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Chapter 1

It all started out like this?

"Let's see you catch this!" a young girl exuberantly exclaimed

"I'm waiting for it," a young boy responded

The girl smiled at her friend as she pulled back her arm. She then twirled herself clockwise as she released the orange frisbee in the air

The young boy named Ash started running toward the frisbee as it was coming down to the ground. Ash knowing that he would never catch it with his current speed, leaped off the ground and extended his arms as he darted for the object

The young girl named May looked with glee as the dust cleared. Ash was laying with his body flat on the ground. He picked his face up from the dirt and looked out toward his hand. He grinned and jumped up into the air as he realized that he caught the frisbee

Brock and Max, two close friends of Ash, were standing on the side of the field watching as the two young teens played together. There were very few trees where they were playing, which was why they chose to play in this area as there was plenty of free space to run around. Near the end of the field was a small silver toned building, with small circular windows and a very high tech door. The kids decided to play near the middle of the field so they didn't accidentally disturb whoever was living there. But in the heat of their game, the two friends didn't realize that they were slowly but surely beginning to move toward the small building, as each throw moved them closer and closer out of the field. Brock and Max, the oldest and youngest of the group respectively, also began walking toward their friends while watching them continue to play with much excitement.

"Gee, those two are really getting into this aren't they? I sure hope Ash can beat my sister," Max said giggling, "I want her to lose for beating me!"

"This game could go either way," Brock replied, "After all, they're the two who made it to the finals of our little tournament."

Ash and May continued to throw the frisbee at each other, each trying to throw it as far away from their opponents reach as they could so they could win a point.

May moved her body athletically, as she was leaping and running with delight catching all of Ash's throws. The young girls' thick brunette hair blew in the wind as she was playing. She noticed her chest started to hinder her movement when they were playing, as her breasts continued to bounce with each run. May tried to ignore it as she knew there was nothing she could do with the type of bra she was wearing.

Ash, now holding the frisbee again after another throw from May, stared her down in a showdown. May started running to the side of the clearing so she would have an easy time to catch the frisbee no matter which direction he would throw it in.

May bent forward putting her palms on her knees. She licked her lips in anticipation, waiting for her moment. Her huge smile and determined eyes gave Ash the impression that she wasn't going to give up easy. May continued to wait for Ash to throw the frisbee, as her heart continued to pump faster.

Ash stood there eyeing his opponent, he knew the girl was serious about winning the match. After all, either side needed only one more point to win, and whoever managed to score would win the tournament they played as a group with Brock and Max.

Ash felt a drop of water fall off his face. He rubbed the side of his face with his elbow as he noticed he was sweating. He gripped the edge of the frisbee tightly, he only needed to throw the frisbee where May couldn't catch it in order to win. He also knew he needed to throw it in the vicinity of May's position, or it would be considered a foul and he would automatically lose. He was in a very tight situation, as this round had lasted over 40 minutes with a lot riding on the outcome.

The prize for winning the tournament was an extra slice of strawberry shortcake left over from their lunch before. Ash and May were more determined to eat that last piece of cake than their other two friends, as neither Ash or May could resist eating something as creamy and tasty as cake. This fueled their ambitions to win the game, and both of them played so intently and so seriously, that one would expect they were acting like the prize would be the world itself.

Ash returned a smile to his opponent. Both players were staring into each others eyes as if they could read what the other was about to do by their facial expressions. Brock and Max did nothing but watch silently, awaiting the outcome. The tension in the players grew, but the smiles on their faces didn't change, which only increased the anxiety and intensity between them.

Fueled by the intensity of the game, none of the group realized that they were much closer to the small silver toned building then before. In fact, May was only standing roughly ten feet in front of it. All eyes were glued on the game however, as none of them could break their gaze off of it in order to notice something in the background.

Finally, Ash lifted his arm back as he prepared to make his throw.

"This is it!" Ash snarled.

"C'mon Ash, give it to me!" May sarcastically yelled back.

Ash released the frisbee in the air. May looked up at the flying disc as she noticed it was too high up for her to jump. Brock and Max gasped as it looked like May would miss the catch.

May, still fixated on the frisbee, started running backwards so she could catch it as it came down. Ash stared intently as he had put all the last of his remaining strength into that last throw.

"She's going to miss it!" Max yelled.

May continued running backwards as a feeling of dread washed over her.

"NO! I can't catch it!" May gasped.

The frisbee zoomed over May's head until suddenly….


May stopped in her tracks and looked forward with wide open eyes. Her blue sapphire eyes extended as her mouth gaped open. In a shock to all of them, the group looked with anxiety as they saw the frisbee smash through one of the small circular windows from the small silver toned building.

"Oh…damn…" Ash thought to himself, looking at what he had done.

"I didn't think we were that close to this building!" Brock said, astonished, as he and Max started running toward May.

May stared at the cracked glass as some shards began to fall and break on the floor. Her gaze was fixated on the cracked window until Ash ran up to her and snapped her out of her gaze.

"May?" Ash asked as he put his hand on her shoulder.

May looked back at her friend and said nothing, she was uncertain and worried.

Max exclaimed, "I sure hope nobody was home…"

May brushed Ash's hand off her shoulder and walked ahead of him. While Brock and Max continued to look at the broken shards, Ash and May were locked in a deep train of thought while staring at one another.

Both knew what this meant.

The cake.

Even though they both felt terrible about breaking the window, the cake was the first thing that came to both the boy and girls' minds as the first sounds of broken glass occurred. As if they could understand each other's expressions and feelings, both Ash and May knew what the other was thinking.

The small slice of strawberry shortcake…belonged to the victor…May.

Having thrown the frisbee out of bounds into foul territory, Ash had lost the match even though May missed catching it.

Before their minds could even go back to the broken glass, May uttered a sound.

"I get the cake Ash?" she uttered in a low soft voice.

"You get the cake May," Ash reassured her in a low, defeated voice.

May managed to smile and closed both her eyes tightly for a few seconds to quietly celebrate her victory over their 40 minute match, before turning around to the shattered window while the feeling of anxiety and uncertainty washed over her again.

Ash looked at his friend compassionately before focusing his attention on the building and feeling terrible for breaking the glass. As the group continued to feel a bit nervous, their shock and tension increased ten-fold as an old, high pitched voice screamed from inside the building.


Ash and May felt their hearts leap up into their throats. They took one final glance at each other for some false hope of reassurance, as the doors slid open and the old man inside opened the door…