Got Go My Own Way

By. Kennedy's Friday Night Delight

A/N: This idea randomly popped into my head when I was at a family reunion. I decided to jot it down. I only own Ashton Cage i always seem to be making Taylor Wilde a bad person but i can't help she just seems evil to me.


The Motorcity Machine Guns walked towards the TNA Frontline's locker room, when they were meet with familiar laughter. A laugh they hadn't hurt in months. It was the laughter of Ashton Cage, the kid half sister of Christian Cage and the ex girlfriend of Chris Sabin. They walked in and saw why she was laughing, her best friend Eric Young had her pinned down to the ground tickling her. Jay Lethal and Consequences Creed were laughing also. "Eric, let me up." Ashton said seeing that Alex and Chris had walked into the room. Chris's blue eyes locked with Ashton's brown eyes that were filled with hurt. "Ash. Get your ass over here." Alex said holding his arms out to Ashton. She smiled and hugged Alex. "I missed you short stack." "I missed you too 'Lex." Ashton said before reaching up and pinching the back of the neck. She hated getting called short stack. "OW! Damn it Ashton, that hurt." Alex said. "Shouldn't have called me short stack." Ashton commented sticking her tongue out. "You better run." Alex teased his other best friend. Ashton had kicked off her flip flops and took off running, Alex hot on her heels. They heard Ashton scream as Alex caught up to her.

Chris turned to Eric, "Why didn't you tell me that was she was going to be here?" "It must have slipped my mind, I am sorry." Eric said. He hadn't really talked to Chris since he broke Ashton's heart. "You hate me don't you?" Chris asked. Eric nodded his head in reply. Jay and Consequences looked between them wary hoping not to break up another fight. Alex walked in a few minutes later laughing to himself. "Where is Ashton?" Eric asked. "Oh ODB and Christy saw her and grabbed her and dragged her off to the knockout's locker room" Alex answered. "Are you stupid?" Eric shouted tearing off towards the door. "What's going on?" Alex asked as Rhino pulled himself off of the bench and following Showtime. "You idiot Taylor is in there." Brother Devon said shaking his head. It was backstage legend what happened backstage when Ashton found out that Chris cheated on her with Taylor Wilde. It took Christian, AJ Styles and Eric to hold Ashton back from pounding Taylor stupid. Eric and Rhino got into the knockouts locker room and saw disarray. ODB and Christy were struggling with Ashton while Roxxi and Traci Brooks had Taylor Wilde held back also.

"Come on Ash." Eric said, as he and Rhino walked over to them. Rhino took one arm while Eric took the other. They got out of the locker room. "What happened?" Rhino asked. "Same thing that happens every damn time." Ashton answered, "Taylor started talking shit about her and Chris, she threw in some smart ass comments about me in there and I just snapped." Ashton said. Eric knew she was struggling with keeping her composure stopped walking and pulled her into his arms and hugged her to him allowing her to cry. He mouthed thanks to Rhino who nodded his head and walked off to the Frontline locker room. "Why did he do it?" Ashton asked. "I don't know baby." Eric answered. "I am going to kill him for this." Eric thought.

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