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This chapter is just her first day and all... The plot will pick up in the next couple of chapters.

"And this," Rosalie announced proudly. "Is Forks High School."

I raised my eyebrow, scrutinizing it. Truthfully, it did not look like a high school. No chain linked fences, no metal detectors… Where was the feel of an institution? Back in Phoenix, we had all that. Here, the high school was just a bunch of small brick buildings that could pass as houses. "Nice," I commented.

Edward sighed and tightened his arm around me. "You don't have to lie Bella," he said. "We all know that you are."

I grimaced. I was a terrible liar. "It's just… It's not what I expected." I admitted.

"What did you expect?" Alice asked.

"I don't know… but it wasn't this. But anyway, it doesn't matter how it looks. I'm sure it's a great place… So let's go! Whose homeroom am I in?" I asked enthusiastically.

Edward chuckled. "We still have to go get your schedule and then find out. But you'll probably be with either me or Alice."

"That's fine then," I replied, smiling. "Let's go!" We walked to the office and took my schedule and slips from the lady at the desk. Rosalie, Jasper and Emmett went to their respective homerooms, while I looked through my schedule: English, Trigonometry, Gym, Spanish, Biology and Government.

Edward peered over my shoulder. "Okay, so we have Gym, Biology and Government together."

"And we have English and Spanish!" Alice said. "That means the only class you have alone is Trig. That's ok, right? Because if you want, we cane get your schedule changed."

"It's fine, Alice," I assured her. "I'll meet new people."

"Okay… Well, let's get to English, otherwise we'll be late."

We went to our classroom, Edward going to a different building after giving me a quick kiss on my forehead. We went inside and hung up our jackets on the hooks near the door. Half the class was empty, but the rest of the class stared at Alice and I as she led me to my seat. Alice was unaffected by everyone's stares, but I could feel the blood pooling in my cheeks. Alice sat down next to me, and sat back against her chair, waiting for the teacher to come.

When he came inside I went and introduced myself and got my slip signed. Thankfully, he didn't make me introduce myself. He gave me the list of books we would need and when I sat back down in my seat and read through the list, I realized I had read all of them.

"What happened?" Alice asked, noting my frown.

"I've read all these books," I replied, showing her the list.

"Oh, those. Doesn't matter." She said. "Read them again."

I rolled my eyes. English passed fairly slow, seeing as I had already read the book the teacher was discussing. When the bell rang, I put my books in my bag and followed Alice out the door. "I'll drop you off in your Trig class." She offered.

I agreed and we walked in that direction. "So, how do you like it so far?" She asked.

"Well it's only been one period, but so far, it's good. The staring is a little awkward."

"Oh, don't worry," She said, laughing. "You'll get used to it. And anyway, it's just going to become much worse when everyone see's you with Edward."

I grimaced. "Can't wait," I said, sarcastically. "By the way, Alice, what happened to Tanya? Is she still here in Forks?"

Alice frowned. "She's still here. I think I heard someone say she's going to be moving to Florida."

"Oh." I commented, thinking of nothing else to say. "When?"

"I'm not sure," she replied. "Maybe in the next couple of weeks."

I nodded, not letting it show on my face how glad I actually was to hear that bit of information. Granted, Edward had broken up with her about a month or more ago, but I still couldn't help but feel a little insecure whenever she was mentioned. And now, to have all of us going to the same school until she moved would be very awkward.

Alice dropped me off in front of my class and hurried off to hers, leaving me to go inside and face the class alone. Luckily when I went in the teacher was there, saving me from too many stares and whispers. He signed my slip and made me introduce myself. It was horrible; I stammered and then turned beet red when I tripped over my boots on the way to my seat. I was sitting next to a boy named Lee. He didn't talk much, so neither did I.

Once class was over, I was wondering how I was going to find the Gym, and was considering asking someone to take me there or at least tell me the way, when I saw Edward leaning against the wall, looking more handsome than anyone had a right to. I felt my lips automatically turn up into a smile at the sight of him.

"Hey," he greeted, grinning down at me.

"Hey," I responded.

"I just realized you didn't have anyone to take you to Gym, and who better a person then me, seeing as I have Gym next as well," he said as we started to walk in the direction of what I presumed was the Gym. He intertwined his fingers with mine and I leaned into him.

People were staring more that usual, Alice was right about that. Many girls were also shooting me glares, which I tried to avoid by keeping my eyes down. I couldn't help but not notice Tanya, however, when she came strutting down the hallway. She narrowed her eyes at the sight of me and Edward together, but thankfully, didn't say anything.

