When Tiara knew she was moving home, she decided that wherever her and her mother were moving too, it was time for change. She was sick of being plain boring with no confidence. A chance of a fresh start was almost thrilling to her; in her head making up all different kinds of situations she could make for herself.

People at school took no interest in her what so ever. She had been invisible for almost 3 years now. If she suddenly decided to be forward about making friends, she would only make a prat of herself. So she just decided to blend in, wearing boring clothes with boring friends that were 'nobodies' like her. She could remember the time she had tried to fit in all the way back in the 5th grade. She had approached the super cool Coleen that everybody loved, and had tried to make friends. Big mistake. Coleen only mocked her and had said, "Back off, Dorky Double Glaze!" Everybody made fun of her after that, mainly mocking the glasses.

The day before the move, she and her mother decided to go shopping to the local mall. Tiara decided this was the perfect opportunity to redesign herself. She decided to drag her mother into all different kinds of stores, and in the end, had a completely different wardrobe.

"Bit of a drastic change don't you think Ti?" her mother questioned.

"Shut up mom, I like these clothes." Tiara frowned, looking at some really pretty pink top.

"Well, all I can say is thank God they are not too revealing!" She said with a smile.


On the long drive down, Tiara was feeling a mixture of excitement and fear. She didn't know exactly what to expect at this new high school. 'North Shore High School' it was called. Tiara didn't know anybody who lived here, and she didn't know whether that was a good or a bad thing.

"Don't worry honey. I'm sure you will make lots of new friends. Maybe even some of the Male gender, what with all your new clothes!" Her mother laughed, looking out onto the road.

Tiara just smiled and looked out of the passenger seat window. She hadn't thought about boys! God, she remembered her huge crush she had on Joey back at her old school. He was one of the soccer players, the MVP of the team and one of the most popular guys at the school.

She also remembered that Natalie (one of her tag-along's), had once been talking about the situation loudly and everybody in the hall had heard. Oh the teasing that came from that situation! Well this time it is going to be different. Tiara thought to herself. She imagined herself walking down the halls of this new school, head held high, her dark brown hair curled, wearing her new stylish specs, dressed from head to toe in clothes that actually showed her off. Boys heads would be turning so fast, they'd almost fall off their shoulders! Tiara laughed quietly to herself about that one; she'd been invisible for way to long and she just couldn't wait to flex into the person she had always dreamed she could be.

And all it would take would be to get in with the right clique and show them how awesome she really is.