It was inevitable. A leopard can never change its spots and John could never curb his roving eye. He had tried ever so hard, but I was aware of a good few 'discrepancies' in his fidelity through the course of our marriage. Even amidst all those flings, the one that I hadn't noticed, the one I would have ranked least likely to occur, was the only one in which John's attention span had been held for longer than the usual running time of a week. For the past two years (at least) he had been fucking Jo Mills' brains out, and I was totally oblivious! He didn't know I knew about his little extra-marital arrangement but by god he soon knew that I knew everything! Sitting in the armchair facing the door, I lay in wait, a tumbler of whiskey in my hand. I could hear a key in the lock, the sound of the lock slowly turning. A few seconds later I could hear a hand on the handle of the living room door, my heart raced and I steeled myself. It was Charley.

"Hi mum, I'm just getting changed then going to Laura's." She looked at me, "Are you alright mum?" I smiled what was meant to be a reassuring smile and said,

"I'm just waiting for your father." Charley guessed what kind of conversation was to commence when John finally returned from 'helping Jo prepare her case' and now all her movements seemed to have an air of urgency to them. It wasn't long before Charley was rushing out of the door pulling her jumper over her head with not so much as a backwards "goodbye", but as she opened the front door to leave I did hear her say something to someone on the step. I assumed it was John and she was warning him. Charley had always been an insufferable 'Daddy's Girl' ever since she was born. It never really bothered me, except when she told him everything. I heard the door click closed and I fortified myself with a sip of the whiskey I still held in my right hand.

"Hi darling, had a good day?" Was John's opening gambit as he stepped into the room metaphorically testing the water. I decided not to expose my hand to early,

"My day was fine. Yours? How was Jo?" A small flicker of a smile played across John's features at the mention of Jo's name. He checked himself and tried to look as innocent as possible,

"Everything is fine with me, Jo is fine."

"Are the two mutually dependant?"

"Pardon?" John was playing for time,

"Well… is the status of your day dependant on the status of Jo's?" John scoped the room looking for a get out clause, anything that he could turn my attention to, his eyes snapped to the glass in my hand,

"How much have you drunk?"

"What a patronising, condescending and utterly male remark! I haven't drunk nearly enough for cheap tricks like that to work on me!" I had drunk enough however not to care how I told him that I knew what he was doing, "I know that you've been seeing Jo Mills…"

"Of course I have, I've been helping her with her case, and how do you expect me to do that without seeing her"

"Don't be such a bloody pedant! I know you've been fucking Jo Mills! Is that clear enough for you? I know what you've been doing and…" John had started to turn around and walk away, "Don't you dare leave!"

"I'm not going to talk to you when you're like this!" this was the too much. I wanted to rant and rave at him, he was in the wrong and he should take it like a man but there he was ever confident in his infallibility and it infuriated me. Without thinking about what I was doing I lifted my right arm and threw my glass at him. An arc of golden liquid shot through the air as the Waterford Crystal made its way towards John's head. As the glass hit the wall fractions of a centimetre away from John's head everything froze, the clocks were silent, the road was still, I don't think I was even breathing. John looked at me, unflustered,

"I'll be back when you've calmed down."