to play along. They were on Skyfire's berth, the shuttle had plucked him up from his own little berth in the corner. According to him, Starscream had been shaking in recharged. Somehow one thing lead to another and after a snippy remark on how touchy-feely Skyfire was feeling today, they had come to this conversation.

"Sometimes, I hate you," He tells Skyfire.

"I know," Skyfire kisses his cheek. Starscream leans into it but wipes it away with the back of his hand when he's done.

"But sometimes," He looks up into those blue optics and places one of his own blue hands on Skyfire's chest.

"I can't help but love you too."