We finally reached the gym, where I was handed a pair of shorts and a t-shirt to change into. I changed quickly into my gym uniform and joined Edward outside to listen to Coach Clapp drone on about the rules of basketball, which was apparently the unit we were starting. We didn't play this class, but he assured us that tomorrow we would be divided into teams and made to play.

"I suck at basketball," I complained to Edward as he walked me to my Spanish class. "And tomorrow we have to play!"

He chuckled. "It'll be fine. Hopefully we'll be playing at the same time, so I can help you when you become a danger to yourself."

I blushed. "Yeah," I replied, sighing. "Hopefully." We had reached the Spanish classroom and I saw Alice inside. She waved and gestured to the empty seat next to her. "See you at lunch," I said, and went to sit near Alice.

"Hey Bella," Alice said smiling. "How was Gym?" She asked, waggling her eyebrows.

"Today we didn't have to play anything, thank god for that. But tomorrow we have basketball."

"Ooh… Poor you. How was Trig?"

"Good… I sat next to this guy named Lee. He didn't talk that much." I replied.

"Yeah, he's a quiet kid." The teacher came in, ending our conversation. She signed my slip and seemed nice. She also didn't make me introduce myself, which was a plus point.

"Next is lunch." Alice told me, during class.

"'Kay. So we'll be seeing Rose, Emmett and Jasper?" I asked. I was eager to see my other friends.


The bell rang soon, and Alice led me to the cafeteria. When we were inside I scanned the tables for them, or Edward, but I didn't see any of them. We got some food, I took a bit of pasta and an apple and I followed Alice to a table in the corner of the cafeteria. I saw Emmett and Rosalie enter the cafeteria, take their food and walk in our direction.

"Hey Bella," Rosalie said, smiling warmly at me.

"Hey Rose," I replied.

"Oh no, what's the new girl doing at our table? Don't you know, only we are allowed to sit here?" Emmett said mockingly, smiling to show me that he was joking.

Alice, sitting next to him slapped him lightly on the arm and I said sarcastically, "Ha-ha, Emmett, very funny." Actually, I was a little worried. I didn't want them to think they had to let me sit with them because I knew them over the summer. "But are you guys sure?" I asked, serious now. "I don't want to impose on you or anything."

"Bella," Alice threatened darkly. "If you did not sit at our table I would feel deeply offended and I would drag you here and chain you to the chair if that's what it takes to make you sit with us."

I laughed. "Okay, okay, I get the point."

Edward and Jasper soon joined us with their trays, Edward kissing me on the top of my head before he sat down.

"How was your first day so far?" Jasper asked.

"It was good. I've read all the books on the list in English, so it was kind of boring, Trig was fine, Gym was…well I guess it was ok, since we only had to listen to rules, and Spanish was good too. The teachers are nice."

"So what do you have in the afternoon?" Rosalie asked me.

"I have Biology and then Government."

"So both with Edward," she commented.

I nodded, taking a bite from my apple. We passed the rest of lunch talking about random things, and when the bell rang, Edward and I had just reached outside the biology classroom.

The last two periods passed in a blur. Edward dropped me off at home after school after I agreed to come to his house in the evening. I went upstairs, changed into a pair of old sweats and turned on my computer to write an email to my mom. After assuring her that everything was ok, I went down to make dinner for Charlie. I wasn't sure whether or not I was invited to dinner at the Cullen's, so I made dinner for both of us.

Charlie was an extremely easy person to live with. Like me, he didn't find the need to fill silence with talking. He left for work early in the morning and came back in the evenings. On weekends he left early to go finishing and spent and majority of the day outside. This was when I got time to hangout with the Cullen's and Hale's.

It felt a little weird, not living with Rosalie and Alice, but still seeing them everyday. I still practiced the violin regularly, although there was no place for classes in Forks.

Dinner was ready soon, and I had just switched off the stove when Charlie returned home. "Hey Bells," he said as he hung up his jacket and gun.

"Hey dad. Listen, I'm going over to the Cullen's. I don't know if I'll be home for dinner or not. The food's over there," I said, pointing at it.

"Okay. You have fun." He went into the living room and I went outside to the driveway. I drove carefully to Edward's house, not wanting to miss the turnoff in the dark. I parked in front of the house and knocked on the door. Emmett opened it.

"Oh, hey Bella," he said and held the door open for me. I followed him to the living room where he and Edward were watching TV.

"Hi Edward," I greeted him and sat down next to him. He wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him, and I snuggled against his side. I smiled against his side and I saw his lips curl upwards too. I was perfectly content in his arms.

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