Hello there Readers!

I would like to say first off, thank you so much for all of the comments however small or long they are. Thanks especially to everyone who pointed out any errors, gave any help or advice. I really appreciate it, the more help I can get, the better my writing will become.

I know that you're not technically suppose to devote a chapter to author notes but this was something that I wanted to make sure was read and the only way to do that was to make it a chapter so that everyone would be notified of it.

Thanks for the patience, I realize I haven't updated for two months and I apologize for it. A new trimester (yes my school runs on trimesters instead of semesters), a new sport starting up and many other things are severely limiting my time.

But past all of that and onto the point, I would like all of you to know that I am going to be overhauling this story. Originally it just started out as little drabbles with no form but (as always) it had to turn into a full blown story. As drabbles I was fine with how it was but this doesn't live up to my standard as a full story.

There are just some things that are bothering me with this, characterization (specifically Starscream), plot and fluidness.

So, I'm going to be fixing it.

As it is I already have a prologue written, the general plot down and parts I want to redo or cut picked out.

I will be adding the new chapters as they are done, replacing the old ones with them but since only the prologue is ready I will be waiting until I'm farther along before posting everything.

As soon as I have about five chapters done I will be taking down this story and posting the new ones so if you want to save this old version, for any reason, now would be the time.

I'm sorry for stopping in the middle but I promise that this new version will be better (and I've decided to let there be smut, so maybe that'll make up for it).

If you have any suggestions with how to fix it or any ideas you want to see, feel free to message me.

Thanks again for reading and I hope that this new version will be better!