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Edward POV

He looked at me with a level of sincerity I have never seen from a human, other than Bella, in her past-life that is, and his voice dripped with hope.

"Will youguys come over for my party this Friday night?" Mike Newton. Mike Newton inviting us to a party, there must be some plot behind this. I really hope they say yes. Everyone else will come if they do. And I wouldn't mind seeing Bella on a Friday night… Well, for the most part, his thoughts were pure. I looked at my brothers, my sisters, and my eternal wife, and got a barrage of thoughts:

Emmett: "It could be fun, trashing Mike's house…"

Rosalie: "Maybe, as long as I get to dance…"

Alice: "New outfits!!! Yay! I get to play Barbie…"

Jasper: "Maybe I could make Nigel (geek) kiss Gwen (head cheerleader)…"

Bella hadn't removed her shield, and just looked at me. I gave her a concerned look, asking her questions with my eyes. Before she could answer, Emmett answers for us.

"Sure. What will the evening comprise of?" Why did he think he got to make decisions? I gave him a sharp look, and looked back to Mike.

"What my brother means is we'll see what we can do." I said, as sincerely as I could muster. I was worried that this was a ploy to get Bella back…

"Sure, sure, no problem." He said, happy at the prospect of a possibility. When did Mike Newton join the Cullen fan club? He walked away, sure to go convince some more poor individuals to come. I then looked at Emmett and felt the urge to eviscerate him. I turned back to Bella, and she gave me a pained look.

"Love, why didn't you want to go?" I said, concerned for my wife.

"I'm afraid that he doesn't really want me there as a friend." I looked at her and decided a little white lie wouldn't hurt.

"He didn't even think about you the entire conversation." Half-truth. Stupid me, why did I do that?

Emmett POV

"Rose?" I said, 'cause I couldn't find her at the moment and I needed to talk to her about this party.

"Yes honey?" Her angelic voice responded, descending the stairs coming into the living room. I smiled and then began to frown when I saw what she was planning on wearing. It was red, it was short, and it was way too sexy to wear to a mostly human party. She smiled back and took a seat on my lap, cuddling up close to me. I looked down at her and couldn't help myself, and I began rubbing her shoulders. She turned her head in my direction and playfully bit my finger. I acted as if it hurt, and began to make my bottom lip wiggle. She took the bait, kissing my finger 'better' and then kissing me. My thoughts wondered to close prospects, and then hopped back to what I was going to tell her, and I pulled away slightly. She looked at me, confused, because that's not what I usually do. I just smiled and sat her back a little, and tried to get my bearings.

"What's wrong gorgeous?" She said, looking at me seductively, leaning to wear her forehead was touching mine, and her top was precariously placed, almost falling.

"I…ugh…well…eh…that dress, it's, um, well…" I couldn't gather my thoughts, and she gave a light laugh.

"I don't care what you think about the dress, I'm wearing it." I gave her a helpless look, but she walked away to finished getting ready. She knew exactly what she was doing, swinging her hips just enough, and those legs…I guess I'm going to have to beat someone up tonight. Or maybe a lot of someones. I walked down the stairs, looking for Alice to make sure I looked okay, and found Bella and Edward, well….in a slightly compromising situation on the couch

"Look who it is."

Bella POV

"Look who it is." Emmett came tromping down the stairs, with a mile long smile on his face. Edward pulled his lips off mine, and looked me in the eyes.

"Emmett, no, you may not tease Bella nor I anymore about this whole 'intimacy' thing. It's not our fault you and Rose.." Edward said, trailing off, still conveying his message. Before he could have his dramatic pause, Emmett's eyes got round and his smile got big, and he looked rather mystified.

"What? It's not my fault that you and Bella don't have what me and my beautiful, amazing, brilliant, sexy, mysterious, wifey for lifey have?" he said, when out of no where, a hot red stiletto came flying at Emmett's, stopping precariously close to his temple, only stopped by his hand. Rose flew down the stairs quickly and ripped the shoe from Emmett's hand, with a very angry expression.

"I told you, never to call me that, hubby you dummy." She turned, put her nose in the sir, and before gracefully striding out, looked at me and said:

"Aren't you getting ready?" I looked at Edward, and he turned and kissed me, before he pushed me up, and shooed me out of the room. I felt a wave near me. Alice grabbed my arm and we were in her room quickly. She was doing my hair, and fixing my make up, while Rose picked out a sexy black dress for me.

"Straps or no straps?" Rose said, Holding up a cute, black dress, slightly above the knee with a halter top, and a piece of material that hardly anyone would calla dress.

"Edward likes to see her neck," Alice said, before I could say anything. "I guess it's something left over from when she was a human. And her legs are gorgeous, and they don't need to be covered up by that, that, drape." Rose looked at me and shrugged, throwing the halter in the corner, and handing me the strapless.

