URGH. I did not want to open my eyes. It felt as if there was a big fat sumo wrestler inside my head jumping up and down. How much had I actually had to drink last night? As I rolled over, trying to find more covers I got stuck. Why couldn't I roll over anymore? Without thinking I opened my eyes.

I gasped. Where the hell was I? I was almost certain I went home last night?

Then I let my mind wander. The girls disappearing… Jayden's betrayal… Aaron Samuels…

"SHIT!" I seethed. Sitting bolt upright I knew instantly I need to get the hell out of here. Turning around properly for the first time, I saw him. He was snoozing peacefully on the other side of the bed. Carefully, I eased myself onto the bedroom floor. I felt like a right idiot kneeling down on all fours, crawling around trying to find my clothes. Eventually, I found enough articles to create a 'decent' outfit – my underwear, a shirt and some joggers. I noticed my purse on top of the bedside table and retrieved it. Carefully standing up, I tiptoed over to the corner where my dress was from last night. I shoved it into the purse angrily and tiptoed over to the door. Just as I put my hand on the handle of the door, he stirred in his sleep, sighing and turning over.

Oh no, oh no! I wrenched open the door and quickly made my escape. Panicking, I ratched around in my purse to see if I could find my Cell. I only wanted to find out the time…

30 missed calls

17 text messages


I sighed and then clicked onto the missed calls list. There were 25 missed calls from Jayden, the absolute front of it! He could go to hell. I deleted those immediately. There three from my mom (Crap!), one from Gretchen and one from Cady.

Oh no, oh no, oh NO! I had to stand still for a second because suddenly the sumo wrestler was back dancing in my head. My hand flung up to my mouth as I fought back the bile rising up my throat.

I'm such a bitch. A horrible nasty bitch! My inner voice was scalding me already and I fought back big heavy stinging tears. The first thing I had to do was ring my mom. She would be totally freaking out when she woke up about me not coming home, and would most likely keep me locked up for the next month as punishment. I don't care, said the voice. I'd take that a thousand times and be grateful.

When I reached the hall way on the ground floor of this unfamiliar house I searched for shoes. Not one pair looked like mine.

"Fuck it. I'll go bare foot." I muttered grumpily under my breath. I reached for the front door and carefully closed it behind me.

This must have been the house where the party was actually held. I looked around the front lawn and in a few places there were birds picking at the grass.

"Gross." I whispered to myself as I watched them, eating bits from the puke-strewn lawn.

It was actually quite a beautiful day. The sun was shining, not too hot just yet, being fairly early in the morning. In the distance I could hear a lawnmower, humming happily along with the sounds of birds singing. Looking around me I could see that nobody was about. This fact pleased me because I must have looked like crap. I could feel my hair sticking up in odd places, last nights make up was clagging my eyelashes together, and judging by my outfit; I was pretty sure people would thing I was a tramp.

As I rounded my street I felt a wave of panic wash over me. This would be easy to explain to my mom but to Cady?

I was almost certain she would find out. Aaron wasn't the kid of guy that kept his mouth shut about these sorts of rendezvous. It wasn't even like he seduced me! It was completely flipped around and now I was the bad guy. I felt suddenly really angry with myself. Don't you DARE feel sorry for yourself! My inner voice was loosing its patience with me. The weight of my own hatred made my head droop. The only thing I could concentrate on my feet carrying me closer to my door step. I really couldn't be bothered with my mom shouting at me when I was this hungover and this ashamed of myself.

For god sake, this girl was my only true friend. I would have to go and fuck this right up. It's what I do so well. Fuck everything up.

Then a chilling thought stopped me right in my tracks. Regina.

If she found out all hell would break loose. And lord knows I'd just landed Cady in it too, because if this all came out in the open, Cady would loose it. She wouldn't be able to hide it in front of Regina.

It was simple. I was dead meat. And now, quite possibly Cady was too.

As I stood in front of the mirror on Monday morning I tried to keep calm. The plan was simple: Act as if nothing happened, and flat out deny any accusations involving Aaron. I knew I was a pretty good actress from drama lessons when I was 10. I had been practicing for the remainder of the weekend and I had been so good at doing it, I nearly had myself convinced that I did so did not sleep with Aaron.

Don't get cocky My conscience was right there to remind me. Obviously I wasn't being naïve about the situation, just trying to avoid a massive blow up, even though I thoroughly deserved one.

My mom had gone berserk when went home that morning and had told me that I couldn't go to any more parties this month. Which was pretty easy actually, considering the next one that I had been invited to was next month anyway!

Gretchen had offered to give me a ride to school today and as I climbed into her car I should have expected her to want to know all the gossip from the party.

"So? What happened? Anything exciting? Seeing as I was kinda preoccupied." She laughed at the last part, referring to her disappearing with Jason from the party.

"Well," I stalled. I would have to tell them all why I wasn't with Jayden anymore, but I would just have to keep the rest of the details to myself. "I caught Jayden in the 'act' with some girl." I sighed.

To be honest and true, I really was bummed about that part. I was starting too really like the guy and this had all happened because he was too weak to say no to his 'boys' on the football team. A tear welled up in my eye and I turned away from Gretchen. I had no right to cry.

She gasped, "No way! Oh Ti I'm so sorry honey" and she patted my knee.

"No, no I'm fine." I sniffed and got a grip, "Not like I loved him or anything."

This seemed to put her off track, "Yeah, well I know the feeling. Except I love Jason. He just uses and abuses me. I should really stop seeing him, but you know? I love me some Jason!" And she laughed.

While I was mixed up in all the panic about what happened between me and Aaron at the party, I had actually forgotten the real reason for this dilemma. Jayden.

I would be seeing him today and I just didn't think I could handle it. At least I had a genuine reason for being on edge this week.

Gretch pulled up in her usual spot in the parking lot, right next to Regina's car. Regina was already there, leaning against her hood with Karen, in some sort of deep conversation. She threw us a casual wave as we got out of the car and carried on talking. As we walked over she drew the conversation to an end.

"I mean, I just don't know where that boy's head is. Damn it!" She finished, huffing and folding her arms.

"What's up Regina?" Gretchen asked, putting her best 'concerned face' on.

"Oh just Aaron. He hasn't returned any of my calls since that party at the weekend." She said, scanning the people standing around outside school.

This sent a shock down my spine and I had to control my face. It didn't happen, it didn't happen.

Regina huffed again and then got off of the hood, grabbing her purse and sauntered off in the direction of the front doors. Gretchen and Karen scurried off after, flanking her on either side. I stood and waited a second, scanning the crowd. I could hear a faint dispute taking place on the opposite side of the parking lot. I could hear a girl's voice that I recognised so I walked over.

I stopped just short of the corner, I could already hear the conversation.

"What? Someone else? You're kidding right? I'm the someone else! Don't forget you're already in a relationship, Mr Stud!" She yelled.

"Regina never knew about us remember? And anyway I'm going to end it with her too. Can't you two see that your just not important anymore? I've fallen deep for some other girl!" He whispered harshly back at her.

Shit. I thought. I knew exactly who this was arguing behind the wall.

"Whatever." She sighed, emotion tugging at her voice. "Whoever she is she's an idiot because I seriously don't know what I ever saw in you. You're an asshole Aaron. Go to hell!"

I decided to run in the other direction before she or Aaron got sight of me. This was the last thing I needed.

I slowed down when I neared the corridor to our home room, just making my way though the door when the bell rang. I sat down at my usual spot next to Karen, folded my arms on the desk and put my head down. Today was going to be a long day.