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It's Now Or Never

"Hey Jay! Have you seen Sabin?" Ashton asked seeing Jay Lethal. "Ohhh Yeah! He went out that way." Jay said pointing towards the parking lot area. "Thanks Jay. Good luck in your match tonight." Ashton said before she walked away. "CONGRATS BY THE WAY!" Jay and Creed shouted. "Thanks!" Ashton called back waving over her shoulder at them. She pushed though people to get out to the parking lot. "CHRIS!" she shouted seeing him.

Chris turned around and looked at her. "What are you doing out here? You are going to freeze!" Chris stated. "Chris. I am not worried about that right now. I am worried about you and I." Ashton said. "What?" Chris asked as he walked back across the parking lot. "I said I am more worried about you and I. I have wrestled sick before." Ashton answered. "What do you mean you are worried about you and I?"

'What it means Chris! I am sick and tired of trying to be your friend. When in my mind and my heart I know I don't just want to be your friend." Ashton shouted. "What is that suppose to mean?" Chris asked. "Chris, I am in love with you still."

"You are what?" he asked. "I am still in love with you. I love you." Ashton stated her heart pounding against her chest. "Why are you telling me this now?" Chris asked her. "Because, I don't want to be alone on probably one of the best nights of my life I don't want to be alone, I don't want to feel guilt." "Feel guilt for what?" "For doing this." Ashton answered closing the gap between them and kissing him.

Chris pulled back from the kiss and look down at Ashton who looked like she was having a mental battle. "Ajay?" he asked. "I am fine." she answered, "I hate that in the mornings, the other side of the bed is empty, your arms aren't around me. I miss hearing the TV being on. I miss the way you touch me. Hell I just miss being with you."

"I think I have a pretty good idea where this going." Chris stated putting his finger on her lips. "I am going to ask you this Ashton. Are you willing to take me back now?" Ashton nodded her head.

'As we will go back to be Chris and Ashton? For real not to just piss off the bitch?" he asked. Ashton moved his finger off of her lips. "Yes. I should have taken you back a long time ago.' Chris cut her off by kissing her long and hard pulling her into him.

This felt right to Ashton, the way her body melted into his. She wrapped her arms around his neck her fingers running though his hair. Chris pulled back smirking down at her before pressing his forehead against hers.

She closed her eyes just savoring the moment. 'Baby, we should get back inside, you are shivering." Chris muttered. "Are you going to warm me up Mr. Sabin?" she asked opening her eyes looking at him. "You wish is my command princess." Ashton smiled at that. Chris was the only one that could get away with calling her princess and walk away with all his body parts.

Together they walked back inside, his arm wrapped her shoulders, her fingers interlocked with his. The Gun's locker room was empty when they got back to it. "Where is Alex?" "If he is smart he got lost." Ashton answered. Chris looked at her with a confused look on his face. "Baby, I mean I think Bailey knew something was going to happen, I think she is running interfence for us for awhile." Ashton stated. "Oh well thank god for Bailey. Where are you going?" he asked. "To take a shower." she answered peeling off her tee shirt before she turn back to him, and kissed him again. 'You could use one too, because no offense baby, you stink." Chris smiled sheepishly and shrugged his shoulders, and watched as Ashton walked back into the showering area dropping her clothes on the floor behind her. "You coming or not Sabin?" her voice called. He smirked and followed her into the showers.

Once Alex, Eric, Bailey, Riley and Petey got into the locker room, Ashton and Chris were fully clothed. Ashton was on the phone talking to her brothers, Chris was winding a strand of her hair though his fingers. Their friends just thought it was normal behavior between the two. Riley crawled onto Ashton lap to hug her.

"AJAY!" "RILEY!" "She gets to go with Uncle Scott tonight." Bailey said. "Scott is here?" Ashton asked. "Yeah, he has been looking everywhere for you.' Bailey answered. "Why is Scott watching Riley?" Chris asked. "So we can go out tonight." Alex answered.

'There is our new knockout champ." Scott D'Amore stated seeing them walking towards. "Hi Scott." Ashton beamed. "Get over here you little pain in the butt." Scott said holding his arm out to her. She hugged him. "You did good out there kiddo." Scott stated. "Thanks Scotty." Ashton said pulling back. "Give me the tot, you all go out and have some fun. Enjoy your title wins." Scott stated.

Chris for once didn't have to have Ashton pout for him to dance with her. He followed her on to the dance floor and danced with her. "What's up with that?" Eric asked from where he sat next to ODB. The rest of the table shrugged their shoulders. "If I didn't know any better I would say they got back together." Alex stated shaking his head. He didn't know how right he was when he said that statement.

Taylor Wilde was sitting at a table by herself an angry glare on her face watching the couple dance. Robert Roode looked down at his half empty glass and then at where Ashton and Chris were dancing. 'I really hope I am just drunk." Robert stated before he took another swing of his drink.

Ashton pressed her body against Chris's as they danced, they didn't noticed their friends staring at them. They were off in their own little world where it was just the two of them. A slow started playing, Ashton turned around to face Chris and wrap her arms around his neck. He wrapped his arms around her waist tightly, afraid if he were to let her go that she would disappear and he would be left alone again. Ashton let her head rest on his chest listening to his heartbeat. "I love you Ajay." Chris stated. "I love you too Chris."