Alice POV

I do not understand how Bella justifies covering up her beautiful body. If only she could see the decisions Edward would make if she wore different things…Well, he really wouldn't notice. But he isn't as opinionated as Emmett is about Rose. He is really bothered by that dress she is wearing, tonight…

"Tonight's going to be a good night." I sang, the curler in my hand, holding Bella's hair. Rose picked right up on the song, and we crooned it out while working, and before we knew it we were down the stairs. Edward, Emmett, and Jasper were at the door, waiting for us. All of their mouths dropped.

"I know what you mean Emmett." Edward said, walking towards Bella. Emmett put his arm around Rose, as did Jasper to Alice.

Edwards POV

I don't know how, but the word got around that everyone, including us, was going to the party. In Mike's yard, their was cars, new and old, littered about, already surrounded by various debris.

"Looks like the party started with out us." Emmett said, smiling and walking in the door first. There was loud music, the petulant smell of bear, and random bags of potato chips getting passed around. Bella looked at me, slightly worried. It reminded me greatly of the times when she was a human, with her awkwardness and clumsiness. I sort of miss it. But I cant wait to dance with my beautiful…

"I love you." Said Bella, Kissing me on the cheek, taking me by surprise. She pulled me out to the dance floor, very uncharacteristically, and we began to dance. We dance close, not untastefully, but it definitely, erm, made me feel incredible. Everyone seemed like they were having a good time, and then we heard a crash.

Bella POV

Edward and I were having so much fun, I had forgotten anyone else was in the room. At least, that is, until a horribly drunken Mike Newton came crashing down the stairs. He was helped up by Tyler and a few others, which was fun to watch cause they were all a bit tipsy. Edward and I, and everyone else, stopped to watch Mike, to see what he would do. Sure enough, he stood on the coffee table, and wanted to make an announcement. He cleared his throat and everyone looked at him.

"Herooow. I, I," he said, looking down at Tyler. "what's my name? Ooh yeah! I'm Mike. Hello. Heroooooooow. Welcome to my house. No mom and daddy tonight. Hehe. That means PARTTY!" he lifted his beer and drained it, and everyone started to talk again, and again, he stood on the table and demanded attention.

"I would like to give a shout out to my new best friend…" He said, and turned towards Edward and I. No, no no. Do not involve us. He got a big goofy look on his face, and pointed directly at us, and….Edward started to smile. Why was he smiling? He looked at me, and I noticed Jasper standing behind Mike, and I suddenly felt intensely….sorry. Mike opened his mouth, surly to say the rest of his slurred sentence, but instead, cleared his throat.

"I,um, I was, um, Edward? Bella? Especially Bella. I have something to say to you." Edward looked like he was going to break his jaw smiling that much.

"I'm sorry Bella. I'm sorry for everything I have done to you, said about you, or lead other people to believe about us. Everyone, everything I have said about them was a Lie. The only reason ya'll are here, I believe, is to see what would happen between Cullen…I mean, I mean, Edward, and I when I asked Bella out again. I am sorry." He said, turning to get off the table. Before he made it down, Jessica Stanley came running down the stair, half dressed in a pair of too tight jeans and a bra, very drunk, and stumbled in the middle of the room.

"What do you mean baby-kins!? You are mine! You were going to break up with me?!" She slurred, not half as drunk as Mike, but twice as gullible. Mike turned to reply, but before he could, Jessica blew chunks on his shoes. Nice. Edward and I calmly walked to the door, practically invisible, and we met the rest of our family at the cars. As I opened the door to the Volvo, I saw the blue lights, and heard the sirens.

Emmett's POV

After the scene inside the house, the last thing we needed was cops. They were close enough to where we couldn't get away unnoticed, but far enough away to make me itch to give chase. Rose took my hand, and I stood still. All of us Cullen Men obviously had the same idea, because Edward and Jasper were moving to put their women in the car. Abnormally, I became the voice of reason.

"We didn't drink, and we didn't touch anything. We cant run, they will see our cars, so we might as well stay to see why they got called.

We stood beside our cars for what seemed like an eternity when the cops finally arrived, and it just so happened to be Bella's father, Charlie Swan. He furrowed his brows together, seeing us at a "crime scene" I guess surprised him. I broke out in a big smile, but he didn't smile back. He walked over and Bella went to hug him.

"We're you guys involved in this?" He said, putting his hand on his head, a clear sign of stress.

"Seeing as we don't know what you're talking about, I guess not." Bella said, looking at him confused. Charlie let out a relaxed sigh.

"Good. It's kinda classified, but some kids have a junior tied up in the closet. They were doing some kind of hazing ritual, and it got carried away. Also, there is a girl in there, Jessica, who is claiming Mike raped her. I have to go clean them out. You guys go on home, and stay out of trouble." We quickly followed his instruction.

Edward's POV

We got home, and everyone went off to be their respective mates.

I was truly surprised to find Carlisle and Esme absent, leaving a note that they were going to Esme's Island for another honey moon. I saw Emmett's face light up and I sighed greatly. All I heard in his mind was: Party! I gotta get on the phone with some people.

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